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  1. 航空联队

    包括载体的培训任务,如果你的挑战,尝试我们的侧翼空 - 空作战任务。

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  2. 大黄蜂竞速

    An amazing obstacle race! A big bumblebee is dodging cars, mischievous flies and other obstacles. More tasks for you to get gold awards. Weather and time change, the scenery is diverse.
    Being big and heavy the bumblebee does not enjoy making its way in between grass blades, rocks and trees. It enjoys flying in vast spaces, which offer much room for its big body, and the bumblebee can even take a nap during the flight. This is how he finds itself on a highway. And this is no good! No chance for taking a nap here!
    Its life depends on its own agility and intelligence! Neither big nor small cars take notice of the bumblebee flying towards them. Thus escaping them and speeding when necessary is the bumblebee’s own problem. Motorcycles are no better – a special skill is required to avoid collision with them. If no escape is possible, and a vehicle’s windshield is right there, promptly use the brakes. Speeding is for those who are not scared of anything and want to save time. All this maneuvering takes so much energy! Therefore do not forget to collect honey, which is necessary for survival! The helmet will help not to be afraid of a one-to-one collision with a vehicle. The umbrella will prevent the wings from getting wet in the rain and keep steering as if in dry weather. Be aware of mischievous flies as because of them the bumblebee can get into turbulence and lose control of its flight.
    它的寿命取决于它自己的敏捷和智力!既不大也不小排量汽车采取对他们的大黄蜂飞行的通知。因此,他们逃跑和加速时,需要的是大黄蜂本身的问题。摩托车是没有更好的 - 一种特殊的技能要求,以避免与它们发生碰撞。如果没有逃逸是可能的,汽车的挡风玻璃是正确的,及时使用刹车。超速驾驶是为那些谁不害怕任何东西,想节省时间。所有这一切都操纵这么大的能量!所以,不要忘了收集蜂蜜,这是生存所必需的!头盔的一对碰撞的车辆不要害怕。雨伞,防止的翅膀淋湿在雨中,保持转向如果在干燥的天气。请注意调皮的苍蝇,因为他们的大黄蜂可以进入动荡而失去控制它的飞行。

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  3. 蜜蜂的哥 精简版


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