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  1. 装扮凯蒂猫

    Dress Up Kitty Cats, Feed Them, Clean Up & Take Them Out to Play! Style Your Kitty Cat & Listen to the Cats Sing! An Awesome Game! MEOW! The Coolest Cat Dress Up Game EVER - Play, Feed & Sing!
    Meow! Cats can be fancy and finicky and know good style when they see it. They also need good food, a clean home and lots of happy playtime with kids. This game lets kids choose from four kitty cats, put them in dozens of awesome costumes, including Santa Claus, feed them, play with them and then clean up. And when they are all clean, it’s time for the cats to sing. It’s an amazing dressup game for kids to play this Christmas and over the holiday season. Let’s get busy!
    ★ Dress Up Time
    Kids can pick a kitty cat and dressup their pet in dozens of combinations of costumes. Get ready for Xmas and make the kitty cat look like Santa Claus or dressup the kitty in a silly frog costume. After you get them dressed up, it’s time to choose a funky bowl for food and water. You can monogram your pet’s bowl too! Choose from 14 different trendy kitty cat names. Now it’s time to feed your pet.
    ★ Feeding Time
    Kids will pick one of four pet foods and drag the food to their kitty’s bowl. Choose from dry food, fish, lettuce and cream cheese. Now fill up the kitty’s bowl with something good to drink: orange juice, water or milk. Make sure the cat eats it all up!
    ★ Play Time - Hide and Seek!
    Animals like to play games outside. Find your kitty hiding in 4 spots in the backyard. Is the kitty hiding in the shed or underneath the slide or in the sandbox? Don’t lose your cat!
    ★ Clean up
    Your kitty can make a mess! The animal hair is everywhere. Kids, it’s time to clean up the living room. Get out the vacuum and lint brush and clean up the hair. There is also a needle and thread for the ripped furniture.
    ★ Cats Make Music
    Now it’s time for a kitty symphony! Touch and play with the cats as they pop out of the trash cans and sing some tunes. Animal Christmas carols anyone? Or just some kitty songs? Kids will love to make music.
    What’s Inside:
    ★ 50 Awesome costume ensembles of kitty clothes to dress up including Xmas gear, tutus, fish fins and more!
    ★ 25 Funny and wild hats including tiaras, halos, Santa Claus Xmas hats & animal styles
    ★ 25 Festive and funky bows and ribbons to dressup the kitty’s tail
    ★ 25 Super cool shoes including sandals, boots, wild animal claws and robot shoes
    ★ 40 Colorful animal collars, stripes, bow ties and bandanas & crazy sunglasses
    ★ 22 Colorful water bowls, 14 names to monogram the bowl, 4 types of cat food & 3 drinks
    ★ 22 Pet play toys for fun & games including balls of yarn and more
    ★ Cats talk and interact with kids as they play the dressup game
    ★ Stunning HD illustrations & interactive elements
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    装扮凯蒂猫,喂它们,清理和带他们出去玩!款式您的Kitty猫和听猫唱!一个真棒游戏!喵!最酷的猫换装游戏EVER - 玩,饲料和唱歌!
    ★播放时间 - 捉迷藏!
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  2. 邓肯和凯蒂

    The world was a peaceful place until the aliens arrived! In this game we can take the role of one of the two main characters: Duncan or Katy, to save the world from an alien invasion.
    We will fight the aliens with the help of the Professor, Katy's father, who throws objects from his plane to support us. He throws many weapons, ranged and melee, such as swords, hammers, crossbow, rocket launcher and so on. Furthermore he provide us with secondary weapons that will help us to defeat the enemy, and items to recover our vital energy, increase our strength, speed or even stop time.
    After completing three waves of aliens, we face the boss, and we must beat him to move to the next stage.
    Once we finished the first stage of the game, we unlock a new mode, "Survival", in which we must defeat as many enemies as possible to get the highest score. As we play the stages in story mode, these are unlocked in survival mode. This new stages, unlocks harder enemies and better weapons.
    In this adventure you will find:
    - Two heroes.
    - High detailed environments and enemies.
    - 15 primary weapons.
    - 4 secondary weapons.
    - 15 items.
    - 19 different enemies.
    - Boss fights.
    - Several stages and game modes.
    “Duncan and Katy wins on every front. Lots of action, plenty of tactical engagement (especially with those bosses!)”
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    - 两个英雄。
    - 高细致的环境和敌人。
    - 15个主要武器。
    - 4辅助武器。
    - 15个项目。
    - 19种不同的敌人。
    - 老板打架。
    - 几个阶段和游戏模式。

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