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MapmyIndia ShowNearby is your one-stop location-based information provider that helps you find the nearest places of interests such as ATMs, petrol pumps, Banks, Movie Theatres, Restaurants by Cuisine, Attractions, Shopping destinations by category, and emergency services like Hospitals and Police Stations!

This is India's first such app with accurately geo-coded local business and places information with such wide coverage of categories and brands!

You can let the app use the GPS location or set the location manually - searching from the vast database of localities from MapmyIndia.

Once the location is set, you can just select any category from the many ( and further choose from sub categories like Chinese in case of restaurants, or Apparel in case of Shopping) and get a list of places sorted by distance from the user's current location.

Then you can see the location on the map, call them, save them as favorites, add them to your contacts, get directions or share it with a friend!

You can also search any place by name - like 'Pizza' from the application home screen - and he'd get a list of all the places selling pizza around his current location!

The best part is - it's a single application for All of India - and works in all major cities! So whether you need an ATM in Shimla, or a North Indian restaurant in the heart of Chennai. just look up MapmyIndia ShowNearby!

Oh, and the categories being displayed can be moved around - so whatever you use most frequently - move them up and hide the ones you don't care about!

When any of the merchants are running a promotion - you can use that right off your mobile!

We're working on the app to add a variety of dynamic components - including movie showtimes and reservations, restaurant reviews and a host of other functions! So keep watching this space!

The application is a born out of the partnership between MapmyIndia, India's leading map and data provider and and ShowNearby, Singapore's leading location app - being used by 1 in three smartphone users in Singapore.




Android 1.5.0 以上


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