1. 狂狷门萨

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    在您的饮食门萨以下 计划在本地,最大? 5天概述近期的更改: -现在与1.6兼容 -可加速时间表更新 -修复柏林+弗莱贝格 -整合传播功能 -调整字体大小
  2. PI3 Demo

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    *This Demo version of Pocket Informant3 allows 10 Events, 10 Tasks and 10 Notes. Once that limit is reached you will be prompted to delete items. For the full version, please go to this link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.webis.pi3&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsIm5ldC53ZWJpcy5waTMiXQ.. *Be a Productivity Ninja: Calendar, Tasks, Notes & Contacts. Built with over 10 years of mobile calendaring prowess, weve focused on the best user experience for the power user - as well as those who need just a bit more than the built-in apps provide.?NEW 3.0 FEATURES?NEW ”CLEAR” INTERFACE - a brand new redesigned interface that is beautiful, flat, and easy to use?NEW THEMES - choose a specific ‘look” for your personal Pocket InformantADJUSTABLE SCREEN AREAS - tap and hold the sizing selector to enlarge or shrink your chosen viewPINCH-ZOOM IN MONTH VIEW AND HOUR MODE OF DAY VIEWADJUSTABLE MULTI-DAY VIEW - select how many days to show, from1 to 7RECURRENCE AND DATE EDITOR WITH PREVIEW - tap on a selected event or task to preview and/or editSLIDING NAVIGATION BETWEEN DATES AND FILTERS - easily go to desired areas by simply swipingMULTI-SELECT IN ALL VIEWS - select multi-select in Settings to easily delete, move or edit detailsENDLESS AGENDA VIEWNEW SORT ORDER OPTIONSFASTER, MORE RELIABLE SYNCATTACHMENTS FOR EVENTS/TASKS - attach contact info or a written note to an event or task for further productivityPOCKET INFORMANT ONLINE INTEGRATION - subscribe to our own in-house sync service for made-to-order syncing of all your dataTEXT NOTES SUPPORT - with Toodledo and PI Online syncVOICE NOTESMANUAL and AUTOMATIC BACKUPSMART GROUPS for TASKS - user defined filters for your personal task managementPocket Informant3 is not simply the next version of our productivity app. It has totally redesigned user interface, new database and sync code, which makes it much faster and more reliable. To achieve this we had to rewrite around 90% of the app. Please visit our forums at WebIS and tell us what you think of the new Pocket Informant3 UI, performance and features.If you have any questions, please send an email to press@webis.netYou do not have to remove Pocket Informant2 from your device to install this version.Thanks for trying Pocket Informant3 demo!
  3. 动物是我的朋友(免费) - 儿童,教育,智力

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