1. 泡泡战争

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    Bubble Wars – Played by over 5 million users across the world, is an epic bubble shooter game featuring amazing bubble busting levels and addictive gameplay with serious bubble shooting and popping fun. Get on a war with the colorful world of bubbles, literally. What’s more? This bubble shooting game is completely FREE!
    Make a combination of 3 or more bubbles with same color to make them explode! To make it more exciting, the entire army of bubbles sits on a spinning ring full of bubbles. Each time you shoot the bubbles, the bubble ring spins, thus changing the dynamics of your strategy in real time. Challenge your hunger and test your skills to shoot, pop and defeat the army of bubbles in Bubble Wars..
    Walkthrough our Proud Reviews:
    “It’s a nice addictive twist to the classic bubble shooter game”
    “Keeps me busy and wanting more!”
    “You have to think with this game. It's not just "point and shoot". If you don't plan your shots to take out, or build up, the most bubbles, you won't get past the level. Each level is a little harder than the one before. It's not predictable, either, because you never know when more bubbles will be added. Give it a try. You may like it.”
    ## Challenging Game Modes ##
    Attack mode: Shoot colored bubbles at the bubble spinner circle and try to shrink it. If you get 3 or more colors in a row the bubbles burst and are destroyed. Otherwise the circle can grow again. Once it is large enough to hit you, the game ends.
    Defend modes: Shoot colored bubbles at a bubble spinning ring that surrounds you. If you get 3 or more colors in a row the bubbles burst are destroyed. Otherwise the ring can start shrinking around you. Once it reaches you, the game ends.
    ## Awesome Features ##
    -- Exciting Gameplay
    -- Exploding Bubbles – Just Point and Shoot
    -- Multiple Bubble Combinations
    -- High Scores to keep a tab and challenge yourself.
    -- Fast Paced Arcade Game
    -- Accurate and Simple controls
    -- Continuous updates
    -- And much much more...
    Original and widely played bubble shooter arcade game is back with serious fun and shooting challenges of course. 

    Thanks for playing Bubble Wars and we would love to hear back from you!
    泡泡大战 - 超过500万用户在世界各地演奏,是一个史诗般的泡沫射击游戏具有惊人的泡沫破坏的水平,并严重泡沫拍摄和弹出乐趣上瘾的游戏。获取与泡沫的五彩缤纷的世界战争,从字面上。更重要的是?这个泡沫射击游戏是完全免费的!
    - 令人兴奋的游戏
    - 爆炸气泡 - 只需点和拍摄
    - 多泡泡组合
    - 高分保持一个标签,并挑战自己。
    - 快节奏的街机游戏
    - 准确和简单的控制
    - 持续更新
    - 以及更多...
  2. 追击小偷

    840人安装 2.74MB
  3. Canon Online Photo Album

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    This application allows you to use your CANON iMAGE GATEWAY Online Photo Album from your mobile device. With this application you can easily enjoy sharing your life in photos with your family and friends.
    - Create albums with your photos and movies, and share them with your family and friends easily .
    - Allow family and friends to add their photos and movies on shared albums and view their comments.
    - Store images in their original resolution or select a resize option.
    - Check shooting information, and manage your photos and movies by using the information.
    [Features for guests]
    - View shared albums comfortably.
    - Upload photos and movies to shared albums*
    - Add comments to shared albums*
    * The functions are available only in case the album owner allows the operations.
    [Compatible platforms]
    Android OS 4.1-4.4/5.0-5.1/6.0
    - Guests can use only functions for guests.
    - To use the full functions of CANON iMAGE GATEWAY Online Photo Album, the serial number of Canon digital camera, digital camcorder, SELPHY or Connect Station is required.
    - For more details, please access the site by selecting your country/region from http://www.canon.com/cig.
    - 与你的照片和电影创建相册,并与您的家人和朋友轻松分享。
    - 允许家人和朋友加入他们的照片和电影共享相册,并查看他们的意见。
    - 在他们的原始分辨率将图像存储或选择调整大小选项。
    - 检查拍摄信息,并通过信息管理你的照片和电影。
    - 查看共享相册舒适。
    - 上传的照片和电影共享相册*
    - 添加注释共享相册*
    Android操作系统4.1-4.4 / 5.0-5.1 / 6.0
    - 客人只能使用功能,供客人使用。
    - 要使用佳能影像网关在线相册,佳能数码相机,数码摄像机,SELPHY或连接站所需的序列号的全部功能。
    - 详情请从http://www.canon.com/cig选择您所在的国家/地区访问该网站。
  4. 炮炮兵主题壁纸

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  5. 蜀山剑道

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  6. 全垒打

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    HomeRun is ZingMagic's own version of the classic Golf card solitaire. ★★★★★ Very addictive free game ★★★★★ Smooth game play + good card sizes At the start of the game the first thirty-five cards are dealt face upwards into seven ranks of five cards. The objective of the game is to remove all thirty-five cards onto the layout card, earning as many bonus points as possible in the process. If you manage to remove all thirty-five cards you receive bonus points and the game continues with the pack being re-dealt with one less Joker. The ultimate aim of this game is to achieve the highest number of points possible and take your place in the "High score Hall of Fame". With global and local on-line leaderboards you can compare your progress against your friends + enemies ! Please note this game is ad-funded. We generate income to pay for the support and development of the game from advertising. The advertising and social media services use anonymous device identifiers and cookies. By downloading and continuing to use this game you consent to this information being collected and shared with our advertising and social media partners. Game features: * Choice of layouts. * Choice of backgrounds. * Full undo of moves. * Full player statistics - we dare you to show your boss the number of games played !!. * HomeRun is just one of our large collection of best of breed free classic board, card and puzzle games available for a wide range of platforms. 本垒打是ZingMagic自己版本的经典高尔夫卡纸牌的。 ★★★★★非常上瘾的免费游戏 ★★★★★流畅的游戏+好牌的大小 在比赛开始的第一35张牌面向上成的五张牌7行列。游戏的目标是消除所有35卡上的布局卡,赢得尽可能多的奖励积分尽可能在这个过程中。如果你能删除所有35卡,你获得奖励积分和游戏继续与包被重新处理,少了一个小丑。 这个游戏的最终目的是实现最高人数可能的点,并采取你的地方在“高分名人堂”。随着全球和本地的在线排行榜,你可以在你的进度比较对你的朋友+的敌人! 请注意,这游戏是广告资助。我们创造收入来支付从广告游戏的支持和发展。广告和社交媒体服务使用匿名设备标识符和饼干。通过下载和继续使用这个游戏中你同意这种信息被收集,并与我们的广告和社交媒体合作伙伴共享。 游戏特色: *布局的选择。 *背景选择。 *招式全部撤销。 *完整的球员统计数据 - 我们敢你展现你的老板游戏数量出场!。 *本垒打只是我们的大集合同类最佳的免费经典板,卡和益智游戏可用于范围广泛的平台之一。
  7. 口袋动漫

    780人安装 2.23MB
    口袋动漫收集了大量的精美ACG画像, 有各种新番动漫插图和热门动漫插画. 精美的图片可以自定义设置成壁纸和保存到口袋中.赶快放入您的口袋中吧
    ☆ 海量动漫图片(超过十万张画像,如热门动漫: 火影忍者、进击的巨人、死神、初音未来…), 可以自定义搜索喜欢的动漫类目和插画图片。
    ☆ 难度可自定义的拼图游戏, 每周更新最新的动漫拼图. 和朋友们一起竞技吧. 游戏中有强大的积分榜功能,赶紧来占领宝座吧。
    ☆ 一键设定任意的动漫图片为壁纸。
    ☆ 一键分享喜爱的插画和动漫图片给其他好友。
    ☆ 添加和关注自身喜爱的动漫并设置分类订阅功能,当分类有更新时自动提醒。
    ☆ 喜爱的图片可以收藏到口袋中,随可从口袋中掏出回味下~
    ☆ 支持自行上传喜爱的动漫和插画图片到对应的动漫分类中。长按类目如(海贼王,东京食尸鬼),选择上传对应图片即可。
    ☆ 每日更新图片,旧的不去新的不来~
    ☆ 多语言支持(中文,日文,英文) 不分国界,不分年龄;
  8. 足球大师黄金一代

    765人安装 76.26MB
  9. 帝仙传

    750人安装 89.96MB
    《帝仙传》2016年劲爆的仙侠RPG手游!仙宠、坐骑、羽翼、情缘、装备、法宝,竞技、PK、交易九大系统百玩不厌。丰富的PVE玩法和刺激的PVP体验!痛快战斗体验,让你爽到不能呼吸!多样仙剑技能系统,让你每次战斗都有不一样的快感!更有美丽仙女、霸气飞行坐骑相伴,让你战斗路途上永不寂寞!百样多变的造型让你告别传统RPG枯燥的打怪升级!不花钱也能放倒大R,拒绝无脑刷装,拒绝无脑烧钱,有钱不是一切,战斗才是王道。 在线客服QQ:2880609726
  10. Animals Memory Game 2

    735人安装 11.65MB
    - 为孩子们的动物记忆游戏是经典的棋盘游戏,这有助于培养孩子的记忆能力。 - 与你的孩子玩这个游戏的动物将帮助他们提高获得乐趣,同时他们的认同。 - 动物游戏的孩子中包含动物狮子,猫,狗等等​​,这些都对存储卡的很可爱的形象。 - 动物的游戏是为所有年龄,婴儿,学龄前儿童,在校儿童和青少年儿童。尤其是男生会喜欢这个游戏。 如何玩动物游戏的孩子: - 最初,所有的存储卡被翻面了。塔上的存储卡之一,记得车子的图片就可以了。随着未来自来水试图找到与同车的图片作为前一个存储卡。如果汽车图片上的两个存储卡将是相同的,他们将消失,你的孩子可以继续下一对。否则,两个记忆卡将翻转回来了,你的孩子会得到另一次尝试。你的孩子们应该设法找到所有匹配的卡尽可能快地获得的最好成绩。 产品特点: - 为孩子们的动物记忆游戏有3种不同的难度(易:2×3;介质:3X4;硬:4×5) - 为孩子们的动物记忆游戏开发孩子的认可,浓度和运动技能 - 记忆游戏的孩子,稳定部队可爱包含声音 - 记忆游戏的孩子已经丰富多彩的高清图形设计的幼儿 - 为孩子们的记忆游戏包含动物美丽而有趣的图像 - 为孩子们的记忆游戏支持幼儿的视觉记忆训练 - 记忆游戏为孩子们:动物有高分(支付功能) - 记忆游戏为孩子们:动物很容易让小孩子玩 - 记忆游戏具有简单而直观的界面,易于使用和易于发挥,专门为儿童设计的。 - 动物游戏的孩子们还针对平板电脑(配对游戏提供高清车图片)。 - 这个免费的动物游戏的孩子将让您的孩子安静并宴请在车上,在餐馆或无处不在。 玩得开心玩!
  11. Jiu Jik 招職

    735人安装 2.86MB
    嶄新《招職》搵工App,將全城至hit筍工帶到你的智能手機及平版電腦,讓你快人一步,搶先上位。貼心功能包括:• 連繫《招職》龐大優質好工資料庫,即時閱覽筍工及招聘日資訊;• 由零售、美容、餐飲至酒店業等,搜尋橫跨46個熱門行業的筍工;• 靈活隨心運用關鍵字 (keyword)、工作職能 (job function)、工作水平 (job level) 搜尋筍工即睇即 save;• 透過電郵、Facebook、 Twitter、微博與好友共享搵工資訊;• 儲存心水好工於《招職》帳戶,隨時翻睇;• 每日接收「好工提示」;• 一 Click 輕鬆申請好工;• 掌握*手《招職》推廣活動及會員專享jetso消息立即免費下載全新《招職》app!建議Android 3.2.2 作業系統或以上。讓我們聆聽你對《招職》App的意見:aphoneapp@jiujik.com ===================================關於《招職》 《招職》為南華早報旗下的中文招聘雜誌,專為年青、有魄力的求職者而設,獨家網羅全城*多大機構筍工,其中以零售、餐飲及美容為*強行業;《招職》亦同時提供大量教育及進修資訊,讓讀者掌握*提昇自己的方向。 《招職》逢星期二、五於全線OK便利店*、VanGo便利店*、所有港鐵站出口、全港主要工、商業區、大學及專業教育學院免費派發,讓你無論身處任何角落都可輕鬆洞悉職場*動向。關於 JiuJik.comJiuJik.com提供一站式搜尋筍工工具,全天候支援打工一族,與各位一同在職場上打拚!會員可專享以下電子服務 : 好工提示 / 行業快訊 / 課程及自我增值資訊 / 優惠及活動消息* 港鐵站除外 以上描述中存在违反广告法的内容,自动用*代替
  12. 诸侯的纷争

    735人安装 80.51MB
  13. VIZ Manga

    945人安装 2.83MB
    Welcome to the VIZ Manga app! You now have the greatest manga from Japan at your fingertips, at long last in a convenient, downloadable format for your Android phone!
    Buy manga volumes from all your favorite series, read free previews or subscribe to Weekly Shonen Jump, all from inside the VIZ Manga app. It's the best way to read digital manga for both hard-core collectors & new fans alike!
    Your manga purchases & subscriptions will be accessible from all supported mobile devices and in your web browser at VizManga.com, and shared bookmarks provide an even more seamless reading experience.
    With digital-first exclusives like Nisekoi and Food Wars, plus hundreds of other titles like Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Vampire Knight, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Bakuman & more across a wide range of genres, we’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re an action addict or a romantic at heart, a fantasy fanatic or a sci-fi aficionado, a comics geek or an art lover.
    New to manga? Can't decide what to get? Every month we provide a number of free previews for you to download and explore. Or, try Weekly Shonen Jump which provides you with new chapters from some of our most popular manga every week, the same day they're published in Japan!
    We’re updating our catalog constantly with everything from much-loved classics to the hottest new series, so make sure and check back with us regularly to get the latest releases.
  14. 超能学院

    735人安装 209.78MB
  15. 风暴传奇OL

    800人安装 239.25MB
  16. 萌熊消消乐

    544人安装 4.59MB