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Scansfer uses QR codes to transfer files, share apps, share contacts, and more..
Scansfer is a phone-to-phone data transfer app utilizing QR code technology to allow you to simply scan and transfer files (up to 6 MB), Apps, Contacts, Bookmarks, and now, Money using your PayPal account.
Sending Files:
The Scansfer app securely transfers files from your phone to Scansfer.com, and generates a private download key, only accessible by scanning a distinct QR code. The QR code can then be scanned from any other mobile device equipped with a camera and bar code scanner app to instantly download the file. The app can also transfer files from your phone to Scansfer.com to be downloaded to a PC, plus the website allows you to generate QR codes to transfer files from your computer to your phone.
Sending Apps:
Scansfer provides two methods for sharing apps:
1. If an app is available in the Android Market, Scansfer allows you to send a quick download link to other Android phones to download the latest version of the app.
2. You can also send the original install package (APK) allowing you to share any free app installed on your phone. Note: this feature is NOT to be used to share paid apps. Please read all license agreements for your apps to make make sure you are allowed to share them.
Sharing Contacts and Bookmarks:
Scansfer can also generate QR codes to share Contacts from your address book as well as Bookmarks from your browser.
PayPal Payments:
Now you can use Scansfer to generate QR code payment requests from your phone. Simply enter a brief description of the transaction and an amount, and have the person paying you scan the QR code. Payment QR codes can be scanned using any mobile device with a bar code scanner (the person sending the payment does not need to have Scansfer installed).
Before Downloading, please read the following requirements to use Scansfer:
Requirements for file transfer from your phone to another phone
1. Scansfer App for Android
2. Strong Internet Connection (3g/4g or WiFi)
Requirements for file transfer from your phone to a PC
1. Scansfer App for Android
2. Strong Internet Connection (3g/4g or WiFi)
3. Scansfer.com Account
Requirements to receive files on a phone
1. Camera
2. Bar code App capable of reading QR codes (Scansfer or any other bar code app)
3. Strong Internet Connection (3g/4g or WiFi)
4. Recommended: File Explorer App (Scansfer or any other)
1. Files must be less than 6 MB
2. Phone-to-phone QR codes expire after 15 minutes
3. File uploads are limited to 25 MB of online storage at a time (after that you must delete files to free up space)
Note: checkout Scansfer Box Client to use Scansfer with your box.net account. Get up to 5 GB storage for free.
Please visit http://scansfer.com for more information on how to use Scansfer or to request help if you are experiencing difficulty. You’ll find tutorials and FAQs to answer all of your questions.
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此版本中的新功能:- Added Share Apps feature

- Added My Contact (quick link to share your contact information)

- Increased File Size Limit from 5 MB to 6 MB (I know it's not much but every bit helps)

- Fixed known bugs


Android 2.1.0 以上


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