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  1. 开心商店完美版


    Design and build your own dream shopping mall in Happy Mall Story! Unlock unique and cute shoppers to your mall and become the ultimate mall tycoon! ★ BE THE ULTIMATE TYCOON! ✔ Design your own mall, create new floors and fill it up with shops, special attractions and mall amenities! ✔ Increase Shop Appeal to attract new shoppers. Watch their cute interactions with store owners! ✔ Expand your mall, upgrade stores and services, and invest to earn coins! ✔ Run tours and Fever sales to earn easy money! ★ FEATURES! ✔ FREE to play! 
✔ 120+ shops and 30+ shopper types to unlock! 
✔ Tip your friends and show off your mall! 
✔ Offline! Manage your mall without using up data
 ✔ Optimized for S3/S4/Note 2/Tab and large screen devices! 
*You can pay real money for in-game currency, this can be disabled in Settings. 
❤ Write a review to support us! 
- Feedback: isabelle@happylabsfree.com 
❤ Follow us:
 - fb.me/happymallstory 
- twitter.com/HappyHappyLabs

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  2. 逃出房间:有限时间


    《逃出房间:有限时间》,如果你是一个逃生冒险游戏迷,那么不要错过这款新的游戏。在这游戏当中,你会是整个故事情节的中心,必须使用提示和物件来从一系列的房室中逃脱。解决一些隐藏的,带有悬念的冒险,游戏包含50种不同的阶段,让你寻找真理。 安卓 逃出房间:有限时间 游戏特色: 各种逼真而有趣的逃生技巧和丰富的逃生难题;引人入胜的游戏故事情节;35个阶段目标和50个不同的关卡;高品质的游戏图形界面;

    16.8万 人安装 · 2014年09月30日 更新
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