1. 地下城守护者

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  2. 铁路大亨

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  3. 时间线:袭击美国(含数据包)

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    Hardware requirements: - 1GB of Memory - Tablet with minimum 7" display Timelines: Assault on America is a fictional WWII Real Time Strategy (RTS) game that asks the question; "What if Germany invaded the United States?" Features: -12 missions culminating in the battle for Washington D.C. -4 player co-op multiplayer: choose between 9 playable countries USA, UK, France, Russia, Japan, German, Hungary, Romania, and Czechoslovakia -Multiplayer modes include, Player versus Player and Player vs A.I. -Cross Platform multiplayer IOS/Android/PC/Mac/LINUX -20 unit types per nation upgradeable for all infantry and vehicles (200 usable upgrades) Tanks, Trucks, Commander Vehicles, stationary guns, and much more -Defensive tactics include minefield planting, stationary turrets, and anti-tank assault -Airstrike capabilities for offensive special attacks -Learning AI that adjusts to the player's skill level -Elevated terrains allowing for multiple strategic tactics -Available in English/French/Italian/German/Spanish/Russian Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timelinesAOA Audio engine : FMOD Studio by Firelight Technologies 硬件要求: - 1GB内存 - 平板电脑,至少7“显示屏 时间表:袭击美国是一个虚构的二战即时战略(RTS)游戏,询问的问题; “如果德国入侵美国?” 产品特点:-12的任务最终在争夺华盛顿 -4球员合作社多人:9可玩的国家美国,英国,法国,俄罗斯,日本,德国,匈牙利,罗马尼亚和捷克斯洛伐克之间进行选择 -Multiplayer模式包括,玩家与玩家和玩家对AI -Cross平台多人IOS / Android的/ PC / Mac的/ LINUX 每个民族-20单位类型升级为所有步兵和车辆(200可用的升级)坦克,卡车,指挥官车辆,固定炮,以及更多 -Defensive策略包括雷区种植,固定炮塔,和反坦克突击 -Airstrike能力进攻特殊攻击 - 学习AI,调整球员的技术水平 -Elevated地形允许多个战略战术 - 适用于英语/法语/意大利/德语/西班牙语/俄罗斯 按照我们在Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/timelinesAOA 音频引擎:FMOD工作室心火技术
  4. 刀剑情缘

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  5. 我的国家 My Country

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  6. 触摸侦探 菇菇栽培研究室 四季版 Mushroom Garden Seasons

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    《触摸侦探 菇菇栽培研究室 四季版 Mushroom Garden Seasons》可以让你亲身体验正统的菇菇栽培的游戏。365天,时~时刻刻都能独占菇菇,富有四季色彩的菇菇将随着季节更迭陆续登场!快来季节限定的研究室中玩耍吧!将为您送上各个不同季节主题的「时令」菇菇。在「四季版菇菇」中可使用获得的点数来换取可爱壁纸。壁纸画面全部都是APP限定的超稀有图案。 【栽培方法】 - 将菇菇食物洒至原木上后,菇菇们就会不停地探出头来? - 滑过画面一口气收获整片密集生长的菇菇们,这种快感让人上瘾。 - 成熟的菇菇经过一段时间后就会干枯,要多加留意喔!! - 嗯哼嗯哼“枯哭菇菇”即使烹煮过也是无法食用的)
  7. 灰姑娘咖啡厅 Cinderella Cafe

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  8. 猛将三国志

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    《猛将三国志》取材于中国经典文化瑰宝——《三国演义》。但与国内目前所有三国类题材游戏不同的是,《猛将三国志》在传承经典的同时,更注重强调了创新革命! 游戏特点 裂土封侯九州变,名将美人任君点。 运筹帷幄天下事,笑谈三国不花钱! 特色玩法 ★三国名将 尽归麾下:一吕二赵三典韦,四关五马六张飞。武将招募突破国家限制,魏蜀吴三国名将首都聚齐,打造三国名将最强阵容,348名三国英雄任由你招募! ★酷炫技能 扭转战局:131种超炫名将技能,搭配数千种普通技能,绝对能让你一举扭转战局。 ★热血PK 军团征战:建立属于你自己的三国军团,招贤纳士,攻城略地!富有策略性的战斗操作将带给玩家超爽的战斗体验。 ★高清唯美 掌中三国:选美的游戏画面,宫殿楼宇,气势恢宏;简单的设计理念,指掌之间,玩转三国!
  9. 疯狂农场 3:冰河时代

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  10. 美国西部 修改版

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    《美国西部 Westbound》是一款在线模拟经营游戏。你的西行车辆已经抛锚了,所以你已经成为被困在峡谷的陌生人。你将建立一个宁静的牧场,或者是一个繁荣的矿业小镇?警告,你得注意那些臭名昭著的不法分子和暴徒! 提示 :
  11. 童话公主

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    Build a beautiful magical castle in Fantasy Fashion: Fairy Town! Dress up & Makeup your fairy tail town with stunning decorations. Check out our fairy farm and build skyscrapers of fruits and vegetables. Sparkling fairy dust everywhere to see. Grow fairy magic poison potion and scare off the village witch. In Fantasy Island you can build your very own fairy kingdom. Girls and Boys play fantasy fairy kingdom island with family and friends. Discover the unicorn kingdom of fairy friends. Rescue your fairies from the big bad witch. Be not the princess in the game but a beautiful flower Fairy Be one of the fantasy heroes , come on Join us in Fantasy Fashion: Fairy Town to enjoy every fairytale moment ever after. Design your imagination island of dreams! Meet and care for cute lovely creatures! Make beautiful magic potions and dresses! Play the best imagination island of dreams game and have fun! Meet and care for a fairy helper, a fairy tale queen, and a witch! Meet their friends! Design & explore beautiful fairy castles, find secret treasures, meet new types of lovely creatures! Build the perfect fantasy kingdom & fairy house for your fairies! In Fairy Fantasy Island everyone lived in harmony together, all young fairies enjoyed going to school to learn new magic potions recipes. The nasty witch from the valley of darkness didn't enjoy seeing how happy everyone was. On a very beautiful summer’s day, the witch decided to enter the village but she knew she had to disguise herself, because the witch isn't allowed in the Village. The witch disguised herself as a music teacher and told all the village kids in town to follow her into the forest of magic. Suddenly the beautiful day turned stormy, one fairy got afraid and ran back to the Fantasy Island to ask for help. When the parents arrived in the fantasy forest of magic the witch had snatched all magic potion recipes and flew away into her valley of darkness. The little fairy in the fantasy story that ran away still had one recipe in her pocket. The last hope of recreating Fantasy Island lies with you! Play the magic tree of fortune to earn fantastic gifts. Enjoy our whack a witch game and protect your village. Discover fairytale island with many different magic potion factories to build. Experience a family fun kids adventure in our fairy tale game! Magic fairy island awaits your arrival! Be quick, the fairy makers want to explore fairy world with you! Watch the Fairy’s Mix with their Friends & have fun You’ll love the fairies in this game more than the disney fairies Play with your friends and visit their magic island in the sky, too! Features: * PLAY OFFLINE! No internet connection required * Design beautiful coral reefs * Meet fairy helper, a fairy queen and a witch * Discover beautiful and cute lovely creatures * 2 FREE mini games to enjoy! * DAILY FREE GIFTS to send to your friends & family! * UNLOCK more decorations & lovely creatures to meet as you level up your magic island in the sky! * Explore & DECORATE your own fantasy kingdom just the way you want it! Make your visitors happy - show them your beautiful fairies, magic gardens and decorated beautiful fairy castles. See you all soon in the fairy tail game and don't forget to come and visit my imagination island of dreams! In this game, you will meet beautiful fairies, explore, build and design fantastic-looking beautiful fairy castles & fairy house in a imagination island of dreams. Design, plan and build your own fantasy kingdom! Populate it with many fairy helper, fairy queen, and all kinds of fairies you can think of. Decorate your magic island & Magic garden in the sky and have fun meeting new types of fairies. Show your magic island in the sky to your friends, too! Invite them to play with you and explore the fantasy kingdom together. Fantasy Fashion: Fairy Tail is like a Princess game for Girls except there in no Princess but a fairy. This Fantasy Story in the Fantasy Town has a Happy Ending!
  12. 星际A计划

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  13. 装扮美容院 Dress Up Salon

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  14. 足球教父

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  15. 挖恐龙化石

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  16. 农场修复模拟2014 FarmFIX Simulator 2014

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