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Find My Mobile Fast using a phone, PC or any web device.

#1 "find my phone" app. 10,000 phones are misplaced every minute. Simply press the power button 4 times on another Android phone to make your misplaced phone Siren. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can SIREN, MAP, SEND MESSAGE, LOCK and WIPE your phone! Special UNINSTALL instructions are below.

99%% of the time your phone is merely misplaced NEARBY. App is built from the ground up to find your MISPLACED phone nearby, FAST. It also has best-in-class functionality for the 1%% of the time you actually LOSE your phone. So you can truly have your cake and eat it too.

UNINSTALL: Special instructions because of Google security restrictions:
1. Go to Android Settings > Security > Select Device Administrators > uncheck Find My Mobile Fast if it exists.
2. Now navigate to Android Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All Tab > Click on Find My Mobile Fast > Click Uninstall.

24 hour free trial. Only $1.97 afterwards (50%% off sale).

We are two hungry college students. Please email us at support@findmymobilefast.com before leaving less than a 5 star rating :-)

FEATURES can be accessed in 3 ways:

- QuickPress(tm) technology to send Siren (ring at loudest volume + vibrate + camera flash strobe light) by pressing POWER BUTTON 4 times, without having to unlock phone
- LOCATE on a map

** 2. FROM the web at www.findmymobilefast.com **
- LOCATE on a map
- SIREN lost phone
- SEND MESSAGE such as "$40 reward. call 435 337 4747" along with Siren
- LOCK phone
- WIPE all the data on phone and SD card

** 3. FROM ANY WEB ENABLED DEVICE (Mac, PC, Smartphone - Android, iPhone, PS3, wifi refrigerator etc,)
- Siren lost phone by clicking on a URL

- Siren for up to 5 MINUTES giving you enough time to find phone
- Five high pitched Premium RINGTONES that are easy to hear from far

Checkout the intro video at www.findmymobilefast.com

Join 95,000 users who have found their phones 1.3 million times using FMMF.

Find My Mobile Fast is the most advanced app in the "find my phone" because:

* Fast – device Sirens instantly when you press the power button four times on another phone (details in User Guide). SMS based alternatives require minutes of fumbling around. This takes one second.
* It works - on any Android phone or tablet. You may laugh at this one, but a lot of the alternatives simply do not work.
* Simple – everything about the app screams simplicity
* Battery Life – does not drain battery
* Beautiful – a utility app that is also a pleasure to use because of the attention to design

- FAMILY LOCATOR: Install on every family member's phone to to quickly locate them on a map.
- URGENT MESSAGES: If you urgently need to get hold of your spouse/friend/colleague, Scream their phone. Also checkout our dedicated Urgent Message Service (UMS) app.

Detailed user guide http://www.findmymobilefast.com/support/user-guide/

After initial trial, earn additional Trial Days for FREE by accepting one of the many cool offers. Please upgrade to Premium for only $1.99 (regularly $3.99) for unlimited access.

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* Improved map locations

* Better multiple device support


Android 2.2.x 以上
Family Safety Lab


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