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  1. 鞭打僵尸

    The story goes like this... Sk8er Punk was out for a evening chopper bike ride in his home city in Orange County New York. He was having so much fun that he ended up straying too far from the city. His bike chain broke right in front of a cemetery where he was then assaulted by a gang of zombies. Sk8er punk used his chain to thrash the zombies to pieces. Look for the maniac rednecks in the mullet-machine car-plow to come through hootin’ and a-hollerin’. They are just out causing trouble in the country, just like their brethren all over America. If you enjoy senseless comic violence, then this is the game for you.
    The controls are simple as can be, with two motions: thrash left and thrash right. Anyone can pick up this game and start playing immediately, making it great for all ages (as long as you aren't scared by cartoons being chain whipped!). The zombies start out slow and then speed up as your thrash count rise. Timing is everything... you need to complete one thrash before you start another.
    When you reach a thrash count of 250, the Glowing Chain of Great Devastation is unlocked. This gives sk8er punk the power to destroy all zombies to the edge of the screen. Also, once the Glowing Chain of Great Devastation is unlocked, you can start at a thrash count of 250 in order to skip the beginning stages.
    The cast of characters is colorful and diverse, ranging from a loose-tongued country zombie to a tie-dye wearing rock n’ roll zombie with a tattoo of an electric guitar. Just in time for Halloween!
    If you like any sort of zombie games in which you shoot zombies, kill zombies, slice zombies, attack zombies, hunt zombies, smash zombies etc, then give Zombie Thrash a try!
    Background music is the NYHC new york city hardcore beatS DHC and is used with permission. This is the second game featuring Sk8er Punk, the first being the skateboarding game titled "Sk8er Punk". The characters, code, and concept are creations of StudyHall Entertainment LLC, and all rights are reserved. Get to that graveyard and start exploding some zombies!

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