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TaiChi 24 Teaching 3(24式太极拳-3)

TaiChi 24 Teaching 3(24式太极拳-3)

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Movement by movement to teach you TaiChi 24 forms with animation. This is the third part of this series which consists of 5 parts https://market.android.com/search?q=TaiChi+yangcm&so=1&c=apps) in total. English, Chinese and French languages are supported for each movement. Remember to warm up first before you play TaiChi: Stretch both legs; twist waist slowly; shake shoulders; etc.

In this program, my father demonstrates how to play TaiChi24. He is 69 years old, and has played TaiChi for about 20 years. Playing TaiChi is one of his secrets to be healthy. He has a lot of teaching experience in China, Australia and Singapore. I admire him and create a web site for him (http://taichisingapore.alotspace.com/index.html). I learned TaiChi from him also. My personal experience is to keep up, and you will feel the benefit TaiChi brings to you. There is an old Chinese saying "拳打千遍,其意自现" which means "You will know what is TaiChi after you have practised about one thousand times".

This application is meant to help you to play TaiChi24 (which is the basic of TaiChi). Although there are plenty of resource in the internet, I always feel it is more effective to refer to the movement in the handphone on the real time basis. You can follow animation in slow motion and learn the detailed step below. It is just starting of my TaiChi series. Please support me if you feel it is useful for you. I will continue to create new series of TaiChi.

这个应用记录了我父亲教研太极拳24式。 父亲已经69岁了,练习太极拳身体得益很多。 父亲教学太极拳近二十年了,对理论和实践都所积累,很有经验。一身功夫,不记录下来,真是可惜。 借这个平台,制作了这个小应用,也是对自己学习太极拳有所帮助,希望对太极拳有兴趣的朋友有所帮助! 俗话说,“拳打千遍,其意自现“, 这个应用可以帮你学习太极拳,但真正打好,还是要自己勤练。 包括如何调理呼吸,用力自如,都会在实践中体会到。 谢谢支持!

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TaiChi 24 Teaching 3(24式太极拳-3)