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  1. 渔场

    Fish Farm 2 is out now. Try it out as well!
    Fish Farm is an exciting 3D aquarium experience that gives you creative control - customize beautiful marine environments for saltwater or freshwater fish.
    With 205 exotic 3D fish and sharks along with 90+ decorations at your fingertips, the possibilities are limitless. Buy, breed, and sell exotic freshwater or saltwater fish. Reaching higher levels in the app earns coins and access to more fish, backgrounds, and aquarium decorations.
    Feed your vibrantly colored fish, observe them as they play - even annoy them by tapping the glass!
    With Fish Farm, everything from the species of fish to the undersea home is yours to create!
    * 205 brilliantly colored, realistic 3D fish and sharks to choose from
    * Customize your aquariums with 90+ different decorative items
    * Feed your fish, watch them play, and tap the glass to annoy them
    * Buy, raise, breed, and sell fish to earn coins and gain experience
    * Use Fish Farm as Live Wallpaper, so you can enjoy your aquariums all the time
    * Care for up to 20 saltwater or freshwater aquariums
    * Enjoy offline play capability
    * Pay once, get the Exchange, and access all game features easily
    Fish Farm has gained huge popularity in the iOS App Store; it is now available for Android.
    In case of problems or questions: android@bitbros-games.com
    AppEggs.com (http://appeggs.com/): Build Your Own Realistic 3D Aquarium on Your Android Device!
    养鱼场是一个令人兴奋的3D水族馆体验,让你的创意控制 - 自定义美丽的海洋环境,咸水或淡水养鱼。
    喂你的充满活力的彩色鱼,观察他们,因为他们玩 - 甚至拍打玻璃惹恼了他们!
    * 205颜色鲜艳,逼真的3D鱼和鲨鱼可供选择
    养鱼场已经获得了巨大的人气,在iOS的App Store中;它现在可用于Android。

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  2. 3D飞行表演

    *** More than 220.000 people have tried Fantasy Racing in the last few weeks. What are you waiting for? Go and take it! ***
    Entertain yourself with this groundbreaking fast and fun arcade game. Play in 4 different scenarios each with different look and feel and different game dynamics.
    Use the accelerometer of your device to avoid the obstacles on the track in this frenetic race toward the finish line!
    Play the initial 20 tracks and get additional tracks at each update to extend your game experience time after time.
    *** Fantasy Racing provides full support to multiple resolutions and screens sizes. It is simply amazing on Tablet devices ***
    *** Fantasy Racing is the first game released using the innovative Team Novasoft's PATRIA 3D Engine ***
    在过去的几个星期中,超过220.000 ***人曾试图幻想赛车。你还在等什么?你去把它! ***
    ***幻想赛车是第一场比赛,使用创新的的团队Novasoft PATRIA 3D引擎释放***

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