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  1. 背包战争 Jetpack War

    In Jetpack War you fly with your Jet Pack in a factory and you have to avoid the missiles, laser beams and the rotating blades.
    Jetpack War comes with UNLIMITED levels!
    Try to pick up the stars... with the stars you can buy a Game Restart in the Jetpack Shop (the cost is 5 stars) for a new live. Try to get the best distance and the highest score.
    The missiles and speed of the Jetpack War Player becomes faster each level!
    Fantastic Sound Effects
    Fantastic Graphics
    Buy Continue in the shop (so you wont die straight the way)
    Unlimited Levels
    Sound/Music Controller
    Mute Music
    Sound Control
    Music Control
    Try also our other game SkullForce Betrayal (NEW) a TPS Game and soon also a FPS Version

    1 万人安装 · 2012年8月16日更新
    分类: 休闲时间 · 动作射击

  2. 迷你暴力赛车

    RC Mini Racers is a fast paced and explosive racing game with 22 remote controlled mini cars, lots of missiles and mines, turbos for an extra boost as well as great hard rock music. The car pimp shop lets you customize you RC car by changing the color, the wheels and the antenna.
    The game features 32 tracks separated in circuit races (round tracks with 5 laps) and sprint races (A to B races, no rules, as fast as possible). Beside that there’s a coin racing mode where you can explore the level and collect coins for the in-game store.
    RC Mini Racers has a great mixture of tracks where you need your weapons to win the race by shooting and bombing your opponents from the track but also fantastic high speed tracks where it is mostly down to great driving skills to win the race. Find out yourself which tracks you like most!
    For nearly every action during a race you get in-game cash rewarded. You get cash for crashing other cars, explosions caused by missiles and mines that affect other cars, for jumping over epic ramps and getting airtime cash, for driving best laps and best race times as well as for winning the top spot ranks in a race. Use that in-game cash to unlock other tracks or convert them to coins for use in the car pimp shop.
    All tracks can be raced in 4 difficulty modes ranging from easy to medium over to hard and finally the insane mode. Hours of fun guaranteed until you unlocked all tracks in all difficulty modes!
    Still reading? What are you waiting for? Get the game and start your engine, no time for Gangnam style now!

    9365 人安装 · 2013年6月8日更新
    分类: 跑酷竞速 · 体育格斗

  3. 城市闪电

    《城市闪电 City Blitz》是一款防御类游戏,你的城市正遭受陨石袭击,你需要操控三个导弹塔来射击落下的陨石,你共有30发导弹,需要防御6座城市,选择你需要发射导弹的炮塔,节约炮弹,敌人数量会越来越多。

    1.3 万人安装 · 2014年6月12日更新
    分类: 经营策略 · 塔防守卫

  4. 机器人轨道


    6478 人安装 · 2012年8月11日更新
    分类: 休闲时间 · 其它


  1. 地球救星

    6353 人安装 35.84MB
    Earth Saviors - exciting space arcade game, based on my childhood dreams Your task is to defeat the threat from space At your arsenal specially designed missile that able to get inside asteroid body Only few pilots across entire planet can participate in this mission, and you are one of them All people around the World is praying for You !
  2. 引力突袭

    1.5 万人安装 13.34MB
    This game features: • 90 unique levels (180 total) • Time Trial games • Expert achievements • Unlockable content • Tutorial 重力是突发的轨道弹弓游戏。!