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  1. 闪避人群

    You want to become a hipster! It's because you value counter-culture, independent thinking, indie-rock, creativity, witty banter, fixed gear bikes, mustaches, scarfs, hats, and oversized plastic framed glasses. When friends take a picture of you it comes out vintage!
    The only way to become a true hipster is to go against the flow! Don't let the mainstream people pull you back. If you're good you'll become a true hipster in no time. Progressing through the levels will get you a scarf, hipster hat and glasses. Be careful though, some levels are dark and full of mainstream people, while others have an awesome vintage vibe to them.
    There are also super useful powerups to help you along the way. With boxing gloves you'll be able to punch mainstream people in the face, a magnet will help you get all the shinny coins and there is even a powerup that transforms mainstream people into coins - laugh like a mad man while you pick up coins that used to be your sworn enemies.
    The more hipster you become the harder it will be to go against the flow. See how long you last and share your score with friends! Beside an awesome leaderboard there are also achievements to unlock. Hipsters love unlocking achievements, right?
    The game features a very simple gameplay and some breathtakingly gorgeous 8 bit graphics with high quality 8 bit sound effects and music! Why are you wasting your time reading this sarcastic text? Go play this silly game right away!
    也有超级有用的通电,以帮助你前进的道路。与拳击手套,你就可以冲主流的人在面对,磁铁会帮助你得到所有的光亮硬币,甚至还有一个上电到硬币,将主流的人 - 像一个疯狂的男人的笑,当你拿起硬币曾经是你的死敌。

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  2. 公路飚行

    《公路飚行 Speed Racing Drag Highway》是一款休闲类公路赛车躲避小游戏.
    突然切换车道和转向,收集尽可能多的金星赢得高分,但要小心,一次碰撞将会Game Over!

    6350 人安装 · 2013年3月11日更新
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