1. 双人打砖块

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    What if foul play and unsporting were parts of Pong?
    Expanded from one of the earliest videogames ever in history,
    Pongcerto features shooting combat alongside the timeless paddling tradition. Cripple your opponent, evade barrages of fires while pong-ing the same old way in an intense duel of both mental resilience and dexterity.
    - Pong optimized for touchscreen
    - Local multiplayer on one single device
    - Intense dueling
    - Deep tactical combat
    - Or just play Pong the old fair way
    - Minimalistic style
    - Free for life with no string attached
    - Each of the players is to control his or her own respective half of the screen.
    - With a finger, touch and drag to move the paddle relatively.
    - With another finger, touch, hold and release to fire at the other player.
    - Hold longer for a deadlier attack.
    Designed and programmed by Juno Nguyen
    SFX by freeSFX @
    Typeface (Quer) by onezero

    Pongcerto扩展的拍摄功能一起战斗的永恒戏的传统。削弱你的对手,躲避火灾的拦河坝,而乒乓球 - 荷兰国际集团照样在这两个心理适应能力和灵巧的激烈对决。
    特点 :
      - 针对触摸屏优化傍
      - 在一个单一设备的本地多人游戏
      - 激烈的决斗
      - 深战术战斗
      - 或者只是发挥傍老公平的方式
      - 简约风格
      - 终身免费,不附加任何字符串
    - 每个球员是控制屏幕的他或她自己的相应一半。
    - 用手指触摸和拖动来移动桨比较。
    - 用另一个手指,触摸,保持和释放火灾的其他球员。
    - 保持更长的致命攻击。
    鸣谢 :
    SFX通过freeSFX @ http://www.freesfx.co.uk
  2. 装扮凯蒂猫

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  3. 环环相扣之黑环

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  4. 日落月升

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  5. 小明日记

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    手机专属原创漫画,最有趣的娱乐社区! 欢迎大家关注小明日记微信公共账号:xiaomingapp,微信中搜索账户名即可添加,额外惊喜等着你哦! 俗话说,明骚易躲,暗贱难防,宅腐呆萌,各有所长。 讽刺时事,饮食男女,苦逼上班族,悲催学生狗,无话不说,无人不黑,无图不撸,无女不护,这就是小明的Style。 小明日记有些内容: 1.《小明日记》原创漫画:漫画是微缩的,情节是猥琐的 2.《色小姐·成人原创》:原创情趣漫画,全彩漫画,饮食男女 3. 用户自主发帖,各路搞笑大神汇集一堂 4. 互动交流秀场,美女帅哥一展风采
  6. 领航者

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  7. 方糖守护者

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  8. 跑跑

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  9. Mitos.is

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    《有丝分裂 Mitosis》是一款非常好玩的生存类游戏,作为一个小细胞,你需要四处游荡,吃掉更小的细胞完成生长,小细胞动作快,大的细胞移动慢!你可以不断提高速度,但也会增加被大细胞吃掉的危险。 - 5种游戏模式 - 带聊天室的公会系统 - 在个人房间和朋友一起玩 - 装备系统 - 自定义皮肤 - 吃较小的细胞,以获得质量变得更大 - 避开大的细胞,因为它们能吸收你 - 把自己分为2个细胞,以获得速度 - 使用病毒来隐藏自己或打击别人 - 将质量降为减小 - 玩得很开心!
  10. TV玩家

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  11. 未上锁的房间3

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    The Room 3是一款3D解谜游戏。
    提起解谜游戏大家都会想到大名鼎鼎的The Room
    而这款The Room 3就是继1-2之后的第三部作品
  12. FRep按键录制

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    FRep is Finger Record/Replay App. Once you record the routine operation, you can replay it by single trigger. Your own automatic operation button will be easily created.- Record and Replay/Repeat/Edit operations of touchscreen and/or keystroke- Easy record/play on current app, by pushing the button of floating console- Console shows/hides depending on playable records for current appUnlock key provides the unlimited number of records & Tasker/Locale plugin functionality.Usage Example- Recording analog Push/Swipe/Flick operations for automatic process/scroll/gesture- Playing continuous virtual space key push with interval for browsing- Preload delayed or continuous pushing in prospect of processing delay, such as CPU load or network communication- Avoid blind area or blurring by the finger operation- Combination with automation App through FRep replay shortcut/Tasker plugin- Demonstrate your App in actual device=== Initial Setup ===FRep needs the initial setup below. If your Android is ROOTED, you can skip this section by permitting su.To setup FRep initially or when Android rebooted, you need USB connection to Win/Mac/Linux/Android. Please retrieve and run the setup tool from following URL.Initial Setup Tool http://strai.x0.com/frep/#tool[Tested devices]Xperia Z, Xperia Ray, Sony Tablet S, Nexus 7, Medias N-06C, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 2================Show/Hide consoleAfter starting service, FRep will stay in the notification. By tapping it, the console shows/hides. Once you record by the recording circle button, FRep automatically show console on the app on recorded. Then, the record can be replayed by the playing triangle button.NOTE: Since FRep records the absolute position for the device, it is also sensitive to screen orientation.Recording modeChoose which you like at the FRep front app; Simple: record until Power push. Till Gap: record until designated seconds of no input. Progress: record and construct editable sequence separated by input gap.*Time limit: 10 min per record.Repeat/Edit playingBy setting the Repeat number >1 in Manage Traces, FRep play the record continuously by the count. You can also create/edit the playing sequence consisting of multiple records/controls.Power buttonFRep do not record Power push, which will finish any recording/playing immediately.Restrict by current AppIn record/replay, occasional call or App change may cause a problem. To avoid that, FRep is restricted on Phone, Google Play and FRep itself. You can configure restriction for other Apps.Interruption of playingTo abort replaying, you can interrupt easily by the overlapping the operation.Virtual keyboardDouble-tapping the upper button on the console, you can open another page which has key operation editor.CustomizationNotification type/icon, console size/transparency, drag/flick sensitivity, default settings, etc.= Notice&Tips =- Do not record including personal information and/or password.- The replay result may differ depending on the CPU load and/or network traffic. To make good reproducibility, take longer delay for processing wait, stop touch at end point for dragging/flick, and more, try to Edit Sequence with image matching (see Appendix in our website).- By default option, the records will be saved in sdcard. Though it can be copied for backup, it has no compatibility with other device.If you have any question or request, please mail us. The reply will be in English.== DISCLAIMER ==THIS SOFTWARE AND THE ACCOMPANYING FILES ARE DISTRIBUTED and SOLD "AS IS" AND WITHOUT WARRANTIES AS TO PERFORMANCE OR MERCHANTABILITY OR ANY OTHER WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. LICENSEE USES THE SOFTWARE AT HIS/HER OWN RISK. NO LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.================
  13. 徕卡DISTO 传输软件

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    软件仅适用于4.0.3及以上固件版本该程序通过蓝牙接口可连接DISTO测距仪当前支持的型号是D3aBTD330i和D8.通过Android设备,你能遥控触发测量,或者你能从DISTO传输测量数据到剪贴板上.一旦数据放入剪贴板,就可以把数据插入到任何应用程序中.现在你也可以直接传输测量值到一个Excel文件里.你也能在android设备中生成Excel文件,或者是使用一个已下载的Excel文件,或者是使用在电脑上事先创建好的模板.大多数Excel的公式在DISTO传输软件中也是支持的.你能在当前激活的Excel单元里传入测量值.你能使用手上Android设备的触摸屏或者测距仪的导航键用于相关测量操作.支持DISTO传输软件的产品型号Leica DISTO plus Leica DISTO A6 Leica DISTO D8 Leica DISTO D3aBT.请注意这个程序只能在具有Android版本2.3.3或以上版本和蓝牙串行协议的设备上正常运行.由于现有的Android设备种类众多,不是所有设备都是经过试验的.通过测试三星Galaxy平板电脑如三星Galaxy Tab 7.0 PlusN或三星Galaxy S3智能手机,均取得了成功的结果.
  14. Colorizer影响精简版

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    Colorizer精简版允许你采取任何图像和操纵的色彩,让您可以轻松地可视作为一个不同的颜色看起来就像一个房间,景观,或对象。你可以改变你的头发的颜色,或你的车的颜色,即使你眼睛的颜色。您可以删除此应用程序的红眼睛,和一个单一的点击您的图片到Facebook后,使您的个人数据照片变得更加有趣。你的墙,以另一种颜色的染料或油漆你的皮肤,绿色或任何您想要的颜色也这个程序可以让你给你机会脱色“饱和度油漆”选项的图像的任何区域的颜色飞溅效果。换句话说,你可以变成艺术 photographes。这个程序也可以使用如颜色飞溅的色彩效果。*后,这个应用程序没有像Photoshop色相/饱和度设置的colorize选项同样的事情。这个应用程序进行了优化片。 特点: +捏变焦(用手指缩放)+可伸缩的画笔大小+在Facebook上分享你的图像+预览模式+屏蔽和彩色视图选项 权限的原因: WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAG​​E - >为了能够保存会话和图像。 互联网 - > Facebook的访问和广告 ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - >广告 警告:请不要尝试打开视频文件,这个 APP。此应用程序仅适用于图像文件。 以上描述中存在违反广告法的内容,自动用*代替
  15. 色彩射击Flats

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    Flats is a Multiplayer / Singleplayer cross-platform FPS. Multiplayer : Including Deathmatch,Team Deathmatch,Territories,Capture the Flag, Blow up the Base (Bomb), Co-op Survival. Singleplayer : Survival - Shoot enemies and survive every phase. Enemies become stronger gradually. Features : - Supported major controllers. - Supported Cardboard and Android TV (need controllers). - You don't have to sign up to play multiplayer. Just download and play. It's free. - All weapons are free. - You can save your progress/game data to the cloud by pressing "sync" in the profile section. Now, Even if you change devices, your progress/game data can be re-synced to your new device. No more lost data. - Cross-platform, Android, iOS and WindowsPhone. This software includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0. - Fixed multiplayer crashing bug
  16. 美女捕鱼萌萌哒

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