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  1. 冰块切割



    《冰块切割 Slice Ice!》企鹅国王需要一杯冰饮,你要获取冰块,可以总有一些企鹅宝宝在浮冰上玩耍,你不得不小心翼翼,不要伤害到它们,并且获得足够的冰块,上面还有愤怒的海豹,你要注意把它们赶下水。

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  2. 疯狂锤击 完整版

    SPECIAL OFFER!!! Whack Mania now for just 0.50€ INCLUDES 20 EXTRA LEVELS!
    The world is in danger. A horrible plague of moles has afflicted the land and only you can stop it. Moles and rabbits are destroying your crops, and if you’re not fast enough, you’ll lose your entire harvest to these nasty little critters!
    The way the game works is simple; Whack Mania consists of you whacking moles on the head as they pop up out of the ground. But don’t underestimate these vermin, they’re sneaky and will take full advantage of the corners and areas that are difficult for you to see. Travel the world whacking moles as you go and prove that you are smarter than they are. Anticipate their moves and knock ‘em out in one whack!
    Moles aren’t your only problem in the game however, you´ll have to deal with rabbits too! Their love of carrots is insatiable and could be considered borderline obsessive and/or insane. Whack the rabbits before they have a chance to eat the carrots and protect your crops!
    With 14 different planets featuring 40 different levels you’re sure to have a ton of fun playing Whack Mania!
    Different game modes to choose from:
    · Collector: collect all the strawberries as quick as possible
    · Peacemaker: not all moles are bad…avoid whacking the moles that come in peace, if you spare them you’ll end up getting more points!
    · Eliminator: test your endurance and whack as many moles as you possibly can
    · Whack to the beat: apparently moles have a good ear for music, follow the beat as you whack them and create a fun, whack-tastic melody
    Ready to unleash your whack attack on the world?
    Find out about more of Bravo’s games:
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/bravogames
    Twitter: @Bravo_Games
    Facebook的:www.facebook.com / bravogames的
    Twitter的@ Bravo_Games的

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