豌豆荚在众多的「飞跃」应用中经过筛选,推荐更多人使用的 4 个「飞跃」相关应用提供下载,你可以选择自己中意的「飞跃」应用,直接一键进行下载安装

  1. 滑翔火柴人精简版

    Did you ever dream of flying down the highest mountains in the world? Now it's your time, join the completely redesigned Wingsuit Stickman experience, pack your wingsuit and glide through beautiful landscapes, cross the Alps, fly down the Rocky Mountains or enter a deadly volcano while performing insane stunts, scaring birds and plane pilots and simply enjoy the wonderful experience of a perfect wingsuit proximity flight.
    • Includes more than 30 beautiful designed levels from "Relaxed gliding" to "Jump into a deadly volcano"
    • Unique and beautiful graphic style
    • Fully physics enabled
    • Various obstacles like Planes, Birds, Wind wheels, Waters, Volcanos, and even Transylvanian death wasps
    • Agil and fast reacting wingsuit experience using tilt and optional button control
    • Online and Offline leaderboard
    • Google Play leader boards and achievements
    • and many more...
    All levels can of course be played for free, the optional in-app purchases just allows you to play them immediately instead of having to progress through the game.
    Feel free to post your ideas, we will try to implement them as soon as possible
    Thank you very much for all your support and interest in our games! We would love to hear your suggestions!
    • 还有很多...

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  2. 罗摩战争:飞跃海洋

    Ramayan Wars: The Ocean Leap is a game based on the great Indian epic, The Ramayana. The Ramayana, written about 5th century BC, is a story about Prince Ram who is a human incarnation of the divine Lord Narayan. Ram faces his greatest challenge when his wife, Sita, is kidnapped by the evil demon King Ravana, who wants her for his own wife. Hanuman, son of the wind, has been tasked to find Sita and reassure her that Ram is on his way to rescue her. He needs to learn to fly, to leap across the Indian Ocean to Lanka, where Sita is being held and give her Ram's ring. But there are hordes of demons and demonesses that he needs to fight and defeat or kill before he can reach her.
    Run Hanuman to the speed of sound and learn to fly over the Indian Ocean, using gyroscopic controls or a thumb-controlled joystick. Slide down Simhika's gullet, avoiding internal spikes, and then use his giant gada to fight his way out of Simhika's belly. Fight more than 50 demons on the island of Lanka, before bringing the demigod Lankini to her knees. Finally find Sita. Give her Ram's ring and lift her spirits with Ram's Story and a song.
    The game is built with realistic 3D characters and has amazing fights and action for the players. The game teaches the player the epic tale of Ramayan as they play in a learning mode within the game. Our game imparts ancient wisdom to the players that is sung in India for thousands of years. This campaign is based on episode in Ramayan called Sunderkand.
    Key features
    - Innovative use of the mobile accelerometer and Gyro.
    - A Gaming experience customized for your device.
    - Action and adventure game-play that teaches you the stories from Indian mythology and the spiritual meanings behind them.
    - Professionally composed music.
    - Amazing artwork, environments, fights and characters created to blow your mind. Check out our game website www.ramayanwars.com to see sample artwork.
    - 创新使用的移动的加速度计和陀螺仪。
    - 为您的设备定制的游戏体验。
    - 动作和冒险游戏玩,教你从印度神话故事和他们背后的精神涵义。
    - 专业作曲。
    - 惊人的艺术品,环境,战斗和字符创建吹你的心。看看我们的游戏网站www.ramayanwars.com看样的艺术品。

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  3. 飞人大兵 Jetpack Soldier

    《士兵突击(中文版)》是一款横版休闲游戏,简单的点击屏幕来提升,释放屏幕来下降,飞向更高和更高的分数!挑战模式以及快速播放模式。敏捷的反应是你*的武器。避免在路上的障碍,包括激光、空气矿山和甚至直升机,但谢天谢地还有更多物资,拾起并帮助飞人大兵沿着路前进。远离伤害,你会飞的更高,获得更多的分数! 以上描述中存在违反广告法的内容,自动用*代替

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