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  1. 3D滚球

    《弹力小球 Teeter》是一款休闲益智类游戏,游戏需要玩家利用重力感应躲过陷阱,使小球进入洞中,游戏比较简单,但是操作起来还是很有难度的。

    2万 人安装 · 2018年04月26日 更新
    分类: 休闲益智 休闲

  2. 蒂特临

    The Game Teeter Pro is maze labyrinth game where you control steel ball by tilting the wooden labyrinth. At the end of every level you have to match the ball with right hole. Enjoy this classic maze game dowloaded over 15 milion times and play like a pro! Levels You can discover over 120 levels absolutely for free and every labyrinth is different. Gameplay is challenging and you can try your best skills in this maze game. You can control the board by accelerometer. On every maze you can spot different obstacles like small, medium and big walls. There are also rotary obstacles and you have to be careful with them :) There are tons of fun for children and even for adults players. Achievements In game you can set time for every labyrinth, and you will be able to compare your results with other players! Try to beat time and get the shortest one. Features - 120 different labyrinths to pass - you can set time for every maze - great graphics - small game size - full screen mode - regular updates and features

    1965 人安装 · 2017年12月06日 更新
    分类: 网络游戏