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  1. 狮子王

    Fast action game with simple but nice graphics. Addictive arcade game. Check how fast are your reactions. Tilt your phone to run left or right to avoid falling balls.
    Now touch... relax... and sense the big fun you'll experience when playing Lion King. Feel the power! Feel the relaxing sensation! Relax & play a cool game. This game is fun even when compared to other action, strategy, multiplayer and puzzle games. Show this game to your kids and you'll probably lose your smartphone for many hours. The top addicting, cool and fun. We are always testing a lot to come up with the best solution for our users. If you like fun games this game is made especially for you. Great performance, works on all phones, new and old.
    Play this free game now!
    Please contact us if you have comments, suggestions, tips, new and fresh ideas. We are waiting for your feedback.
    We hope you enjoy this fun action game.
    快速动作游戏与简单但漂亮的图形。上瘾的街机游戏。检查你的反应有多快。倾斜你的手机运行向左或向右,以免球。现在触摸 ...放松 ... ...和意义上的大乐趣,你会遇到播放时狮子王。感受力量!感受轻松的感觉!放松和玩游戏的凉爽。此游戏的乐趣,即使相对于其他动作,策略,多人游戏和益智游戏。显示此游戏给你的孩子,你可能会失去你的智能手机几个小时。顶部上瘾,清凉和乐趣。我们一直测试了很多要拿出最好的解决方案为我们的用户。如果你喜欢这个游戏好玩的游戏,是特别为你。大的性能,适用于所有手机,新的和旧的。玩这个免费游戏吧!请与我们联系,如果您有任何意见,建议,提示,新的和新的想法。我们期待您的反馈。我们希望你喜欢这个有趣的动作游戏。

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