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Enjoy your life with the cute style journal,"Share My Diary1.6"
『Share My Diary1.6』for Android OS1.6.
If Android OS of more than 2.1, you have to download 『Share My Diary』.
You can not update it from now if you use this app.
"Share My Dairy" is a multi functional diary application.
It will save all your emotions and interests with Diary, Photos, Images and Map.
This app has following Basic Key Features.
Also you can customize your own diary using various kind of Purchsed Items as
Starter Package, Feature Expansion and Theme.
--- Aug.30.2011 Update Info for Ver. 1.2.6
【Bug Fixed】
-Fix the problem which application wouldn't startup on Ver 1.2.5.
If you have problem regarding to updating, you may try reboot your device and run apps again.
【Infometion for users of Android OS1.6】
The current version was released as 『Share My Diary1.6』for Android OS1.6. Please shift to that with the following steps.
1.Delete "Share My Diary" app from Manage applications on the device
2.Install "Share My Diary1.6"
3.Open app and press [Settings button].
4.Open [Deta Restore] and select [Daily Backup]
Please check your dairy and photo's data recovered.
【New Feature】
-Backup Feature Added
On Settings, you can now [Backup] and [Restore] for Diary Data
-Two kinds of Backup
1. Daily Backup
When you start apps first time after day changed, it automatically backup data to storage.
Also you can choose type of Backup by [Diary only] or [Full (Diary + Picture)]
2. Manual backup
backup [Diary + Picture data] to SD card when you run the process.
Backup file is saved as [yyyyMMdd_HHmmss] format.
It may take several minutes to process backup or restore because of number of picture.
During backup and/or restore process, DO NOT press Power buttom or Home buttom on the device.
It might cause loss or crush your diary data.
Thank you for downloading Share My Diary
Please feel free to send us any feedbacks.
Thank you for downloading Share My Diary.
☆ Key Features for Free!
- Keep a diary(title and text)
- Add Tags
- Add Categolies
- Attach two Photos from album
- Take Photos
- Add Location information either automatically obtained or enterd manually on the map
- Delete and Edit entries
- View Timeline of the diaries, Calendar, Map and Photo Album
- Share entries and photos over Twitter
- Change the basic themes, "Pink & White Sweet Style"/"Brown & Gold Vintage Style"
- Change BG color of date in Calendar
☆NEW☆Add Backup Feature
☆Example of Use
-Record your meal with the photos every day for Diet
-Keep a Baby Book
-Keep a Task list, To do list and Calendar Manegement
-Make up your map recorded your Favorite Spot etc.
☆Availabe Purchase Items
■Starter PackageA
(Album Feature Expansion/SNS Feature Expansion/Searching Feature Added)
■Starter PackageB
(Album Feature Expansion/SNS Feature Expansion/Searching Feature Added
 Advertisement Cut/New Theme"Black & Pop Cool Style")
With these packages, you can save even more money!!
<Individual Purchase Items>
■SNS Feature Expansion☆NEW☆
■Password Lock Feature
■Album Feature Expansion
■Searching Feature Added
■Advertisement Cut
■New Theme "Black & Pop Cool Style"
-Due to Android market policy, you will have only 15-minutes refund window.
-You must download the base application "Share My Diary" before purchase, any of additional items.




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Android 1.6.0 以上


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