1. TD3:为你而生(第一章) 汉化版

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    少年就在这为了培育各个世界的勇者——也就是“力量”而建造的学园里。 二十五年前,由人族的欲望所掀起的、之后又由它的勇者结束灭界战争。 梦想着成为曾经的勇者,却本来只拥有平凡能力的少年。

    「你被赋予了选择未来的义务」 某日这突如其来的话语,让少年站在了世界的中心。 魔界的黑翼、神界的银月、龙界的金鳞。

    掌握着所有世界的命运的三位少女与她们的未来。 对于自己所选择的结局,他还一无所知。


    想玩更多蒹葭的资源吗? 马上戳我吧!

  2. Q

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    ◆◇A challenge from game designers to all of humanity◇◆ Are you capable of getting a ball out of a cup? If you are confident that you can, we challenge you. It may sound simple, but the truth couldn't be further. ◆◇How to play◇◆ Take on the challenge by creating a solution on the screen to clear the Q. “Oh man, this is hard.” "The solution differs greatly from person to person." ”Unique and multiple solutions!” "There are Q's that even we developers cannot solve." Interested? We challenge you to complete the Q. Our Q’s are so exciting, we promise to keep you engaged until you lose track of time. ◆◇Share your Victory◇◆ Share your victory with the rest of the world. ◆◇Using SNS◇◆ Be the first! Share your victory moment on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. ◆◇Side Effects ◇◆ 1) Watching others play is just as fun. That is because the collective is surprisingly incapable of performing simple tasks. Get a group of friends together and give it a go. 2) Try to solve each task in as few attempts as possible. 3) You will be able to see how many people in the world have managed to solve each problem. ◆◇Specialties◇◆ - Time flies with this game. - Once you start you won't be able to stop. - There is so much here to sink your teeth into which makes it the best app for those moments when you have some time to kill. - Regardless of age or gender, it’s so easy anyone can play! - It can be used as an educational tool for children. - Playing with others makes the game even better. Bug fixes
  3. 月月推箱子

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  4. 艾伦比亚的魔镜

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  5. 捉迷藏:多萝西的故事

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    一个名叫桃乐西的小女孩在玩捉迷藏的时候一不小心在衣柜中睡着了。 在醒来并离开衣柜之后,她却不能想起她为什么会在衣柜里。 为了解开这个困惑她的事情,桃乐西开始探索这个房子。
  6. 疯狂猜声80后

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  7. 拯救主机 Robo Control

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    一款3D益智解谜游戏。游戏中的主角小机器人看起来很像小黄人,呆萌有趣。 游戏的设计思路借鉴了《纪念碑谷》的玩法,在3D构建的奇特建筑城堡里,玩家要通过控制呆萌的机器人,闯过重重阻碍和机关,抵达每一关的终点。 游戏画面做得精致,精巧的关卡设计和舒缓放松的背景音乐也是该作的亮点,游戏含有50个解谜关卡,同时将支持关卡编辑器让玩家自行创建关卡。 更新内容: 为您优化了体验细节。