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Demo version of TouchDAW, a full-featured DAW controller with some general purpose MIDI tools. Lets you remote control popular digital audio workstation software as known from standard hardware control surfaces.
This is a MIDI controller! The app does not itself play or record audio!
Supports Cubase / Nuendo, Live, Logic, Pro Tools, Sonar, FL Studio, REAPER, Reason, Studio One, Samplitude, SAWStudio Digital Performer (7.2+), Vegas / Acid, Tracktion and Bitwig workstations. Standard functionality like mixer and transport operation will be accessible in other applications with basic control surface support as well. As of version 1.1 the app can also send MIDI Machine Control (MMC) in parallel with or alternatively to standard DAW control.
Besides control surface emulation, the app brings a number of general purpose MIDI controllers, such as a multitouch MIDI keyboard, multitouch launchpads, a MIDI mixer, configureable xy-controller pads and the possibility to link a phone's sensors to MIDI controllers.
TouchDAW works with RTP or multicast MIDI over WiFi and is directly compatible with Apple's Network MIDI implementation in Mac OS X, Tobias Erichsen's rtpMIDI driver for Windows and ipMIDI (resp. multimidicast or qmidinet on Linux). There is no computer side server or protocol conversion software other than the driver required.
Class compliant MIDI interfaces are supported on devices with Usb host mode. Direct device to PC Usb connectivity is available both via the Android 6 MIDI Api as well as over tethered USB connections or ADB. A free driver, available from our website, is required for some of the proprietary solutions.
Please note that with version 1.6.5 the app has been officially feature closed and put into maintenance mode. We will continue to support it - adapt to changes in future Android versions, fix bugs where necessary, answer support requests that reach us via email or the app's website, etc. - but there will not be any more features added.
The apk contains both tablet and phone versions. You can safely ignore Google's "Designed for phones" tag.
The app needs some initial PC-side configuration. Please see website for help.
This is the feature-limited free version. Differences compared to paid version:
DAW controller:
- randomly disables 3 channels on tablet interface
time limited:
- recording, automation, saving, marker setting
- plugin, instrument and routing editors
- channel flipping on mixer
MIDI controllers:
- multitouch operation time-limited
- no floating transport controls
- sensors, MIDI mode and MMC time-limited
- limited octave range on keyboard
- only one standing note on launchpads
Problems, questions, suggestions? Please use website or email. The Play Store's comments section is not a support channel and help calls you leave here will not be answered.
这是一个MIDI控制器!该应用程序本身并不进行播放或录制的音频! 的
支持的Cubase / Nuendo的,生活,逻辑,Pro Tools中,声纳,FL Studio中,收割,原因,的Studio One,Samplitude,SAWStudio数字表演(7.2+),拉斯维加斯/酸,Tracktion和Bitwig工作站。像混频器和运输操作规范的功能将与基本控制面支持其他应用程序访问,以及。随着1.1版本的应用程序可以并行地或替代标准DAW控制也发送MIDI机器控制(MMC)。
除了控制面仿真,应用程序带来了一些通用的MIDI控制器,​​如多点触控MIDI键盘,多点触控发射台,一个MIDI调音台,configureable XY控制器垫和一个手机的传感器连接到MIDI控制器的可能性。
TouchDAW可与RTP或组播MIDI通过WiFi,并与苹果在Mac OS X的网络MIDI实施,托比亚斯埃里克森的rtpMIDI驱动程序用于Windows和ipMIDI直接兼容(RESP。multimidicast或qmidinet在Linux上)。有没有电脑端服务器或协议转换比所需要的驱动其它软件。
级标准的MIDI接口支持与USB主机模式的设备。直接从设备到PC的USB连接通过Android 6 MIDI API以及超过拴USB连接或ADB可用两种。一个免费的驱动程序,可以从我们的网站,需要对一些专有的解决方案。
请注意,1.6.5版本的应用程序已正式拥有封闭,进入维护模式。我们将继续支持它 - 适应未来的Andr​​oid版本的变化,修正错误,在必要时,回答这个问题通过电子邮件或应用程序的网站等到达我们支持请求 - 但不会有任何更多功能的加入。
- 随机禁用平板电脑接口3通道
- 录音,自动化,环保,标志设置
- 插件,工具和路由编辑
- 对调音台通道翻转
- 多点触控操作时间限制的
- 无漂浮交通管制
- 传感器,MIDI模式和MMC有时间限制
- 键盘上有限的八度范围
- 在发射台只有一个音符站立
问题,问题,建议?请使用网站或电子邮件。 Play商店的评论部分是不是支持渠道,并帮助叫你离开这里不会回答。


5th anniversary edition. Comes with a new alternative skin
Large fader on channelstrip views lockable to master fader
Can make use of Bluetooth LE MIDI devices
App is now officially feature-closed and put into maintenance mode.
Minor bugfixes and enhancements
See release notes on website for details and links to updated documentation.



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Android 2.2.x 以上



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