1. 船舶伴侣-嘉年华邮轮

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    Voted #1 Cruise App - Over 1 Million Downloads!
    Start your Cruise Countdown now! Track Cruises, see who you're sailing with, view Deck Plans, see Ship & Port Reviews, Cruising Pictures and much more!
    Use our cruise finder to search through 100k itineraries from
    all major lines.
    Included Cruise Lines:
    ★ Carnival Cruise Line
    ★ Royal Caribbean
    ★ Disney Cruise Line
    ★ Norwegian Cruise Line
    ★ Princess Cruises
    ★ Celebrity Cruises
    ★ Holland America
    ★ MSC
    ★ Oceania
    ★ P&O
    ★ Cunard
    ★ Oceania
    ★ Azamara
    ★ Seabourn
    Here are some of our many Ship Mate features.
    → Cruise countdown clock
    → Roll Call
    → Deck plans & Ship info
    → Cruise port info (history, maps, locations)
    → Excursion options
    → Cruise Chat – meet those on your ship today!
    → Itineraries for 95% of all Cruises
    → Deck cams
    → Cruise Finder / Ship tracker
    → Vacation picture gallery
    → Cruising tips
    Voted "
    Best Cruise App," Ship Mate has over
    One Million Downloads and was the first cruise app every created!
    Inside, you'll find tons of content for your cruise ship and ports. You'll get to know your vessel top to bottom using our detailed deck maps and user submitted images. You can visit your ports well before stepping on board, and be ready to make the most of your limited time at each. Our cruise forums are packed with happy users, eager to share their cruise knowledge and tips.
    We have over 300 cruise ships, including some of the most popular new vessels, like:
    ★ Carnival Dream
    ★ Carnival Sunshine
    ★ Carnival Splendor
    ★ Disney Dream
    ★ Disney Wonder
    ★ Disney Fantasy
    ★ Norwegian Getaway
    ★ Norwegian Epic
    ★ Norwegian Pearl
    ★ Quantum of the Seas
    ★ Allure of the Seas
    ★ Oasis of the Seas
    Don't take our word for it - here's what our Ship Mate users are saying.
    "Just want to let you guys know that I love, love, love this app! I'm going on my 5th carnival cruise in January and then 6th in April and I love every aspect of this app! Thank you so much for keeping up the great work!"
    Rachel J.
    "Your app was invaluable during this cruise, to record excursions etc. I have since recommended it to many friends, who are equally delighted with it as I am."
    Julie D.
    "I really appreciate the countdown board and all of the other cool features your app offers regarding port tips.Thank you for doing what you do!"
    Angie B.
    So don't wait to start your cruise. Download Ship Mate and start the vacation today!
    NOTE: Ship Mate is not affiliated with or integrated with Cruise Critic, iConcierge, iCruise, Carnival, or any other line.
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    投票#1邮轮应用 - 超过100万下载
    启动您的邮轮倒计时吧! 轨道邮轮中,看到你航行了谁,认为甲板计划,见船舶及港口评论,巡航图片以及更多!
    ★ P&O
    →克鲁斯聊天 - 满足那些今天你的船!
    不要把我们的话 - 这里就是我们的船大副用户说。
  2. FlyBy E6B Free

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    FlyBy E6B by Skywriter Software: * This is a 30 day trial version only * FlyBy E6B is an essential flight computer application for all pilots. Designed by a professional airline pilot it includes many features not found in other E6B aviation programs. Always improving: The FlyBy E6B aviation calculator was one of the very first applications of its kind published for the Palm OS. Used by thousands of pilots the world over, it has evolved from the suggestions and feedback we have received. FlyBy E6B Features: Airspeed Calculations: - True Airspeed using Calibrated Airspeed - True Airspeed using Mach# - Calibrated Airspeed using TAS - IAS Using MACH# - Equivalent Airspeed using CAS - Mach# Using TAS - Mach Crossover AltitudeWind Calculation: - Find Wind Direction and Speed - Find Wind Component (headwind and crosswind) Heading and Ground Speed: - Find Heading, Ground Speed, ETE and Fuel Burned Time-Speed-Distance: - Find Estimated Time Enroute - Find Ground Speed - Find Distance - Find Fuel Time - Find Fuel Flow - Find Fuel Burned - Find Estimated Time of Arrival Altitude Calculations: - Density Altitude - Pressure Altitude - True Altitude - Altitude Temperature Correction Vertical Navigation Calculations: - Distance and Time using Altitude Change, Ground Speed, Vertical Speed - Rate of Descent using Altitude Change, Ground Speed, Distance - Rate of Descent using Altitude Change, Ground Speed, Descent Angle - Feet/Nm using Vertical Speed, Ground Speed - Feet/Nm (%) using Gradient %, Ground Speed - Rate of Climb using Required Climb Gradient and Ground Speed - SCDA (Constant Descent Angle) - VDP (Visual Descent Point) Navigation Calculations: - Critical Point - Point of No Return - Time to Minimum Descent Altitude - Navigation Track and Distance between two points. Plotted great circle track map view - Rate One Turn - Radius of Turn - Turning Stall Speed Conversions: - Distance: Nautical Miles/ Knots Statute Miles/ Mph Kilometers/ Kph Feet Meters Meters/Second - Volume: US Gallons Imperial Gallons Liters - Temperature: Celsius Fahrenheit - Weight: Pounds Kilograms - Altimeter: Inches Hg Millibars/Hectopascals mmHg - Fuel, Temperature Corrected, JetA, JetB, AvGas: US Gallons Imperial Gallons Liters Pounds Kilograms Weather: - Relative Humidity, Heat Index, Cumulus cloud base, Wind Chill - NOAA METAR and TAF access Other Functions: - Linear Interpolation - Minimum Floor Load Limit (Cargo) - Maximum Cargo Weight
  3. UK Bus Times Live

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    Departures, routes and journey times, plus unique A to B route finder / journey planner
    *** N.B. Subscription required for full access to real-time bus departures outside of London ***
    ► Bus ► Train ► Tram ► Underground ► Ferry
    The most complete UK transport app available!
    What you need to know, when and where you need it.
    ► Live and scheduled departures available for Bus, Train, Tram, Underground and Ferry
    ► Unique, A to B route finder
    ► Departures for future date/times
    ► Routes and journey times (view as list or map)
    ► Early platform indication for trains
    ► Stop locations accurately marked on a map
    ► Tap route stops (list or map) to get connection times
    ► "Go to my location" function and location tracking
    ► Advanced location search works with post codes, street addresses, places, points of interest etc.
    ► Filter departure boards
    ► Store and edit favorite stops
    ► Recall recent stops
    ► Street view of stop locations
    ► Choice of 2/5 line widgets (with subscription)
    Intuitive to use:
    ► Tap stop markers to see info bubbles - tap the info bubbles to see the departures boards.
    ► Tap departures to show routes and journey times - choose to view on the map or as a list. (Note that this is probably the only app that can differentiate between route alternatives for the same service!)
    ► A to B route finder:
    Not sure which bus to take? You say from where, to where and when, let route finder do the rest.
    The Route Finder scans the timetables to find the best options, with from/to stops, departure and arrival times. Tap an option to show on the map. Easy!
    1. Switch on "Track me" to show your progress along a route - useful if you are not familiar with the route.
    2. Tap the "disclosure" icon on the map info-bubbles to see more options for a stop (** now including departures for future date/times! **). Try "Long press" on the "Favorites" or "Recent" stop lists too.
    4. To get the latest stop update, use the "Refresh" menu item on the map. Alternatively, use "Preferences-> Clear stops" to refresh all stops.
    Travel information at its very best - never miss another bus!
    Live departures outside of London provided by Traveline;
    Live London Bus (TfL Countdown) and Underground departures by Transport for London.
    Journey plans in the Midlands and South East (beta) by Traveline S&EA
    Train information by TMU Limited, using data provided by of Network Rail Infrastructure Limited, licensed under this licence.
    UK Coverage - works right across mainland Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), including London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Swansea, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, York, Newcastle, Stoke, Southampton, Plymouth, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester...
    and counties throughout England, Scotland and Wales:
    Avon, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cleveland, Cornwall, Cumberland, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, Durham, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Humberside, Huntingdonshire, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire, London, Merseyside, Middlesex, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Humberside, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Rutland, Shropshire (Salop), Somerset, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Tyne and Wear, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Westmorland, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, Yorkshire, Aberdeenshire, Caithness, Cromartyshire, Dumfriesshire, Dunbartonshire, Lothian, City of Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow, Inverness-shire, Kinross-shire, Midlothian, Moray (Elginshire) and more.
    * Live departures not available in all areas
    *** N.B.需要订阅的完全访问实时总线出发伦敦以外***
    ►点击停止标志,看资讯泡沫 - 点击信息气泡看到离港板。
    ►点击班次显示的路线和行程时间 - 选择查看地图上或列表。 (请注意,这可能是唯一的应用程序,可以为同一个服务替代路线之间的区别!)
    1.打开“我跟踪”显示您沿着路线的进展 - 有用的,如果你不熟悉路线。
    4.要获取最新更新停止使用“刷新”菜单项在地图上。另外,使用“首选项 - >清除停止”刷新所有站。
    交通信息在其最好的 - 从来没有错过巴士!
    英国保险 - 工程对面内地英国(英格兰,苏格兰和威尔士),包括伦敦,爱丁堡,加的夫,伯明翰,利物浦,曼彻斯特,格拉斯哥,斯旺西,利兹,谢菲尔德,布里斯托尔,牛津,剑桥,约克,纽卡斯尔,斯托克城,南安普顿,普利茅斯,诺丁汉,德比,莱斯特...
    雅芳,贝德福德郡,伯克郡,白金汉郡,剑桥郡,柴郡,克里夫兰,康沃尔,坎伯兰,坎布里亚郡,德比郡,德文郡,多塞特郡,达勒姆,埃塞克斯郡,格洛斯特郡,汉普郡,赫里福德郡,赫特福德郡,亨伯赛德郡,梅里奥尼思,肯特,兰开夏郡,莱斯特郡,林肯郡,林肯郡,伦敦,默西塞德郡,米德尔塞克斯,诺福克,北安普敦郡,诺森伯兰郡,亨伯赛德郡,诺丁汉郡,牛津郡,拉特兰,什罗普郡(萨洛普),萨默塞特,斯塔福德郡,萨福克郡,萨里,萨塞克斯,泰恩和威尔郡,沃里克郡,西米德兰兹,威斯特摩兰,威尔特郡,伍斯特郡,约克郡,阿伯丁,凯斯内斯,Cromartyshire,邓弗里斯郡,邓巴顿郡,洛锡安,爱丁堡市,法夫,格拉斯哥,因弗内斯郡,金罗斯 - 郡,中洛锡安,马里(Elginshire)及以上。
    * 在所有地区都可获得实时离港
  4. 时间旅行的英雄

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    时间旅行的英雄==================================================第一时间旅行主题游戏跨平台MMO游戏================================================== =记者点评:※不只是经典的三国演义,但也看中了时间旅行的主题。※RPG的球迷,这是一个理想的选择。如果你想测试你的策略能力,然后再播放时间旅行的英雄。简介:在这个游戏中,秦始皇有一个古老的宝藏,,他扭曲时间和空间,带来了历史性的英雄“三国演义”的时代,以收集他们的灵魂。此外,玩家将前往的那个世界的历史英雄人物的邪恶力量对抗的使命是帮助。但是,为了拯救世界,玩家需要招募强大的英雄和提高能力。你的救主,你想展现你的军事才华吗?我们都在等着你!主要特点综合冷却设备。使用一套设备后一段时间内,也许你会觉得他们无聊的,对不对?现在,你可以合成更强大,更看中的设备,当你达到的水平,并完成所需的任务!我敢肯定,即将到来的设备,你不能停止你的好奇心!选择的字符你喜欢的职业,不同的职业,不同的技能。此外,不同专业的招聘英雄。收集命运卡,显着提高容量。此外,可以合成的命运或交换为更高的水平。种令人兴奋的任务要完成。您会收到各种不同的任务,不同的奖励,主要任务和分支任务,进出口,铜,实践和设备,为实践的日常任务,和传记精通,铜,实践和设备,蓝印花布!其他在线玩家在玩一些特殊事件。不管你知道对方还是不中,您可以与其他玩家交朋友,互相帮助完成任务!华丽的图形,让你体验真正的众多的战场。界面清晰,简单的控制,以及低难度将帮助你快速进步。实时聊天与真正的球员来自世界各地的。...还有更多等着你来发现!==================================================请访问我们的官方网站:http://en.huayugame.com/tth/通过我们的Facebook交互:https://www.facebook.com/TTHeroes===================================================请注意:这是一个网络游戏。
  5. 最后一分钟

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  6. 蜂觅

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  7. 周期表测验 Periodic table Quiz

    923人安装 2.21MB
    Educational application to learn the periodic table of chemical elements.+
  8. 双龙峡

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    北京双龙峡景区位于门头沟区斋堂镇火村南2.5公里,被喻为“京西小九寨”, 集吃,住,游,娱,会议于一体.一年四季景致如画,春季山花与冰瀑交融共存,冰肌绿树相映成趣;夏季群瀑奔泻,百潭溢流,溪流飞瀑似九寨;秋季群山红遍,层林尽染,姹紫嫣红,湖光倒影;冬季踏十里冰川,赏百挂冰瀑.是您京郊周边旅游的首选佳地.

  9. 自由地带

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    滑雪助手主打滑雪相关功能,为户滑雪好者提供专业教学、装备导购、活动报名、酒店预定等一条龙贴心服务。 关注自由地带微信:vipski 主要功能: 【会员信息】建立会员档案,扩大朋友圈,约伴搭车,从此滑雪不再孤单; 【新闻资讯】提供最新的滑雪等户外资讯,行业动态提前掌握; 【在线教学】轻松查找各种滑雪的教学文章和装备评测,让您拥有一名随身的教练; 【活动报名】想参加户外活动吗,我们定期组织滑雪活动,等待您的参加; 【雪场信息】最全面的雪场信息,提供实时天气,雪况,交通,人流等信息; 【酒店预定】手机轻松预定雪场酒店,畅想团购、特价等优惠信息。 【雪票查询】雪票价格一目了然,对比够买一条龙; 【优惠活动】实时优惠,装备特卖,灵动计划、易出游计划等特价活动
  10. 滑雪胜地

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  11. 点修网

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