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Audio DSP & EQ Plugin

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• 10 Band Graphic Equalizer • Audio Stereo Effects • Cross-fading • Pitch/Tempo Using a media player that doesn't have an equalizer or audio effects? If so then this is for you. Please Note: ***May not work as intended on some devices*** PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CREFULLY BEFORE DOWNLOADING: • This application may not work as intended on some devices. If it turns out your device is one of those, then we would like to say sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for trying our app. • Audio seeking will not work through any of the Music Players supported by this plugin unless otherwise stated. • The volume buttons will only adjust the music volume if you are inside the Audio DSP Application. So if you need to adjust the volume simply open the app then you'll be able to use your volume buttons. Supported Media Players: • 3 (aka Cubed) (audio seeking supported) • PowerAMP (audio seeking supported) • HTC Default Media Player • Android Native Music Player • doubleTwist (This plugin no longer works with new versions of doubleTwist Music player. However it can still work with older versions of doubleTwist, specifically versions 1.4.9 and below. Any version without the built in equalizer should work.) • Winamp • Sony Ericcson Music Players • Music Mod (audio seeking supported) • Samsung Players • My Touch 4G Music Players Formats Supported:• mp3, mp4, m4a, aac, aiff, ogg, wma*, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta Free Version Features:• Bass & Treble Controls• Equalizer(Trial Mode)• Playback Speed & Tempo Controls(Trial Mode) Upgrade to unlock:• 10 Band Graphic Equalizer• Audio Stereo Effects• Cross-fading• Playback Speed & Tempo Controls Thank you for supporting our application. Please feel free to send us your feedback. Side Note:Be sure to check out our Live wallpapers to add some live music visualizations to your home screens. Enjoy!



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Android 4.1.x 以上


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Audio DSP & EQ Plugin