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  1. GOGO疯狂农场


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  2. GOGO农场 GOGO Farming

    GOGO FARMING is the most fun farming game ever! Tap to harvest apples, oranges and cherries, and make sure to fill those customer orders correctly and in a timely manner. But wait! You don't expect the fruit picking to be that easy, do you? Watch out for bugs that are also hungry for some yummy fruit! Protect your fruit from got crawly caterpillars, flying locusts, cute ladybugs and super fast mice. Use those hard earned Coins to buy fabulous farm items in the Decorate mode -- who doesn't love a garden gnome?! Have fun pickin' away!
    - 35 farm-tastic levels!
    - Special Decorate mode
    - Mega-Fruit minigame level
    - Cool assortment of powerups/supplies
    - More levels and minigames coming!
    ** Please note that GOGO Farming is free to play, but certain premium items require real cash to purchase via in-app. **
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    Please visit our www.moxygames.com for our privacy policy and more games.
    GOGO农业是有史以来最好玩的养殖场比赛!点选收获苹果,橘子,樱桃,并确保正确和及时填补这些客户的订单。但等待!你不要指望水果采摘那么容易,你呢?当心错误,也饿了一些美味的水果!保护您了crawly毛毛虫,飞蝗虫,可爱的瓢虫和超快速的小鼠水果。使用这些辛苦赚来的金币买美妙的农业项目中的装饰模式 - 谁不爱一个花园小矮人吗?玩得开心接下去的路程!
    - 35场tastic水平!
    - 特别的装饰模式
    - 大型水果的小游戏水平
    - 酷各种各样的通电/用品
    - 更多的层次和迷你游戏来了!
    请注意,GOGO农业是自​​由发挥,但通过在应用程序需要真正的现金来购买一些优质项目。 *
    1。拍摄你的前 - 不喜欢你的前男友或前女友吗?那么这个游戏是给你的!
    2。甜甜圈扣篮 - 谁不爱甜甜圈?
    3。置顶跳转 - 跳转喜欢它的热!
    4。头发采集器的 - 为什么?因为它的采摘真棒!
    5。疙瘩波普尔 - 经典的的疙瘩弹出游戏!
    6。疙瘩波普尔的季节 - 是的,我们得到了这一点!
    7。咖啡咖啡厅 - 开始你的早晨,下午或晚上的好办法!
    8。我,所以拉面 - 那么美味的肚子!
    9。 Pimplefy我的脸 - ,可以摇滚青春痘!

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