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  1. 但丁地狱之旅

    "Amazingly designed." - The Appera.com
    "The Inferno' – A Hellishly Good Action-Puzzler" - TouchArcade
    "The graphics in this game are simply amazing... The gameplay is quite unique to say the least... The Inferno is one hell of a good action puzzler." - Examiner
    "The Inferno is MUCH better than simple Frogger... The game is so professionally done that it's clearly not average." - meandmydroid
    "Frogger meets The World’s Hardest Game. And, with one hundred and eleven levels and two different endings depending on how long you take to complete the game, it appears that The Inferno has a lot to offer." - Pocket Gamer UK
    "The variety is fantastic....The Inferno promises challenging puzzle play, but the carefully crafted presentation makes it enormously attractive." - Pocket Gamer
    "The Fire Pits levels are AMAZING!! The intense, relentless level designs...Some of the later levels are REALLY intense and epic..." - Radim, TouchArcade Forum
    "The puzzles overall feel fresh, and when I have to time my movements it feels almost like Super Mario Bros in intensity." - Touchgen
    You play as Dante, the heart-broken hero of the game. With Virgil as your guide, you embark on an adventure through the circles of Hell facing fire pits, filth infested waters and frozen wastelands all in the name of love.
    Reach Beatrice before she gets condemned to hell for betraying her husband with you. Only from the clutches of Lucifer himself can you acquire the Thorn Ring and place it on Beatrice’s finger.
    But hurry! You only have a few hours left before her final judgment.
    Solve riddles, avoid enemies and pitfalls to finally find your love.
    The game is inspired by the Divine Comedy from Italian poet Dante Alighieri and comprises hours of fun.
    - 121 levels for unlimited fun.
    - Five circles, each with its own distinct graphical world.
    - Two distinct endings based on the time to finish the game.
    - Game modes: story based or time trial mode.
    - Hundreds of riddles to solve.
    - 14 Achievements to earn
    - Fog effects.
    - Gorgeous graphics.
    - Come face to face with 4 unique bosses: the Minotaur, Cerberus, Medusa, and Lucifer.
    - Amazing soundtrack
    - customizable controls
    This game is akin to the World's Hardest Game in a Diablo setting.
    For multiplayer fun, try out UniWar, the best turn-based online multiplayer strategy game for mobile.
    Get Dante Inferno NOW
    “令人惊讶的设计。” - 该Appera.com
    “地狱” - 一个Hellishly好动作益智游戏“ - TouchArcade
    “在这场比赛中的图形简直太神奇了......游戏是非常独特的,至少可以说...地狱是一个很好的动作益智游戏之一地狱。” - 考官
    “地狱是远远超过简单的青蛙更好......这场比赛是如此专业的完成,这显然不是平均水平。” - meandmydroid
    “青蛙过河符合世界上最难的游戏。而且,随着一一一水平,取决于你需要多长时间来完成游戏两种不同的结局,看来地狱有很多提供。” - 口袋玩家英国
    “该品种是太棒了....地狱承诺具有挑战性的益智游戏,但精心打造的演示使得它的巨大吸引力。” - 口袋玩家
    “的火坑水平是惊人的!激烈的,无情级设计...一些后来的水平真的是紧张和史诗......” - 拉迪姆,TouchArcade论坛
    “谜题整体感觉清新,当我有一次我的动作,感觉就像超级马里奥兄弟的强度。” - Touchgen
    - 121水平无限乐趣。
    - 五圈,每一个都有自己独特的图形化的世界。
    - 两个不同的结局基础上完成比赛的时间。
    - 游戏模式:故事或基于时间的试用模式。
    - 数以百计的谜语来解决。
    - 14成就赚
    - 雾的影响。
    - 华丽的图形。
    - 要面对4个独特的老板:牛头怪,地狱犬,美杜莎和路西法。
    - 惊人的电影配乐
    - 自定义的控件

    1.6 万人安装 · 2012年9月19日更新
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  2. 国际跳棋

    Checkers for Android consists of an 8x8 checkers engine and a GUI. The application accepts moves through the touch screen or trackball. An optional "move coach" shows all valid user moves and highlights each last played move. An undo feature can take back up to eight half-moves to correct mistakes. The engine plays at various levels (including random and free-play). By popular request, an option was added to select between mandatory captures (the official rule) or optional captures (a common home rule, but without "huffing", where the piece that should have performed the capture is forfeited; instead the game simply continues). The user can play either side and, independently, view the board from the perspective of white or black.

    1.7 万人安装 · 2016年4月25日更新
    分类: 扑克棋牌 · 休闲时间

  3. 木乃伊迷宫V1.0


    1.4 万人安装 · 2012年8月14日更新
    分类: 休闲时间 · 经营策略

  4. 马里奥大战僵尸


    9312 人安装 · 2012年8月11日更新
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  1. 炫彩打砖块

    6675 人安装 298.18KB
  2. 速食男

    7185 人安装 1.38MB
    版本:1.85 - Improved Touch Control!
  3. 完美撞球

    2 万人安装 483.89KB
    一款很有意思的休闲小游戏,玩家通过轨迹球或者手指触屏来控制小母球的方向和力度,将红色小球撞出桌面(必须的)以获取分数,撞击其它颜色小球可获得更高 的附加分值。
  4. 宝宝和婴儿车

    6812 人安装 328.89KB
    Stork and Baby(宝宝和婴儿车)v2.2.8  这个游戏类似于推箱子,宝宝们都没有坐进婴儿车里,该怎么办呢?你需要用你闪着智慧光辉的大脑来帮助这些可爱的宝宝坐进婴儿车里,祝你好运!