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    This may not be Bad Piggies or Angry Birds but it’s a fun game based on the concept of a popular childhood game called Pick Up Sticks. Damn Lines features 3 distinctive gameplay types:Arcade - See how many lines you can remove before your life runs out. Several special items will help you along the way, while others may try and slow you downTime Attack - Time is important here, because lowest time wins! Remove lines without making any mistakes to post the lowest time possible Minesweeper - One mistake and you’re dead! Remove the correct lines to score. But don’t take forever because the longer you sit there, the less points you will get in the end! The game features retro inspired graphics and sound effects.Game is built on And Engine GLES2.0. ★★★★★ REVIEWS ★★★★★:PLAYANDROID.COM (30.10.2012)The graphics are clear and colorful and they match the scenery of the 70s pretty well. According to that, the background music and the sounds are apt as well, due to its funky tunes and cute plop-sounds. Besides that, the controls are super easy because the only thing you have to do is tapping on the lines to make them disappear. Furthermore the scope of this game is quite okay due to three special lines (locked, health and bomb) and three various game modes (Arcade, Time Attack and Minesweeper). ANDROIDTAPP.COM 4/5 (1.11.2012)Should you Download Damn Lines!? Definitely check the game out if you like simple puzzle titles. It’s simple to play, hard to master and comes with various modes to get stuck into. For short bursts it’s thoroughly engaging and enjoyable. 这可能不是坏猪仔或愤怒的小鸟,但它是一个有趣的游戏,一个流行的儿童游戏叫拿大棍子的概念的基础上。 该死的线路设有3个独特的游戏类型:商场 - 看看有多少条线,你可以删除你的生活耗尽之前。一些特殊的项目,将帮助你前进的道路,而另一些可能会尝试和你慢下来时间攻击 - 在这里是很重要的,因为最低的时间赢了!删除线,不作任何错误后尽可能最低的时间 扫雷 - 一个错误,你就死定了!删除正确的路线得分。但不下去,因为时间越长,你坐在那里,到底你会得到的少点! 游戏具有复古风格的图形和声音效果。游戏是建立在和发动机GLES2.0。 ★★★★★点评★★★★★:PLAYANDROID.COM(二〇一二年十月三十○号)图形是否清晰,色彩丰富,上世纪70年代的风光相匹配相当不错。根据背景音乐和声音很容易为好,由于其质朴的音乐和可爱扑通的声音。除此之外,该控件是超级容易的,因为你所要做的唯一的事情是攻的线条,使他们消失。此外,本场比赛的范围是相当好,由于特殊的线(锁定,健康和炸弹)和3个不同的游戏模式(商场,时间攻击“和”扫雷)。 ANDROIDTAPP.COM 4/5(2012年11月1号)如果您下载妈行吗?一定要检查游戏,如果你喜欢简单的拼图冠军。这是简单的玩,很难掌握,并配有各种方式向卡住。短脉冲,这是十分有魅力的和令人愉快的。 新版变化 Version 2.0.2 -Fixed crash on gameover with large score values Version 2.0.1 - Added Google Game Services integration with online leaderboards and achievements - Fixed crash when exiting the game on certain Samsung and Motorola phones Version 2.0 - New HD colorful graphics - Slight changes to gametypes - Arcade gamemode features a new special line - New cheerful music - Completely new interface 了解更多

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