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  1. 模拟农场


    Play your favorite technical-simulation on your mobile!
    Discover a wide, agricultural scenery with fields, roads, your farm as well as a small village. Cultivate your fields with various three dimensional vehicles found in your generous fleet- modeled after original machines and vehicles by prestigious manufacturers. Take a seat at the wheel of authentic farm machines by DEUTZ-FAHR, KRONE, KRAMPE, AMAZONE, LEMKEN and KOTTE and start your own agricultural enterprise: plow and cultivate your fields, choose the seeds of your field crops out of three plants (corn, canola and wheat) and fertilize them to accelerate their growth. Sell the harvest and invest it into new equipment.
    As known from previous installments of the „Farming Simulator“-series, you will be supported by digital assistants, who take over the work you assign them to. That way you will be able to efficiently organize your farm and maximize your profit.
    Explore an open world with a dynamic day-night-cycle and become a successful farmer in the challenging free-play mode.Farming Simulator 2013 ® includes a host of new features and improvements:
    In the career mode you play the role of a farmer and experience the varied farming life in a completely new and freely accessible landscape.
    The new economy systems with variable corn prices allows you to earn money more strategically and invest in new buildings, vehicles and tools. You have access to over 100 authentic tractors, harvesters and tools of renowned manufacturers.
    • Put your favorite simulator into your pocket
    • Authentic machines by DEUTZ-FAHR, KRONE, KRAMPE, AMAZONE, LEMKEN and KOTTE
    • Use a variety of detailed equipment and trailers
    • Computer-steered assistants help you with your work
    • Career-mode with management-part
    • Three different plants: corn, canola and wheat
    • Freely accessible world with dynamic day-night-cycle

    24 万人安装 · 2013年7月22日更新
    分类: 经营策略 · 经营

  2. 羊群终结者

    *Special Sale Price*
    New from the creators of Worms, comes Flockers, a game splattered full of dark humour. Sick of being used as Weapons in the Worms' endless battles, the Sheep decide to make a break for it. Save the Sheep by guiding them through crushers, giant buzz-saws, deep pits full of spikes and giant swinging meat cleavers. Help them escape their diabolical masters, or leave them to the Worms' diabolical traps and watch their insides explode all over the place. Like, everywhere.
    · Save the sheep by guiding them through 60 deadly levels.
    · The sheep in Flockers are very talented. They’re able to fly up walls, jump over buzz saws & deadly drops as well as explode to destroy machinery clearing a path for their sheep friends.
    · There are 18 different looking sheep that you can earn from the rewards screen using wool you collect along the way. Before long, you could be saving zombie, robot, pirate and even skeleton sheep.
    · Facebook connectivity allowing you to see your friends progress on the map screen. As well as this, you can see their top scores.
    · Flockers supports Google Play Games, and has 20 achievements for your sheep to ‘achieve’.
    · Losing too many sheep? You can pause time on any level to strategically plan your next move.

    4430 人安装 · 2015年10月12日更新
    分类: 休闲时间 · 塔防守卫

  3. 太空站的冒险

    太空站的冒险(Space Scaven)是一款围绕着黑匣子而展开的解谜游戏,在废弃空间站中,玩家要控制机器人一步步地解开障碍谜题,收集所有黑匣子,还原太空站损毁的真相。游戏采用闯关的模式,玩家需要进入拥有不同场景设置的太空船进行勘察,在指定的时间内,寻找并收集所有散发着红色光芒的黑匣子,就是闯关的最终任务了。在充满未知与危险的昏暗废弃太空站里独自前行...

    1.1 万人安装 · 2016年2月8日更新
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  4. 机械逃生


    《机械逃生 Mechanic Escape》是一个充满了地狱般追逐的平台游戏。 为了寻找失去的朋友,机甲(英雄)就毫不犹豫地利用人类的炮弹来通过整个高压区域,甚至闪避最致命的机器。 好像这还不够,很多老板会非常乐意追到您来结束这场疯狂之旅。 Mechanic Escape对于最有经验的玩家来说绝对是一个挑战,旨在对抗您的条件反射能力。 准备好来挑战这场夹杂着节奏和乐趣的疯狂逃生吧! 令人惊叹的冒险! 机械逃生(Mechanic Escape)的特色 ?80个关卡 ?一个铁杆游戏 ?一个原始的宇宙 ?大量的待解锁成就 ?针对外部控制器进行了优化 ?支持Android电视

    2 万人安装 · 2015年12月18日更新
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  1. 物理机械

    1.1 万人安装 3.83MB
  2. 变身腰带

    1.3 万人安装 8.66MB
    选择一部假面rider. 3.卡你学习的十年henshin. 4.声假面骑士两种重放键卡了。
  3. 送货人 - 死亡驱动器

    166 人安装 31.08MB
    送货人 - 死亡驱动器是一个动感十足的防御游戏,在一个后世界末日荒地,这个有趣和富有挑战性的生存赛车游戏拥有万吨级不同的升级和枪玩弄的!
  4. 绳索救援

    2.2 万人安装 11.21MB
    - 有多个解决方案,为每个级别有上瘾的游戏,你玩几个小时。
    - 参观鸟类保护区,看到可爱的宝宝你救鸟。
  5. 星际泡泡龙 BubbleMech

    6877 人安装 14.96MB
    • 80 specially designed Arcade levels • 10 Battle tournaments • power-ups • bonus star achievements • original one-touch control system • tutorial If you like Puzzle Bobble, Bust-A-Move or any bubble blast games, try BubbleMech. !
  6. 翼空之巅手指滑板大冒险

    1328 人安装 15.11MB
    展开了一段奇妙之旅 本游戏以闯关的模式,游戏共70关,通过滑动各种分散的小图片,拼成完整的美图通关,难度逐渐加大,游戏主题充满正能量,老小咸宜,操作简易,场景明亮,娱乐性强,是一款休闲益智的小游戏。
  7. 发条装置之梦

    8812 人安装 72.04MB
    「发条装置之梦 Clockwork Dream」是个颇具艺术风格的休闲游戏,场景都是3D制作的,相当有感觉而且漂亮。
  8. 机械贪吃鱼

    2.7 万人安装 4.6MB
  9. 人造人刺客

    1.1 万人安装 38.57MB