1. GEICO的保险手套箱

    945人安装 17.72MB
    Application supports Android Tablets and Phones.
    Includes many tools that allow you to manage your insurance needs with ease even before you are a GEICO customer
    *Access to all your GEICO policies at your fingertips.
    *View your ID cards the cool way… Digitally!
    *Pay & manage your bills; it may not be super fun, but we make it super easy.
    *Bought a new car? Got rid of your clunker? We can help! Get a quote to add, replace or remove a vehicle on your policy.
    *We know stuff happens, so we make it easy for you to submit a claim or get your glass damage repaired.
    *Stay informed about your repair while saving time. View and manage your claim directly from your phone.
    *Just like your BFF, we're here when you need us with Chat. Get a response from a GEICO representative quickly, directly in the app.
    *Flat tire? Locked out? Need roadside help? Have no fear, GEICO Mobile is here!
    Features for Everyone:
    *Begin a new quote or even pull up and review a previous one. Ready to set it up? You can even start a policy from the app easily.
    *When you’re in a bind, keep GEICO Mobile in mind! Should you get into an accident, we will guide you to collect the necessary information immediately.
    NOTE: To log into your account from GEICO Mobile, your GEICO policy must:
    *Be an active auto or motorcycle policy
    *Not be subject to other policy restrictions
    License Agreement: http://www.geico.com/applications/mobile/mobile_eula.htm
  2. 邪恶卡车 Trucks vs Hybrids

    870人安装 12.29MB
    Trucks vs hybrids is a simple 2d physics game that combines aspects of arcade games like Angry Birds with Monster Truck racing games. You must bust through blockades of barrels, crates, pillars, and cinder blocks to get the trucks to the gas pump that has been blocked by the hybrids. In order to do so, you adjust the angle of the ramp, control the speed of the trucks, and conserve your gas for maximum fuel economy. You have three trucks to crash... a Monster Truck, a Big Rig Tractor Trailer Cab, and a Heavy Duty HD Pickup Truck. As a bonus, watch the hybrids explode if you run them over! This is truly a whole new war for oil.
    The trucks need your help! As part of a plan to take over the world, the evil hybrids have built blockades to prevent the trucks from getting their precious fuel. However, the trucks will not just sputter away quietly and die... no, they have come to fight! Using a ramp, the trucks burn what little gas they have left in order to launch themselves into the hybrids' blockades. But who will ultimately win... will the hybrids succeed in eliminating all awesome vehicles, or will the gas guzzlers prove to be too tough for the hybrids to handle? The fate of vehicles all around the world lies in your hands!
    This game is for all extreme sport enthusiasts, including fans of dirt bikes, motorcycles, jeeps, trucks, 4 wheelers, motocross, bmx, mountain bikes, snowmobiles, snow machines, monster trucks, pickup trucks, or any other off road motor machine.
    Delighting the spirit of Nikola Tesla electric car company sales have been increasing. This game takes a humorous look at this new phenomenon. Trucks vs Hybrids is a product of StudyHall Entertainment LLC and all rights are reserved. This game is suitable for all ages and is optimized for tablets such as Google Nexus 7.
    Like us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trucks.vs.hybrids
    This game is free and therefore contains ads. However, this game will not install any ad-related search bars on your phone or place ads in your notification bar. ADS WILL ONLY APPEAR WITHIN THE GAME. There is also the option to remove all ads for 99 cents if you prefer.
    By downloading this application you are agreeing to StudyHall Entertainment LLC's End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy which can be found at:
    取悦尼古拉·特斯拉电动车公司销售的精神一直在增加。这场比赛会变得幽默起来看看这款新的现象。卡车与杂种是StudyHall娱乐有限责任公司的产品,并保留一切权利。这个游戏适合所有年龄和为药片,比如谷歌Nexus 7进行了优化。
  3. 爱设计

    840人安装 115.23KB
  4. 纳米防水

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  5. Super XV - Super Rugby Live

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    Australia’s number one Union iPhone App is back for a massive 2013! Coming off our best pre-season yet, Union Live has remoulded the mouthguard and is ready to unleash more live content, new features and a faster overall experience. Best of all, it’s free thanks to Sportsbet and Holden. The first version of Union Live for 2013 includes: Design: ✔ Brand new design✔ Swipe navigation between pages ✔ Social media integration, keeping you in the know with the latest videos and Tweets. Extra Competitions: ✔ Rugby Championship. ✔ Australian internationals, including the Bledisloe Cup. ✔ June internationals. ✔ The Spring tour. ✔ Matches against the Barbarians and Lions. Editorial: ✔ Live text commentary. ✔ A heap more live stats include tackle and missed tackle counts (thanks to our new partnership with Fox Sports). Enhancements:✔ Match day engine providing faster live scores and stats. ✔ Graphical scoring worm. ✔ Improved ladder, including extended overview and teams’ next 5 games. ✔ Head to head analysis – the perfect tool to give your tips the upper hand. ✔ Player profiles – including club & first grade debut, rep honours and previous years’ stats. ✔ Integrated news from Australian Associated Press (AAP).✔ Extensive pre-match coverage – including team selections, form streaks, latest odds, weather forecasts, and AAP match previews. There are plenty more updates in the pipeline, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for future announcements – http://www.facebook.com/sportsmate Please send all feedback to info@sportsmatemobile.com or via @SuperRugbyLive. We actively use Twitter to let you know about updates, new features, interesting stats and anecdotes, plus respond to any questions that you may have. Enjoy the season!
  6. 百事可乐事

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  7. 播放列表

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    播放列表(Just Playlists)v4.0.0 汉化版 就和名字一样,就是一个播放列表,没有什么华丽的界面,给你最简单最使用的音乐播放功能。可以将自己喜欢的音乐快速的创建成一个播放列表,以供自己随时拿出来享受自己喜爱的音乐。
  8. 动漫(高清版)

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    Öncelikli tanımlanmış sorunlarınız için lütfen uygulama içerisindeki yardım bölümüne bakmayı unutmayınız.
    Anime severlere müjde! Neredeyse tüm Android cihazlarda anime dünyasına erişmek hiç bu kadar kolay olmamıştı! 70'den fazla anime binlerce bölüm ve her geçen gün büyüyen arşivi ile sizde bir tıkla adım atın !
    Bu uygulama ile sevdiğiniz animeleri dizi izler gibi izleyebilecek,istediğiniz video playeri kullanarak,istediğiniz kalite seçimi ile isterseniz de indirerek anime dünyasına eğlenceli bir geçiş yapacaksınız.
    Üstelik tüm animeler türkçe altyazılı!
    Yeni animeler siz kullanıcıların istekleri göz önünde bulundurularak yüklenmektedir.İsteğinizi yorum yazarak göndermekten çekinmeyiniz!İstek defterime eklenecek ve sıra ile yükleneceğinden emin olabilirsiniz!
    Akıllı telefonların işlevselliği ve zaman kazandırıcı, esnek çözüm sunan dinamiğiyle bu uygulama size her yerde anime izlemenize olanak sağlayacaktır.
    Amacım geniş bir anime ağı oluşturup bunu siz anime severler ile paylaşmaktır.
    Her gün sunduğum yeni güncellemeler ile, yeni animeler ve yeni bölümleri elimden geldiğince eklemeye çalışıyorum.
    Şu an uygulamada Bulunan Animeler listesi:
    *07 Ghost*A Channel*Air*Angel Beats*Another*Area No Kishi*Avatar:The Last Airbender*Avatar:The Legend Of Korra*Ao No Exorcist*Bakuman*Basilisk*Beelzebub*Berserk*Blade*Bleach*Btooom!!*Captain Tsubasa 1983*Claymore*Code Geass R1*Code Geass R2*Darker Than Black*Devil May Cry*Devil Survivor 2 Animation*Death Note*D.Gray Man*Digimon Adventure*Dragon Ball*Dragon Ball Z*Durarara!!*Fairy Tail*Fate Zero*Full Metal Alchemist*Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood*Guilty Crown*Gun x Sword*Hajime No ippo*Hajime No ippo New Challenger*Hakushaku to yousei*Hellsing*Hellsing Ultimate*Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi*Hunter X Hunter 2011*Kaichou Wa Maid Sama*Katekyo Hıtman Reborn*K-Project*Kuroko No basket*Lovely Complex*Magi-The labyrinth of Magic*Major*Mirai Nikki*Mushibugyou*Naruto*Naruto Shippuuden*One Piece*Pokemon*Rurouni Kenshin*Sailor Moon*Ay savaşçısı*Shingeki No Kyojin*Slam Dunk*Special A*Soul Eater*Steins Gate*Sukitite ii Na Yo*Sword Art Online*Vampire Knight*Vampire Knight Guilty*Weiss Survive*Zero No Tsukiama
    <<<<<<<<<<Hd Anime İzle adlı uygulamada bulunan Animeler, bölümleri ve resimleri, çeşitli paylaşım ortamlarında da bulunmaktadır.Resimler google'da yayımlanmış resimlerdir.Uygulama içerisine kesinlikle gömülü video yüklemesi yapılmamaktadır.Aynı zamanda uygulama tamamen ücretsiz ve ticari amaçlar ile satılan bir konumda da değildir.Bu yüzden,Hd anime İzle uygulaması hiç bir yasal hükümlülüğe tabi tutulamaz. İstenildiği takdirde hak sahipleri videoların kaldırılması talebinde bulunubilirler.
    Uygulamamız, 5651 sayılı yasada tanımlanan yer sağlayıcı olarak hizmet vermektedir. İlgili yasaya göre, site yönetiminin hukuka aykırı içerikleri kontrol etme yükümlülüğü yoktur. Bu sebeple, uygulamamız,uyar ve kaldır prensibini benimsemiştir.
    >>>>Program ile ilgili sorunlarda,yada bilgi almak için mail ile yada bu sayfadan geribildirimde bulunmaktan çekinmeyiniz.>>>
    Gönül rahatlığıyla kullanabilirsiniz, uygulamada hiç bir virus bulunmamaktadır.
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    * 07鬼* A通道*空气*安琪击败*另一个*区的骑士*头像:最后Airbender *头像:传奇歌纳*敖无驱魔*爆漫*蜥蜴*魔王狂暴*刀片*死神* Btooom! *足球小将* 1983 *克莱莫代码Geass反叛的鲁路修R1 * R2 *较深较黑*魔鬼鬼泣恶魔幸存者2 *数码宝贝冒险动画死亡笔记*驱魔民*龙珠*龙珠Z *无头骑士异闻录! *妖精的尾巴*宿命零*全金属炼金术士全金属炼金术士兄弟有罪皇冠* GUN X剑*肇IPPO *肇IPPO新挑战者* Hakushaku到YouSee * HELLSING * HELLSING终极* Historys最强弟子健一* HUNTER X猎人2011 Kaichou华女佣萨玛*家庭教师* K - 项目*黑子没有篮子*可爱的复合物*贤士,魔术迷宫*主要*未来尼基* Mushibugyou *鸣*火影忍者海贼王*口袋妖怪*浪客剑心*美少女战士*月*战斗机*新剧没有巨人灵魂食* A *灌篮高手*特别* Sukitite II斯坦门哟娜*剑艺术在线*吸血鬼骑士吸血鬼骑士有罪*魏斯生存*零Tsukiama
    <<<<<<<<<<观看高清动漫动漫中的应用,部分,和照片,在各种网络环境中,它是绝对的嵌入式视频安装resimlerdir.Uygulama发表bulunmaktadır.Resimler谷歌yapılmamaktadır.Aynı应用程序是完全免费和商业的目的是不容许的位置这样的时间出售高清观看动漫应用程序是没有受任何法律hükümlülüğe的。 Bulunubilirler要求拆除后​​的权利人请求视频。
  9. 糖果消除 Candy Pop Star

    1018人安装 3.78MB
    Candy Pop Star is a very interesting game, Once you pop, you can't stop! Tap on two or more adjacent candy to destroy them. An exciting game with cool Effects.
    Candy Pop Star features
    - Auto Save game level
    - Achievements and Leaderboards from Google Play Games
    How to Play:
    - Just tap two or more candy of the same color.
    - There is no time limit, but each level has target points to proceed to next stage
    Tips on Scoring:
    - Remember just two rules below:
    1. The more candy you pop, the more score you will get
    2. Try to clear all candy, you will get a lot of bonus.
    - 自动保存游戏关卡
    - 成就和排行榜,从谷歌Play游戏
    - 只要点选的两个或更多的糖果相同颜色的。
    - 没有时间限制,但每个电平具有目标点进行到下一个阶段
    - 记住下面只有两个规则:
  10. 购物者

    705人安装 15.1MB
    Shopper: a grocery list app and shopping list app. Shopper has the most extensive set of free tools: create a shopping list, make a grocery list template, compare grocery prices between stores, track coupons, and it’s also a pantry organizer. Check out our healthy recipes to get dinner ideas, arrange your shopping list to match your closest grocery store aisles or share a list with best friends or family.
    You will never out-grow Shopper, the shopping app now downloaded by millions.
    See our website for a detailed list of everything you can do.
    Our rock solid, super fast cloud syncing of grocery lists and other Shopping lists among your household and friends lets you divide and conquer at Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, Target and Kroger.
    Check out the pictures below or just download it free now and give it a try.
    Saves you time and money while you shop is all we do. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.
  11. 趣韩国

    510人安装 926.76KB


  12. ET Rockets7 - 火箭七号

    510人安装 1.78MB
    连续2季场场直播「豪小子」赛事的《ET Rockets 7》改版了!为让喜爱篮球的球迷可以掌握更全面的篮球信息,《ETtoday东森新闻云》将《ET Rockets 7》升级为《ET篮球疯》,除持续追踪转战湖人的林书豪,也将密切关注「豪小子」大咖队友Kobe;另外还新增「台湾篮球动态」和「国际篮球」,带您关心国内各级篮球赛事与旅外球星,一起为台湾篮球英雄加油,当然也不能遗漏任何重要的国际篮球盛会,一指在手,掌握国内外篮坛大小事。

    【Kobe & 豪小子】-场场直播湖人赛事,不错过任何豪小子与Kobe老大的精采表现!
  13. 春夏秋冬真实自然风景

    682人安装 2.15MB
    start -->                                                                                                软件介绍                                                                                                            唯美的四季壁纸,春、夏、秋、冬真实的自然景象。春天:阳光柔和、小草萌生、生机勃勃,春风吹过大地,蒲公英随风缓缓的飘向远方;夏天:凉爽的海边,高飞的大雁,小船驶向远处,火红的太阳落下海平面;秋天:矮小的枫树,秋风气爽,艳红的枫叶,徐徐落下;冬天:大雪纷飞,树木都过上一层银白色。
  14. 趣台湾

    791人安装 889.65KB
    蜜蜂窝媒体事业部目标是让用户在行动装置上得到最佳的阅读体验,以及提供最先进的技术增加生活的便利性,并且成为您随身、随时、随地的360°全方位媒体。 为赴台游客倾情打造的游玩攻略,其内容亦适用于台湾文化推介。 「玩乐速报」推荐精华景点与特色美味,提供“玩美”建议; 「自然元素」精选生态游路线,让您回归自然真谛; 「超级好住」品鉴台湾特色建筑,“构建”多样居住风格; 「幸福台湾」多角度发现台湾生活的美好镜像,拼贴台湾人民的幸福生活。
  15. 宇宙飞船:空间旅行者

    938人安装 13.94MB

    宇宙飞船空间旅行者安卓版是款射击类的休闲游戏,在游戏中,玩家需要扮演一名太空旅行者,飞到一个陌生的星球的表面上,当然,你会遇到许多危险,陨石朝着你的飞船,他们能打倒你.只有快速反应,让你用自己的方式通过这些陨石. 【游戏特色】 1.你的飞船能飞只能向前,不能回头. 2.游戏中有6种丰富多彩的关卡. 3.种不同的飞船. 4.添加新的水平和飞船. 5.有方便的触摸屏控制,帮助您享受游戏的乐趣.

  16. 拇指姑娘

    720人安装 21.23MB

    简介: 讲述一个只有大拇指大小的姑娘的历险故事 她的心永远向往着阳光,不向黑暗而屈服。 =1= 双语朗读(中文、英文) =2= 大师绘本 精美图片 =3= 最适合孩子早期阅读的名著 =4= 睡眠模式,光屏朗读,保护眼睛 =============================================== 说给家长: 让孩子感受经典,爱上艺术 我想如果我的孩子能 一边阅读精彩童话,同时享受当代插画大师绘制的图画, 一…...