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Tactful Calling - We call it “phone calls, the polite way”. Tactful Calling App by T-Labs - phone calls, the polite way Tactful Calling offers a solution while receiving a phone call in inconvenient situations.It lets the callers indicate the urgency of their call as well as the time frame they would like to have for the conversation. Instead of answering an incoming call when busy, Tactful Calling allows the recipient to press one button and indicate to their caller that they are busy and will call them back later. It enhances existing phone features by adding useful information about the call like an opportunity to virtually knock or announce the reason and urgency of their call, in case both parties have installed the app. We call it “phone calls, the polite way”. Tactful Calling is an Android application on the mobile phone developed by Telekom Innovation Laboratories. How to us it - in a nutshell? After installation, the app will be an integral part of the telephony function of your phone, it works as follows: Caller: Just call a number and a modified call screen will appear allowing to use additional features to start a "tactful" call.First, choose the urgency auf the call: decide to take a later ("anytime” (left)) or "urgent" (right) call using the slider. The center position of the slider (“normal”) combined with pressing the green call button below initiates a normal phone call without using any Tactful Calling features.Secondly, you are able to attach a predefined or self-created message, press the “Plus” icon and choose a message.Afterwards press the call button below.Wait a while and the callee might reply to your “tactful call” with call-back options and a message (in case he/she has used Tactful Calling too). Pressing the confirm button below to cancel the tactful calling dialog. Callee:On the receiving client side – assumed that the App is installed & enabled – you might choose between:- Green Button (left): Take a “normal phone” call using the slider.- Red Button (right): Decline a “normal phone” call using the slider.- Magenta Button: Reject a call „tactfully”. Press the magenta button. In this case, you will get the information of the caller (urgency and message) and are able to reply: “I will call back” (default seeting) or “Please call back” by using the slider. In addition, you might add a message. Press the “hang up” button below to cancel the tactful calling dialog with the caller. If the caller is a "non- tactful calling user" an option will be presented to submit an SMS to politely reject the call as described above. For more details, please watch the video or consult the manual provided at our website: www.tactfulcalling.com


Android 2.1.0 以上


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Tactful Calling