1. PS Math 1 Demo

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    PS-Math 1 Demo (NON CONTIENE PUBBLICITA')***** Versione Demo ******PS-Math 1 Demo Versione solo DimostrativaAPP progettata per istituti tecnici, Geometri, Architetti, Ingegneri, studenti, completa di calcoli e funzioni matematiche. Funzioni:Convertitore sessagesimale, Decimalizzato, Centesimale, Radianti, Seno, Coseno, Tangente, CotangentePotenza di un numero, Quadrato, Cubo, Radice, Radice cubica, Radice ennesima, LogaritmoMomento di Inerzia e Momento di resistenza, Area delle sezioni più comuniConversione Decimale, Binario, Esadecimale o con base compresa tra 2 e 36Calcolo Area, Area Laterale, Volume, Perimetro delle figure geometricheCalcolatrice sempliceConvertitore di Unità, Lunghezza, Area, Peso, Volume, Temperatura, Tempo, Velocità, Carburante, Pressione, Forza, Lavoro, PotenzaCalcolatrice Temporale con Ore, Minuti e Secondi.In sviluppo funzioni topografiche, statica con oltre 120 tipologie di travi, telai, archi ecc. con relative caratteristiche e diagrammi di sollecitazione.Software in continuo sviluppo aggiornamenti giornalieri.
  2. 旋转城堡

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  3. 途游德州扑克

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  4. Flat Iron

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    Get “Flat Iron” and learn how to create lots of hairstyles using hair iron! Find out how to straighten and curl, and get romantic or seductive hairstyle!
    - Step-by-step tutorials on hair strengthening!
    - Video tutorials on how to curl your hair!
    - Strengthening tips and techniques!
    - Learn how to clean your tools!
    - How to create summer waves!
    - Find out everything about Brazilian strengthening!
    - Discover how to create the latest celebrity hairstyles!
    A tong is a tool used to change the structure using heat. There are three general kinds: curling, used to make it curly, straightening, commonly called straighteners, used to straighten it, and crimping, used to create crimps of the desired size. Most models have electric heating; cordless curling ones typically use butane.
    Curling ones, also known as curling tongs, create waves or curls. There are many different types of modern curling ones, which can vary by diameter, material, and shape of barrel and the type of handle. The barrel's diameter can be anywhere from .5 inches to 2 inches. Smaller barrels typically create spiral curls or ringlets, and larger barrels are used to give shape e of Teflon, ceramic, tourmaline, metal, or titanium, each of which has its pros and cons.
    Curling ones are typically mad barrel's shape can either be a cylinder, cone, or reverse cone, and it can have brush attachments or double and triple barrels.
    The curling one can also have either a spring-loaded, Marcel, or clipless handle. Spring-loaded handles are the most popular and use a spring to work the barrel's clamp. When using a Marcel handle, named after Marcel Grateau, one applies his or her own pressure to the clamp. Clipless wands have no clamp, and the user simply wraps it around a rod. Most clipless curling irons come with a Kevlar glove to avoid burns.
    Straightening ones, straighteners, or flat, not to be confused with clothingones, work by breaking down the hydrogen bonds found in the cortex, which cause it to bend and become curly. Once the bonds are broken, it is prevented from holding its original, natural form, though the hydrogen bonds can re-form if exposed to moisture. They can also use infrared technology.
    Crimping ones or crimpers work by crimping in sawtooth style. The look is similar to the crimps left after taking out small braids.
    Flat ironing is the quickest route to uber-straight that won't need to be washed and styled again for a few days, and DIY at home is much healthier than the chemical alternatives on offer at your local salon. Devotees of it have become so attached, in fact, that the UK has recently begun installing them from vending machines around the country for that necessary quick fix. (In truth, the climate there is not so conducive to straight locks.)
    While choosing the right one is your first order of business, you'll also need to learn the proper technique to straightening with this particular tool. It will take a little practice, but with patience, you will quickly master the art without stepping foot in a salon.
    Experts recommend buying the one with ceramic plates, which are the least damaging. Once you identify the type, you can narrow the field of competitors. For long, thick and/or coarse: You'll want one that can reach high temperatures and that has slightly wider plates. For normal: A relatively one (between 1 to 2 inches, depending on the length—longer can be done faster with a wider) will do the trick. For fine: A thin will work, and you'll want to be able to turn the temperature down so as not to cause damage.
  5. 旋转Rotator

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