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  1. 16x16数独挑战赛

    9x9 Sudokus bore you? Find out if you are ready for the ultimate challenge: 16x16 Sudokus. This is for highly advanced Sudoku Players only. - Play 4x4, 9x9 and 16x16 Sudokus - and unlock the ultimate challenge - Touch-Screen, Trackball and Keyboard support - Pencil in functionality - Resume games where you left off - Ease to understand tutorial - Optimized for phones, tablets and Google TV - Solve the build in challenge of 30 Sudokus, and play an unlimited number of Sudokus in Free Play mode Not recommended for beginners. Free, with ads. With downloading the game, you explicitly agree to the Terms of Usage set forth at: http://www.apptebo.com/game_tou.html 9x9的数独孔吗?查找出来,如果​​你准备好挑战极限:16×16数独。 这是只非常先进的数独玩家。 - 播放的4x4,9x9的16×16和数独 - 和解锁​​的终极挑战 - 触摸屏,轨迹球和键盘的支持 - 铅笔在功能 - 继续比赛你离开的地方 - 易于理解教程 - 优化手机,平板电脑和谷歌电视 - 解决构建在30数独挑战,并在免费播放模式下播放无限数量的数独 不建议初学者使用。 免费的,广告。 随着下载的游戏,你明确同意使用条款中所阐述:http://www.apptebo.com/game_tou.html

    218 人安装 · 2018年04月27日 更新
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