1. GEICO的保险手套箱

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    Application supports Android Tablets and Phones. <br />Includes many tools that allow you to manage your insurance needs with ease even before you are a GEICO customer <br />Policyholders:<br />*Access to all your GEICO policies at your fingertips.<br />*View your ID cards the cool way… Digitally!<br />*Pay &amp; manage your bills; it may not be super fun, but we make it super easy.<br />*Bought a new car? Got rid of your clunker? We can help! Get a quote to add, replace or remove a vehicle on your policy.<br />*We know stuff happens, so we make it easy for you to submit a claim or get your glass damage repaired.<br />*Stay informed about your repair while saving time. View and manage your claim directly from your phone.<br />*Just like your BFF, we're here when you need us with Chat. Get a response from a GEICO representative quickly, directly in the app.<br />*Flat tire? Locked out? Need roadside help? Have no fear, GEICO Mobile is here!<br />Features for Everyone:<br />*Begin a new quote or even pull up and review a previous one. Ready to set it up? You can even start a policy from the app easily.<br />*When you’re in a bind, keep GEICO Mobile in mind! Should you get into an accident, we will guide you to collect the necessary information immediately.<br />NOTE: To log into your account from GEICO Mobile, your GEICO policy must:<br />*Be an active auto or motorcycle policy<br />*Not be subject to other policy restrictions<br />License Agreement: http://www.geico.com/applications/mobile/mobile_eula.htm <br />应用程序支持Android平板电脑和手机。 <br />包括许多工具,让您轻松管理您的保险需求,您是GEICO的客户,甚至之前 <br />投保人:<br />*访问在你的指尖所有的GEICO政策。<br />*查看您的身份证凉爽的方式...数字!<br />*薪酬及管理您的账单;它可能不是超级好玩的,但是我们做超级容易。<br />*买了一辆新车?摆脱你难有起色?我们可以帮助!索取报价添加,更换或您的策略将车辆移走。<br />*我们知道的事情发生,所以我们很容易让你提交索赔或让你的损坏玻璃修复。<br />*保持了解你的修为,同时节省了时间。查看并直接从您的手机管理您的索赔。<br />*就像你的BFF,我们在这里当你需要我们聊天。从一个GEICO代表反应迅速,直接在应用程序。<br />*爆胎?被锁在外面?需要帮助路边?没有恐惧,GEICO移动就在这里!<br />&nbsp;为大家特点:<br />*开始一个新的报价,甚至拉起来,复习前一个。准备设置?你甚至可以轻松地开始从应用的政策。<br />*当你处于困境是,保持GEICO移动在心中!如若你进入一个意外,我们将引导您立即收集必要的信息。<br />&nbsp;注:要登录到您的帐户从GEICO移动,你的GEICO政策必须:<br />*做一个积极的汽车或摩托车的政策<br />*不会受到其他政策限制<br />&nbsp;许可协议:http://www.geico.com/applications/mobile/mobile_eula.htm <br />