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Turn your phone into a real personal tour guide! Krakow Audio Travel Guide Discover the city's oldest Gothic landmarks in Europe's best preserved medieval cities. Whether you are eager to meander down to the oldest part of Krakow University, loose yourself in the winding streets the Jewish quarter, or if you are fond of Gothic and Baroque architecture and want to visit the magnificent St Catherine's and Pauline Churches our tailor-made tours guide you through the city. Forget about lengthy text based content, and pay attention to the site itself while listening to the narrated information. Got tired of sightseeing? Once you have soaked up the atmosphere sit in one of the many outside tables of Krakow's bars or browse the market for jewelry and all manner of crafts. Switch to the browsing mode to get first hand tips to the best restaurants and bars around. POCKET GUIDE AUDIO GUIDES Pocket Guide allows you to select from a collection of compact and informative audio walking tours presenting the best locations and insider tips to the most hip and cultural cities in Europe. Choose among 7 thematic tours to get the best at fist glance, or wander freely to get informed every time an interesting site is nearby. This easy to use application guides you with voice, its automatic and best of all it fits to your pocket! *NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED - Designed for offline use so yo don't need to pay for the high roaming prices. *EASY TO USE – Instead of scanning through tour books and tapping your cell phone put it in your pocket and listen to the voice navigation and audio information that charges automatically when your approach a sight. *GUIDED EXPERIENCE - If you don't know where to start select one from 10 pre-defined audio walking tours in varying thematics and lengths and browse among 500 geo-coded points of interests. You just put your phone in you pocket and follow the voice instructions. *YOU WON'T GET LOST – You can navigate easily with the offline map that always shows where you are and in which direction you are looking (only with built-in compass) and while listening to the navigation instructions during the tours. *UP - TO - DATE - Our constantly edited content written by culture-savvy travel writers and tour guides guarantee that you stay tuned for the city's actual cultural offerings and search for restaurants and bars close to your location. Enjoyed the tours? Keen on traveling? Download Pocket Guide's other versions available in other cities of Europe. The light version is restricted to only 1 tour and a full offline map of Krakow. Tours of Krakow: * Kazimierz I The Jewish Quarter (3 hours, 4.5 km) This is a tour of the old Jewish quarter used as a ghetto in World War II. * Kazimierz II The Christian Quarter - churches and monasteries (2.5 hours, 3.5 km) A tour of the Christian quarter of this town district established by King Casimir the Great. * The Wawel, Castle of Polish kings (1.5 hours, 2 km) A former residence of Polish kings the Wawel also features a cathedral and several important museums. * Walking Down the Royal Way: From Florian Gate to the Wawel (1.5 hours, 2.5 km) A cross-section of Old Town – in as little as one and a half hours. * Wandering Around the Old Town: the Southern Route (0.5 hours, 1.5 km) Another one and half an hour walk, discovering the hidden treasures of the southern Old Town. * Follies of Socialist Realism: Nowa Huta, Borders New and Old. Wanda Hill and Fort Mogiła (3 hours, 4.5 km) Nowa Huta used to be a stronghold of Socialist development built in the 1950s outside of the centre of Krakow. Today it is part of city history. * Wandering Around the Old Town: the Northern Route (1.5 hours, 2.5 km) A stroll of about one and half an hours in the northern area of Old Town. Available cities: London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Dublin, Krakow, Brussels, Athens, Potsdam, Waterloo, Bratislava, Cork, Debrecen



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