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The main objective of this application is to achieve high performance, good responsiveness, and fantastic WP7 look and feel, keeping attention on every detail.
This application is still under development, so please do not hesitate to contact me in case there is any problem. I always try to give a quick response to all the submitted enquiries. With the help of people who are supporting me, donating and providing the assistance, I will be adding more and more features every week.
Do you have any question, a feature request or a bug to report, please go to http://messagingmetro.uservoice.com/ and join the community, let's make this app awesome.
Current free functionalities:
- Dynamic and fast loading of all the inbox and outbox messages in a single list
- Visualisation of the conversation with any contact
- Messages forwarding and resend
- Copy and paste feature
- Drafts
- Automatic split messaging functionality
- Offline sending; the text will be sent once the signal is recovered
- Accessing to a call option and contact details from the conversation list
- Ability to add an unknown phone number to an existing contact, or create a new contact
- Fullscreen
- Setting up the clock to 12/24 hours format
- Setting up the date format as month/day or day/month
- Delivery reports with toast message or integrated with the system notification bar
- Adjusting settings for enter button: new line, hide keyboard, send message, send + bottom bar
- Customising all the font sizes and types
- Signature
- Accessing Messaging Metro via the People/Contacts system's application
- Contact assist
- Messages to groups
- Animations
Current limitations:
- There is no support for MMS, it will be added for the v1.0
Reward for those who support my work you will be able to:
- Activate incoming message notifications (by vibration, tone, and custom led color), and fast popup reply
- Custom tone per contact
- Delete conversations and single messages
- Activate the option of wakening up the screen when a new message is received
- Change the theme to light and dark pattern
- Choose one of the many accent colours available
Please note that due to a Google Play limitation, I am unable to respond to all the submitted comments.
Special thanks to everyone who has supported me! I'll keep working for you.
Available in:
- English
- Spanish
- Catalan
- Portuguese, thanks to Marcio Andrade
- Brazilian, thanks to Marcio Andrade
- French, thanks to Clement Taverne, Dimitri and Jimmy Holzer
- Polish, thanks to Proove and Unaffectef
- Slovak, thanks to MartinB
- Italian, thanks to Marklocci79 and Mandragola
- Russian, thanks to Anna Kravcova and Victor Pogrebnyak
- Hungarian, thanks to Erdei Attila
- German, thanks to Holger Harzer
- Turkish, thanks to ManoMachine
- Czech, thanks to David Ruml
- Korean, thanks to SILPH
- Swedish thanks to Nattugglan70
- Svenska thanks to Nattugglan70
* If you want to collaborate with or fix any language, go to http://crowdin.net/project/messaging-metro/invite
- 动态和快速装载在一个列表中的所有收件箱和发件箱消息
- 任何接触与对话的可视化
- 消息转发并重新发送
- 复制和粘贴功能
- 草稿
- 自动分割的邮件功能
- 离线发送文本将被发送一次信号恢复
- 访问一个看涨期权和联系方式,对话列表
- 一个未知的电话号码能够添加到现有联系人,或者创建一个新的联系人
- 派送
- 设置12/24小时格式的时钟
- 设置的日期格式为月/日或日/月
- 交付报告敬酒消息或集成系统通知栏
- 调整设置为进入按钮:新生产线,隐藏键盘,发送消息,发送+底栏
- 自定义的字体大小和类型
- 签名
- 访问消息通过人民的地铁/联系系统的应用
- 联系协助
- 消息组
- 动画
- 有没有支持MMS,它会被添加为1.0
- 激活传入的消息通知(振动,音调,和自定义LED颜色),快速弹出的答复
- 自定义音每接触
- 删除对话和单条信息
- 觉醒在屏幕上,当有新邮件收到激活选项
- 更改主题,以浅色和深色图案
- 许多口音颜色可供选择之一
- 英语
- 西班牙语
- 加泰罗尼亚语
- 葡萄牙语,感谢马尔西奥·安德拉德
- 巴西,感谢马尔西奥·安德拉德
- 法国,感谢克莱门特的Taverne,迪米特里和吉米·霍尔泽
- 波兰,由于坡口和Unaffectef的
- 斯洛伐克语,感谢MartinB,
- 意大利,感谢到Marklocci79 Mandragola
- 俄罗斯,感谢安娜Kravcova和维克多波格雷布尼亚克
- 匈牙利,感谢艾尔代伊阿提拉
- 德国,感谢霍尔格鸟笼
- 土耳其,这要归功于ManoMachine
- 捷克,感谢大卫Ruml
- 韩国,这要归功于SILPH
- 瑞典感谢Nattugglan70
- 瑞典语由于Nattugglan70,


新版变化 - New Swedish translation, thanks to Nattugglan70 - Fast restoring of your donations if you reset your phone, you don't need to go any more to the donations screen, it will be done automatically - Fast PopUp reply shows now messages with more than two lines, and clicking on the message will open the application with the current conversation More improvements and fixes coming soon 了解更多


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