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  1. 超级流氓3

    You are a lone outsider in a strange, non-Euclidean world.. As a Rogue, your goal is to collect as many treasures as possible. However, collecting treasures attracts dangerous monsters (on the other hand, killing the monsters allows more treasures to be generated).
    Collecting enough treasure also allows you to find rare magical orbs, which grant you one-time or time-limited special abilities.
    The world is a combination of eleven types of lands. Each land type has specific style (monsters, treasure, magical orbs, terrain features). Collecting treasures only attracts more monsters in lands of the same type, so you can try to collect lots of treasure in several different lands! Ultimately, you will be able to access Hell, and look for the fabulous Orbs of Yendor which are hidden there.
    The game is inspired by the roguelike genre (you are not allowed to save as the game is short enough and reloading the same saved file several times would be cheating), as well as puzzle games such as DROD (Deadly Rooms of Death). HyperRogue is one of just few games played on a hyperbolic plane.
    Play HyperRogue for free, or download HyperRogue Gold for Euclidean mode, cheats, and online achievements and leaderboards (via Google Games Services). HyperRogue Gold is also updated more frequently (currently, it contains seven more lands with unique mechanics). If you want a small app, download HyperRogue Lite without music. Also play the desktop version of HyperRogue!
    More about HyperRogue: http://roguetemple.com/z/hyper.php
    本场比赛是由roguelike流派的启发(你不能保存这个游戏是足够短和重装一样保存的文件多次将作弊),以及益智游戏,如DROD(致命死亡的房间)。 HyperRogue是起到一个双曲平面只是几场比赛之一。
    玩HyperRogue免费,或下载HyperRogue黄金欧几里德模式,秘籍,和网上的成就和排行榜(通过谷歌游戏服务)。 HyperRogue黄金也更新更频繁(目前,它包含了七个土地具有独特的机制)。如果你想有一个小的应用程序,下载HyperRogue精简版没有音乐。也玩HyperRogue桌面版!

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  2. 流氓格斗

    Frustrated by the strict rules and laws governing the Ultimate Fighting championship, a group of ex-champions have gone rogue and taken the fight to the streets in a no holds barred, anything goes fight club. Each one, a master of a particular technique, when pitted against each other the outcome is frequently bloody and almost always lethal. Welcome to the world of Rogue Fighting...

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  3. 功夫爷爷

    《功夫爷爷 Kung-Fu Grandpa》是一款好玩的动作类游戏,帮功夫爷爷打败那些可恶的流氓!

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