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Play-Doll (Puppet+TalkingTom)

Play-Doll (Puppet+TalkingTom)

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puppet+fashionista+Clothing+talking Tom. Dress up character and enjoy playing

Children always want to pick up your Smartphone and play with it. But aren’t you afraid to pass your Smartphone to your kids because they might break it? Don’t worry. Just click Play-Doll

Dress up a princess, take various characters, play with them on a stage and make a wonderful story. Your play can be recorded and be shared with family.

Produced by two actresses and directed by YD

Hope this will be the best hit of this year.

※ Optimized handsets : 480X800(WVGA) Gallaxy S, Vega phone, Vega S

●●●● ⓟⓛⓐⓨ-ⓓⓞⓛⓛ ●●●●●

My child can make a play!

◆Dress up character and enjoy playing with them on stage.

◆There are five steps to enjoy App.

1. Select the world : Please select your favorite world for play - Princess Party, Around the world, I want to be! They are alive! Jungle Kindom

2. Select the character

3. Dress up : Select items(such as hair, top, bottom, shoes or bags) and replace your face on character

4. Make a Play! : Move a character and make a wonderful story.

5. Save my play works to 'My House’ and take a look at friends' plays at the ‘Share board'

■■■ Developers : SK planet ■■■

- service developers: leader Song Heawon, Lee Daebeom, Park Joori

- UX Design: Shim Gyudae

- Tech developer: Kim Inhwan, Na Seoungwon

- Parnters : Fungrep, Motive-Flux, COD

- Illustrator : Bae Hyeonju(Around the World), Jo Mihyeon(Princess Party), Jeon Jinhui(I want to be), Cho Hyounsook(They are alive!), Kim Doyun(Jungle Kingdom)


Android 2.1.0 以上


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Play-Doll (Puppet+TalkingTom)