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  1. 连续2:续集

    Continuity 2: The Continutation is a sequel to the popular puzzle game Continuity. Continuity has been played over 6 million times and won the Best Student Game award at the 2010 Independent Games Festival and Gameplay Innovation award at IndieCade 2010.
    In Continuity 2, the game world is drawn onto sliding tiles. You must figure out how to rearrange each level in order to move your character through it, collect the key, and unlock the door.
    "The greatest puzzle platformer you'll play this summer, or ever." --The Awl
    "Frustrating in all the right ways, this sophisticated head-scratcher is a must for puzzle nuts." --Pocket Gamer
    "A must-have for any puzzle fan, Continuity 2 is remarkably elegant in its simplicity." --GameZebo
    "Ranks as one of the freshest and most engaging to emerge for some time." --Euro Gamer
    "Continuity 2: The Continuation is a masterfully designed puzzle-platformer" --Slide To Play
    "I'll probably keep this one around long after I master all the challenge times" --Touch Arcade
    “最大的谜的一些成熟,你会玩这个夏天,还是。” - 锥子
    “令人沮丧在所有适当的方法,这种复杂的头摸不到的解谜坚果是必须的。” - 掌上游戏机
    “A必须具备的任何难题风扇,连续性是非常简单优雅。” - GameZebo
    “最新鲜,最吸引人的出现了一段时间的队伍。” - 欧元玩家
    “连续性2:延续是一个设计巧妙的解谜的一些成熟” - 幻灯片播放
    “我可能会保持这个约长后,我掌握了所有的挑战时代” - 触摸商场

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  2. 猴子小游戏

    [recommended screen resolution is 480x800 and bigger]
    Cutie Monkey - is a fascinating game where the main character is a monkey-boy, which you drive it with your touch screen. Main goal of the game is to collect and bring to monkey-girl fruits that she wants, and get hearts for that. The number of hearts obtained depends on her mood. The longer a monkey-girl waits for its fruit, the angrier she gets. Fruit, which dreams of a monkey-girl at the moment, appears above her head.
    But, you need to hurry, because the girl's desire is changeable, and in a few seconds, she can change her mind. If you were late to bring her the dreaming fruit you break her heart.If the broken hearts will gather too much - you fail the level.
    In order to pass that level, you need to get a certain number of hearts. On the way to his lover, the monkey-boy will be met with the insidious enemies that in the collision will take the fruits from the main character, spending precious time for completing girl`s desire. From time to time, enemies can fall asleep. Take benefit of this, for going on a cloud, on which is the enemy.
    If the entire level you do not have any broken heart and the enemy has never bitten you and did not take the fruit, then you will have the opportunity to get a bonus level: for a certain amount of time to collect all the fruits from each cloud, thereby increasing its total number of points.
    可爱猴子 - 是一个令人着迷的游戏的主角是一只猴子的男孩,你驾驶它与您的触摸屏。本场比赛的主要目的是收集和带来的猴子女孩水果,她希望,得到的心。获得心灵的数量取决于她的心情。的时间越长,猴子女孩等待它的果实,她得到的愤怒。水果的猴子女孩的梦想的那一刻,出现在她头顶。
    但是,你需要抓紧时间,因为女孩子的愿望是多变的,在几秒钟内,她可以改变她的想法。如果你迟到了,把她的梦想果你打破她的heart.If破碎的心将收集的太多了 - 你失败的水平。

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  3. 轻歌曼舞


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