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    StreamNation turns your device into a media center that lets you access your photos, videos, movies, TV shows and music everywhere and share them easily. Upload all your media on your Desktop and StreamNation will convert them for a perfect experience on your smartphone, tablet or any browser.
    - Access and stream all your photos, videos, movies, TV shows and music albums, artists and playlists from any devices, whatever their original format
    - Borrow movies, TV shows and music from your friends
    - Download any media for offline viewing or listening
    - Stream your videos and music with Chromecast even when the app is in background
    - Image format supported: arw, .cr2, .dcr, .dng, .eps, .erf, .kdc, .nef, .orf, .pef, .raf, .rw2, .sr2, .x3f, .bmp, .dpx, .gif, .jpg, .pdf, .png, .ps, .svg, .tif
    - Video format supported: .asf, .avd, .avi, .cdg, .divx, .dv, .evo, .flc, .flv, .lvf, MPEG, .m2ts, .mts, .mkv, .mov, .mp4, .mxf, .nsv| .nut, .ogv, .pss, .rm, .streamdump, .tp, .ts, .VOB, .wmv, 3GPP
    - Music format supported: mp3, ogg, m4a, wav, flac, aiff, aif, aac, wma
    - Support for .srt subtitles
    Use StreamNation to store your photos, videos, music and share them. If something ever happens to any of your devices, your media will be safe in StreamNation and at one-click reach!
    Get started immediately with 20GB cloud storage absolutely free. Subscriptions are available for storage needs of any size.
    Talk to us at theteam@streamnation.com
    What the press says:
    “The Verge”
    The service handles just about any file type you can throw at it, stores it all in the cloud, and then transcodes and streams it to any device you're using. It's part Photo Stream, part Dropbox.
    We're always on the hunt for new, cost-effective ways to store our photos and videos in the cloud, and [StreamNation] seems like just the ticket!
    What our customers say:
    “Awesome media center - Love the simplicity and the design. Uploaded our videos and photos and we can now access/stream them on all our devices independently of the format. Awesome!”
    “Amazing app! 1000x better than Dropbox - I absolutely love this app, and I will be using it from now on instead of dropbox. The storage is unbelievably affordable, the staff is super helpful and responsive whenever I have questions, and the interface is sleek and easy to use. Can't wait until everyone starts using this app both for storage and video sharing!”
    “The Best Way to Sync My Photos - Love this app and have been using it to sync my favorite photos across my devices. Along with the app, the staff and team is wonderful!”
    “Beats all other streaming apps - This app is really useful, it has completely changed the way that I consume media. The offline access is the killer feature for me.”
    “Best media storage app. EVER! - I have been using this app for quite a while, and on top of the service/ app changing my entire approach to video, their updates, and stability are incredible!”
    - 访问和流您的所有照片,视频,电影,电视节目和音乐专辑,艺术家,播放列表,从任何设备,无论其原始格式
    - 从你的朋友借电影,电视节目和音乐
    - 下载任何媒体离线观看或收听
    - 流视频和音乐的Chromecast即使在应用程序是在后台
    - 图像格式支持:ARW,.CR2,.DCR,.DNG,的.eps,.erf,.KDC,.NEF,.ORF,.PEF,.RAF,.rw2,.SR2,.x3f,.BMP。 DPX,.GIF,.JPG,.PDF,.PNG,.PS,.SVG,.TIF
    - 视频格式支持:.ASF,.avd,.AVI,.cdg,.divx,.DV,.EVO,.FLC,FLV的,.lvf,MPEG,.M2TS,.MTS,.MKV,.MOV。 MP4,.MXF,.nsv | .nut,的.ogv,.pss,.RM,.streamdump,.TP,.TS,.VOB,.WMV,3GPP
    - 支持.SRT字幕
    “真棒媒体中心 - 爱的简单性和设计。上传我们的视频和照片,我们现在可以访问/串流独立的格式我们的所有设备上。真棒!“
    “惊人的应用程序! 1000X比Dropbox的更好 - 我绝对喜欢这个应用程序,我将使用它从现在开始,而不是Dropbox的。存储是令人难以置信的实惠,工作人员是超级有益的,敏感,每当我有问题,界面时尚和易于使用。不能等到每个人都开始同时使用存储和视频分享这个应用程序!“
    “最好的办法,以同步我的照片 - 爱这个程序,并一直在使用它在我的设备同步我最喜欢的照片。随着应用程序,员工和团队是美好的!“
    “击败所有其他应用程序流 - 这个程序是非常有用的,它已经完全改变了我消费媒体的方式。离线访问是杀手级的功能给我。“
    “最佳媒体存储的应用程序。 EVER! - 我一直在使用这个程序相当长一段时间,并在服务/应用程序的顶部改变我的整个方法的视频,他们的更新,稳定是令人难以置信!“
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