1. 逗比日记

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  2. 乡镇执业助理医师星题库

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  3. 挑战词汇

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    Play PowerVocab(TM) which is free and one of the most popular word games to build a strong vocabulary. This mobile word game is also a handy dictionary of challenging words.
    If you love vocabulary builder, word scramblers, crosswords, scrabble, spelling bee, word search, hangman, or other word games, you'll love this amazingly fun game. While having fun, you will master 350 challenging words using our adaptive learning software to build a lasting vocabulary using flashcards. Report your scores on Facebook or play word with friends online or with other players.
    PowerVocab is specifically helpful for students of SAT, GRE, GMAT, and ASVAB, who are looking to substantially enhance their vocabulary into top tier. This app lets you build a lifelong critical skill.
    The key app features are Learn words, Challenge quiz, and Search words which is like a handy dictionary. The words contain detailed definitions, multiple example sentences, and phonetic pronunciation of words. Audible pronunciation is also available if your cellphone is running on Android 1.6 or above. The dictionary like list is available for searching word definitions and sample sentences.
    You will learn words displayed like a flashcard that allows words to be remembered visually. In addition, our proprietary software smartly uses word repetition and challenge tests to improve deep retention of the words in your memory to help you build a lasting vocabulary.
    This is a word game that allows you to build expertise for scrabble, crosswords, anagrams, and other word games. Use it as an aid to prepare for contests like spelling bee, or improve on competitive exams such as SAT, GRE, or GMAT. Also allows you to wordsearch for all the words in a dictionary type application.
    If you are updating from an existing version, please know that there is a possibility that a major upgrade that includes new words can result in reset of your learned words statistics, and loss of your progress. Minor upgrades such as with bug fixes or changes in background or graphics should not normally result in loss of progress or statistics if installed correctly.
    关键应用程序的功能是了解的话,挑战测验,以及搜索词这就好比一个方便的字典。这句话包含详细的定义,多个例句,和单词的音标发音。声音的发音也可以,如果你的手机是在Android 1.6或以上运行。像列表中的词典可用于搜索词的定义和例句。
  4. 糗事江湖

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  5. 罗德斯岛战记

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    有一个名为罗德斯的岛,它是位在亚列拉斯特大陆南方的一个大岛屿。由大陆要来到这儿,即使坐船也得花上二十多天。由于距离遥远,大陆和岛之间很少往来,唯一的交流,便只有罗德斯岛西北部的自由都市莱丁的商人们,以帆船进行的小额贸易而已。 有些大陆上的居民,称此处为“被诅咒之岛”。
    注:我们精心制作的合集,只为用户方便收藏而已。如果您只需要云端书库的功能,您可以下载我们同一款软件:“书香云集”,更多精彩等着你体验 。
  6. TV Guide & Tracker

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    TV Guide & Tracker lets you instantly manage your TV Listings for your favorite tv series for free!Check the TV Schedule to add shows to your `favs` and use the TV Tracker to keep track of which shows you have watched, how many are remaining and when the next episode is airing.Shows from most TV networks: FOX, ABC,NBC, CBS, CW, HBO, SHOWTIME, Warner Brothers, BBC, NICKELODEON, Cartoon Network, MTV, DISNEY, FAMILY, DISCOVERY, SPIKE, TLC, CTV, PBS, SHOWCASE.Top Shows in USA currently:Mad MenFreaks and GeeksRomeDeadwoodSix Feet UnderThe WireThe Venture Bros.FarscapeBreaking BadPlanet EarthPushing DaisiesBattlestar GalacticaAngelArrested DevelopmentThe Flight of the ConchordsCarnivàleFireflyTwitch CityDexterBand of BrothersThe X FilesThe No. 1 Ladies' Detective AgencyLife on MarsDead Like MeThe Twilight ZoneAlfred Hitchcock PresentsArcherSpacedTwin PeaksMillenniumSurvivorThe SopranosKolchak: The Night StalkerQuantum LeapBig LoveDamagesBoogiepop PhantomAngels in AmericaLostThe PrisonerERTremeBabylon 5The ComebackWonderfallsNorthern ExposureMisfits3rd Rock from the SunTales from the CryptTrue BloodX-MenBuffy the Vampire SlayerBatmanIt's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaThe MunstersThe Addams FamilySpartacus: Blood and SandCapricaHerushinguHellsing Ultimate OVA SeriesThe GuildUnited States of TaraThe Amazing RaceDekalogCommunityRaising HopeBored to DeathParanoia AgentTiny Toon AdventuresThe Larry Sanders ShowGeneration KillThe Charlie Brown and Snoopy ShowThe OfficeParty DownSkinsWeedsRobot ChickenStudio 60 on the Sunset StripJohn AdamsThe SimpsonsCowboy BebopDeath NoteNip/TuckWolf LakeDariaKindred: The EmbracedThe Ren & Stimpy ShowScooby Doo, Where Are You!Eerie, IndianaSummer Heights HighShaun the SheepSwingtownAnimaniacsInvasion2 Stupid DogsOzGilmore GirlsDragon Ball ZExtrasThe Walking DeadPopularXena: Warrior PrincessI Love LucyGargoylesJustifiedWatchmenLifeJustice LeagueThe BorgiasHuman PlanetCelebrity DeathmatchThe Outer LimitsThe Real Adventures of Jonny QuestTom and JerryWacky RacesStar TrekLittle House on the PrairieThe Muppet ShowBattlestar GalacticaBrideshead RevisitedSmurfsFraggle RockThe Cosby ShowThe Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy HourDragonballMarried with ChildrenTour of DutyWerewolfThe Wonder YearsForever KnightSeinfeldThe Fresh Prince of Bel-AirDinosaursShin ChanThe NannyRocko's Modern LifeFriendsMy So-Called LifeThe TickThe TickHercules: The Legendary JourneysNewsRadioCow and ChickenStargate SG-1South ParkPokémonSpawnTwo Guys, a Girl and a Pizza PlaceHisteria!From the Earth to the MoonFamily GuyFuturamaRoswellThe Lost WorldCourage the Cowardly DogMalcolm in the MiddleAliasThe Lone GunmenInvader ZIMEverwoodCold CaseReno 911!Desperate HousewivesEntourageRescue MeDrawn TogetherBleak HouseMediumMasters of HorrorMan vs. Wild30 RockFriday Night LightsThe TudorsIn TreatmentLife on MarsNurse JackieThe PacificRubiconThe KillingThe Life & Times of TimThe Brady BunchSoapThe Bullwinkle ShowGakuen mokushiroku: Highschool of the deadBrimstoneDream OnDollhouseThe ShieldFlashForwardBeing HumanSpartacus: Gods of the ArenaPsychScrubsPrison BreakKemonozumeThe Golden GirlsCharmedAmerica's Next Top ModelBig BrotherExpeditie RobinsonCherubSuburgatoryVeronica MarsNew GirlEnlightenedThe Amazing Race AustraliaPan AmParks and RecreationBoardwalk EmpireGame of ThronesAmerican Horror Story.All Genres Supported: Action, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Family, Game Show, Horror, Adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, History, Music, Mystery, Romance, Sport, War, Thriller, Western, Sci-Fi, Reality TV and Musicals.Manage your Queues more effectively with our app and use with Netflix, Vudu, iTunes, HULU.
  7. 噪声和布朗噪音

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    你可以同步你的脑电 众所周知的特殊频率与应用程序“脑波工作室”。“脑波工作室”使用双耳节拍来生成这些脑电波的频率。你能听到这个生成的双耳节拍良好的智能手机与耳机输出。双耳节拍可以创建三角波等重要的脑波,θ波,α波,β和γ波浪潮。
  8. 图骥文学

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    这里有古墓中的孤魂野鬼,让你直流冷汗。这里有仗义的侠客,让你感受到江湖中的腥风血雨。这里有骇人听闻的悬案,以及永远都想不到的答案。有惨无人道的变态杀人狂,以及他温情的一面。有勇敢的角斗士,为了自由奋勇搏杀。有香艳热辣的应召女郎,让你欲火焚身却欲罢不能。 校园中凄美的爱情,有淡淡的苦,也有轻轻的香。有诡秘的黑帮组织,让你体验暴力美学。一个让你无法割舍的电子书从此诞生,还不下图骥文学?赶紧砸了手机吧!
  9. Dolphin Show

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    Dolphins playing lively with the small fishes by the coral reefs.
    Cute fishes of Okinawa love playing in the coral reefs.
    Small fishes and dolphins swimming in a park made of coral reefs.
    100000+amazing wallpaper can be downloaded from our web site.
    Quickly set as wallpaper for your smartphone, if you love Dolphin.
  10. 趣韩国

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  11. 微考

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    微微一考,知识记牢;自己出题目,有趣又有用。 家长考考孩子,孩子印象更深;晚辈问问长辈,锻炼长辈记忆;老婆考考老公,家里衣服谁洗?朋友考考基友,输了就得喝酒;粉丝考考粉丝,女神身高知多少?
  12. 职教网校 www.chinatat.com

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    您想考公务员吗?您还在为没人辅导行测和申论而发愁吗? 正保远程教育集团职业培训教育网旗下产品《职教移动课堂》为您解除公务员考试的一切疑惑。 公务员考试辅导,我们更专业 1.根据不同地方公务员考试的不同要求进行具体分析,让您对公务员考试的理解更加深入,考试更加顺利 2.《职教移动课堂》全新推出移动看课模式,无论是在家,在学校,在咖啡厅,甚至是在被窝里,只要您有部手机或者Pad,只要有wifi,您就可以享受到随时随地学习的乐趣。您也可以在有wifi的条件下下载课程,这样就可以在离线的条件下观看。累了,歇一会儿再看;困了,睡一会儿再看;饿了,吃完饭再看;如果没看懂,您还可以反复看。总之,我们会让您的学习更加自由,不受任何束缚,真正享受到学习的乐趣。 3.新增答疑板功能。在学习中,您有任何问题,无论是关于课程,软件,还是专业知识的任何问题都可以在答疑板进行提问,我们会在24小时内给出专业的解答,仿佛老师就在您身边。 4.《正保远程教育》为美国纽交所上市公司,实力强大,值得您的信赖。 选择《职教移动课堂》,您就是选择了未来
  13. 说到Babsy婴儿在动物园

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    ★★★产品特点: ★★★
    ✔ 高品质的3D图形
    ✔ 酷语音交互
    ✔ 钢琴与歌声Babsy
    ✔ 酷鼓
    ✔ 许多不同的动画
    ✔ 童话故事视频:乌龟和兔子与蚱蜢和寒冷的冬天
    ★ 惊人的音板有许多有趣的声音:动物,放屁,枪,尖叫声,炸弹,鸡等。
    ★ 令人兴奋的触控游戏与20个级别的内部目标的游戏是它捕获所有的对象,除了红色的。
    ★ 伟大的数字游戏 - 现在检查的智商和你的大脑记忆
    ★ 1至60的游戏包括。 1至60 , A到Z , 2 4 6 ... , 1 3 5 ... ,十六进制,罗马数字,元素周期表,八进制,等等。
    ★ 全场比赛
    ★ 漫画及卡通片:我们有涉及不同学科的,例如漫画:军队,钓鱼,鸟类,邻居,狗等等。
    ★ 笑话集:搞笑的笑话在不同的类别划分。你会找到有关的笑话:天气,法官,强盗,蝙蝠,青蛙等。
    ★ 一般知识:你知道所有关于历史,地理,环境,人,科技等事?
    ★ 趣味照片功能:
    创造幽默和伪造的图像/照片并发送每封,共享图片用的WhatsApp ,微博,Skype和其他信使工具或将它们上传到Facebook , Flickr后,保管箱等上传你的照片,把自己或你的朋友变成跳舞的笑脸,一个外星人,一个威武的雄狮,长颈鹿,鸵鸟,鼠标等。
    ★ 伟大和美妙的空间图像
    ★ 视频预告片:用热的应用程序不同的预告片视频部分。
    ★ 贴纸
    让你的照片个人色彩。选择从您的画廊照片或这已经是伪造的图像。就拿所选照片,并开始被无数贴纸之间进行选择个性化。你会在选择最酷的贴纸被宠坏的选择。它包含有各种科目,如,帽子,假发(发型) ,月亮,星星,眼镜,锋利的牙齿(位)等贴纸让你的图片传达的东西,或通过编写一些有趣的东西成了泡影创建一个漫画故事。
    ★ 童画:超级有趣的工具来尝试并绘制用指尖图片。也有很多的可着色,如威武的老虎,熊猫熊,兔子(兔子) ,汽车,快速火箭和许多预定义的卡通图片。发现艺术家在你!
    ★ 对:找到主板上的同一个寻找图像,并与这凉爽的比赛, 2场比赛训练你的记忆。
    ★ 滑动拼图:触摸和滑动拼图在哪里,他们都属于重建原始影像的作品。
    ★ 配对:投其所好属于一个整体(即有共同的东西)的图片。
    ★ 测验:把你的一般知识测试。
  14. 幼儿动物流行

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    • Designed for children ages 18 months and up
    • 30 animals and over 100 pop objects
    • Bubbles, ducks, cats, worms, stars, and more!
    Designed for ages 18-months and up, your toddlers and kids will have a blast interacting with 30 animals and popping all sorts of objects: bubbles, fruit, worms, cats, dogs, and more! Perfect for kids who love animals and popping things. Great for toddlers still learning their animals.
    Designed for Kids
    This game was designed to be easy for toddlers and young children to play, and will only require you showing them how to play one or two rounds. This game will help teach your children animal names and noises, as well as help in developing their fine motor skills.
    How to Play
    First, your child selects an animal, and then your child pops the falling objects as fast as possible! The objects start off large and slow, but as your child completes more animals, the objects get smaller and faster. Completed animals are put in a zoo where they can be played with.
    30 Animals
    Your little ones will love all 30 animals, including: alligator, bear, bee, cat, dog, kangaroo, ladybug, lion, monkey, penguin, rabbit, snake, turtle, zebra, and more. Each animal features real animal sounds and name pronunciation to help your toddlers learn.
    100 Pop Objects
    A wide variety of objects to keep your kids entertained, including: bubbles, fruit, smiley faces, worms, stars, cats, and more. This game is multitouch-enabled so your kids can pop as fast as their little fingers can move!
    Questions or comments? Email support@toddlertap.com or visit http://toddlertap.com
  15. 西游一记

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    每个人上学的时候都有翻阅《四大名著》的冲动,但付出行动的人很少,真正全部阅读的人更少,现在我们推出系列产品《西游一记》、《红楼一梦》、《水浒一传》、《三国一志》,将四大名著以App的形式推出,将四大名著原版文字重新排版,更适合手机阅读。每天更新,每天阅读。 《西游记》中国古典四大名著之一,明代小说家吴承恩所著中国古代第一部浪漫主义长篇神魔小说。主要描写孙悟空、猪八戒、沙僧三人保护唐僧西行取经,沿途遇到八十一难,一路降妖伏魔,化险为夷,最后到达西天、取得真经的故事。 自《西游记》问世以来在民间广为流传,各式各样的版样层出不穷,明代刊本有六种,清代刊本、抄本也有七种,典籍所记已佚版本十三种。鸦片战争以后,中国古典文学作品大量被译为西文,西渐欧美,已有英、法、德、意、西、世(世界语)、斯(斯瓦希里语)、俄、捷、罗、波、日、朝、越等文种。并发表了不少研究论文和专著,对这部小说作出了极高的评价。 一天更新一回,培养良好的阅读习惯,充分利用零散时间。 一天只读一回,杜绝长时间阅读,避免阅读疲劳, 朋友圈发誓,形成监督机制,记录失约天数; 朋友圈得瑟,炫耀一下“文学素养”; 朋友圈认错,拾回逝去的时光,从失去的那天开始。 西游一记每天只更新一回原著,每天只能读一回,持之以恒坚持每天阅读的可以“傲一下”,半途而废可以通过“认错”机制再次开始。
  16. 职业摔角

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