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  1. 河豚保龄球

    Push the bowling ball by swiping the screen. Go for a strike!
    If you like this style of bowling, check out the complete HyperBowl games on the Android Market.
    This minimalistic bowling game was a prototype for the control scheme used for the iOS and Android versions of HyperBowl and was created with the Unity game engine and demo assets from Unity Technologies, the MacXWare Font Library, Cope! Free Skyboxes from 7:30, Localization Package from M2H Game Studio. The Fugu Games and Technicat logos were created by Shane Nakamura Designs.
    Visit us on http://fugugames.com/ and http://facebook.com/fugugames for more games and the latest news.
    如果你喜欢打保龄球的这种风格,请在Android Market上的完整HyperBowl游戏。
    这种简约的保龄球游戏是用来HyperBowl的iOS和Android版本的控制方案的原型,并与来自Unity科技Unity游戏引擎和演示资产所创造的MacXWare字体库,科普! 7:30免费空中包厢,汉化包从M2H游戏工作室。府谷游戏和Technicat商标被巴蒂尔村创建的设计。

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  2. 河豚之死


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  3. 狂热河豚

    You are Fugu, the Puffer Fish. Your goal is to collect all pearls in each level within the time limit. There are many enemies and obstacles waiting for you. In some levels you can use puff poison to inflate yourself to became invincible for short period of time and to eat some smaller fish. If you are fast enough, try to collect also all bonus coins in the level.
    Tilt the phone to swim around, collect pearls and avoid other fish, jellyfish, anemones and other enemies.
    There are already 45 levels waiting for you.
    Enjoy the swimming!
    Fan page: www.facebook.com/frenzyfugu

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