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secQ.me, top 5 finalist of Sony Ericsson 2011 application awards
This app only work on Sony LiveView bluetooth watch
Repeat - This app require Sony LiveView Bluetooth watch to work.
Important Note!
Pls install "My Mobile Tracker"android app version 2.0.7 above, setup your secQ.me account, prior install and enable this LiveView plugin. thanks!
secQ.me Sony LiveView plugin, is a extension of secQ.me core application. The LiveView module allows user to register “Please watch over me” event, triggers an emergency and confirm his/her safety directly on the Sony LiveView device, without even taking out their phone!.
secQ.me LiveView plugin is compatible with any android phone with android OS 2.1 or above
Android 2.2 or above is required to enable record voice message via bluetooth headset.
For more information about secQ.me, a unique mobile safety app, do check out our intro video here
Or check out our short intro video here
Here are the steps to install and activate secQ.me Sony LiveView Plugin.
a) First, install secQme "My Mobile Tracker" application on your android phone and start the application.
b) Click on “My Account” to go to Account setup page. If you haven't setup your account with secQ.me, click on “Create my account now” to create new secQ.me account.
c) Once account created, secQ.me will send you a welcome email, with further instruction on how to use secQ.me service. You can then start using secQ.me service (Note: Remember to enable “secQ.me LiveView Notification Plugin” from LiveView Application).
d) You can login to secQ.me portal at http://secq.me to configure your emergency contacts (by entering their email or SMS), associate your Facebook or Twitter accounts or/and to check on your pass secQ.me events, and check how secQ.me send notification to your emergency contact via SMS/Email, and update your FB/TW status.
Note: Each new signup is given 10 credits for event registration and 5 free SMS credits, which is use for notification purpose.
secQ.me LiveView Plugin
a) secQ.me LiveView Module is depended on secQ.me "My Mobile tracker" app. Please install the main application prior to the LiveView module
b) Once installed, remember to enable the Plugin from the Sony LiveView Application..Please ensure to turn on the Event registration on the LiveView if you want to register an event via LiveView
c) Start the secQ.me LiveView module from LiveView plugin module (Note: On certain Android phone, you may see blank screen during first startup, please press the “select” button to refresh the screen)
d) You need Android 2.2 to able to record voice message via bluetooth headset. Please pair your bluetooth headset, prior to registering an event (press “watch over me”) .
e) Please check out our demo video on usage of secQ.me LiveView Module at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6ygQ0DVvJY
Note :
a) Prior using secQ.me LiveView module, please ensure you have upgrade your LiveView with latest LiveView Firmware (downloadable from http://www.sonyericsson.com/)
b) Please turn on data network from your phone, prior using secQ.me LiveView module. Turn on GPS if accurate location tracking is needed.
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此版本中的新功能:Update Dec-19

- Bug fixes


- secQ.me is the top 5 finalist of Sony Ericsson 2011 application awards, full press release here



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