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  1. 南瓜叔叔的旅行 Uncle Pumpkin's Journey

    ★★★★★ on AppStore is now FREE DOWNLOAD,Come on!
    Set out on a journey with the magical pumpkin cable car! Please join us freely with utterly adventurous innocence! We are the three trolls who were lost in the underworld, so we need to access all kinds of level challenges with pumpkin uncleˇs remodeled cable car. Our only mission is to achieve the destination safely!
    In terms of the game features, you can easily play the game by instinct or pay special attention to physics effects such as gravity, orbital radian, object inertia friction force, etc. to clear levels. The point is not to lose any troll.
    The gameplay is simple and endurable with delicate and funny graphics. With one hand control, you can absolutely play it without difficulty.
    Under layers of special mechanisms, can you successfully finish the journey on your own? Even arrive at the end of the world? Come on! Step on the exciting adventure right now!
    - Interesting and intelligent gameplay
    - US illustrational art style
    - 20 super delightful levels
    - Fantastically relaxing game music
    - Mysteriously strange game atmosphere
    - Realistically physics movement system
    - All series platforms including iPhone, Android and Java
    Upcoming Updates
    - Various touch modes
    - More interesting levels
    - Brand-new game mode
    - All new game setting experience
    - Further surprises...

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  2. 大战僵尸鸟

    《大战僵尸鸟》在去年的“射鸟”游戏Shoot the Birds中被南瓜男孩干掉的那群坏鸟又复活了,这群僵尸鸟又将与南瓜射手大战一场!!以其简单的操作,独具匠心的题材,唯美的田园风光受到众多玩家的青睐。大家将会在诡异的世界中用南瓜人与僵尸鸟大战三百回合!目标就是救出被僵尸鸟绑走的南瓜人!

    3923 人安装 · 2013年1月17日更新
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  3. 3D连连碰

    Enjoy Halloween and Christmas in your hands all year round~! “MatchPOP” is the best Match 3 game ever!!!
    ♥ Awesome Graphic
    - Fantastic FX
    - Graceful Motion
    - HD Graphic Images and Icon
    - Supports All Resolutions
    ♥ Real-time Game Play
    - Don’t wait until all spaces are filled! Make another swap immediately!
    - Quick Response
    ♥ Lots of Fun
    - White Christmas and Happy Halloween Themes! (More themes will be added.)
    - “TOUCH & DRAG!!!” Action Item! (You will enjoy the exciting experience!)
    - “SCANNER” Touch Item! (Symbols of a kind can be popped altogether!)
    ♥ Various Game Modes
    - Kill-Time: Classic Mode
    - Hurry-Up: Timed Mode
    - 100 POPs: Making 100 POPs as soon as possible
    - 1 Minute: Making POPs as many as possible for one minute
    ♥ OpenFeint Integration
    - Leaderboard for High Scores
    - Achievements

    2547 人安装 · 2012年10月19日更新
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  4. 万圣节南瓜连接

    Link the Pumpkins together to form chains.
    You have to link all the pumpkins of the same color that are attached to each other with
    one straight line.
    Make longer chains to receive special items and earn abilities to reload, throw bombs or
    release bats!
    The spider will help you form a net and clear all the pumpkins of the same color.
    Use the snake to clear a line or a column and the scythe to clear pumpkins around it.
    Enjoy the Halloween themed graphics and sounds and Happy Halloween!

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  1. 南瓜卡车

    400 人安装 11.69MB
    南瓜卡车 3D Pumpkin Fever是Android平台一款躲避类型的竞速游戏,使用重力感应操纵你的卡车行驶在万圣节的路上,避开路上的鬼魂,同时收集糖果来获得分数。