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  1. 战斗陀螺

    In Spin-Tops you will be spinning with your battle Spin-Top around stadiums and try to knock your opponents down before your top stops. Tilt your phone/tablet to crash, race and collide into AI Spin-Tops. You can customize your Spin-Top with many different parts. Every part has own stats that will affect the performance of your Spin-Top. You can also use powerful Special Attacks based on Element Plate (currently only some Element Plates)
    Play either a simple quick match, try to get the best high score in Arcade mode fighting against endless opponents, or win cups in tournaments in Career mode.
    Realistic physics simulation will ensure that matches will be more exciting and not always the same. It also allows using many different gameplay tactics.
    Now with online high score leaderboards and achievements! Get to the top of the leaderboards, and collect as many of the achievements!
    • Realistic physics (NVIDIA PhysX)
    • 7 Stadiums (+1)
    • 11 Spin-Tops and over 40 different parts.
    • 4 launch cords
    • 3 Game modes
    • Online high score leaderboards
    • 26 Achievements
    • Good graphics: Detailed textures and 3D models, Reflections etc...
    • Should run even on low end devices!
    • And more is coming with updates (For example special attacks and more stadiums, Spin-Tops and game modes)
    • Powered by the great Unity game engine
    Device Requirements
    • Android phone or tablet with Android 2.1 or higher (2.3 or higher recommended). Some Samsung Galaxy phones needs Android 2.2 or higher.
    • GPU support for OpenGL ES 2.0
    • Works on all resolutions, from 320x240 to Full HD etc.
    • If your device is incompatible, please send e-mail (english or finnish) so I can see if it can be fixed. (Due to variation of Android devices I cannot guarantee full compatibility)
    • Tested on Nexus 5, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Archos 70, XPeria GO, Galaxy Mini and Galaxy Gio.
    Spin-Tops is still in beta so there could be some bugs and missing features. I try to update it to add new content and fix things.
    The game is ad supported, but you can get them removed with an In-App Purchase.
    List what you get with the IAP:
    • Get all ads removed
    • New stadium: 'Marching Cubes'
    • Support development more
    • Get more extra content with some future updates
    Permissions Explained
    • Internet Access: For ads and online leaderboards and achievements using Swarm
    • Network State: To check internet connection
    • Prevent Sleeping: To keep the screen on while playing
    Download Spin-Tops now for free, it's my first Android game.
    Thank you all for the positive feedback :)
    Miksumortti - Google+ Page (news and announcements):
    Web Page
    Have fun playing Spin-Tops, and if you like it rate it!
    - Miksumortti
    •逼真的物理(NVIDIA PhysX物理)
    •Android手机或平板电脑采用Android 2.1或更高版本(2.3或更高推荐)。一些三星Galaxy手机需要Android 2.2或更高版本。
    •支持OpenGL ES 2.0的GPU的支持
    •如果您的设备不兼容,请发送电子邮件(英语或芬兰语),所以我可以看到,如果它可以是固定的。 (由于Android设备的变化,我不能保证完全兼容)
    •测试在Nexus 5,Galaxy Tab的7.0另外,爱可视70,XPERIA GO,银河Mini和银河吉奥。
    Miksumortti - Google+专页(新闻和公告):
    - Miksumortti

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  2. 陀螺仪

    "This arcade game is one of a kind with its amazing concept. It is a minimalist, retro game that mixes casual gameplay with gorgeous graphics and intuitive controls. Although GYRO may be considered somehow simple, it doesn’t take away its greatness." - 4.5/5 - Gamewoof.com
    "Definitely download it. It’s fun, simple to play, highly addictive and free! If you like your games casual, well designed and addictive, this is absolutely the game for you." - 5/5 - Antroidtapp.com
    "They must be drinking some special vodka because they’ve given the world a stonking good bit of fun. Bizarrely addictive!" - 4/5 - Androidgamesreview.com
    "It shines for its simplicity which adds to the beauty of this game, not only is it very addictive and fun, but it also looks great. It’s one of those games that you don’t want to uninstall because you keep coming back to it, even if it is for a quick round." - 4.5/5 - Androidspin.com
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    GYRO is a wonderfully simple yet fiendishly addictive arcade puzzle game like none you’ve ever seen before; a game of pure old school arcade beauty that serves up that ‘just one more go’ factor in spades.
    Use one finger to rotate the multi-coloured wheel 360 degrees whilst making sure that the coloured balls flying onto the screen land in the matching part of the wheel. Sounds easy? Throw in more balls and increasingly faster speed over time and GYRO becomes a fast-paced game of skill and nerves, urging you to collect power-ups, rack up massive scores and last as long as you can whilst your skills are tested to the absolute max!
    Key Features:
    - Beautifully simple controls and design
    - Incredibly addictive arcade gameplay
    - Gazillions of points to collect
    - Arcade, Time Attack, Hardcore and Challenges game modes
    - Unlockable color sets and 8-bit sound set
    - Online Leaderboards and Achievements
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    Permission 'READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY' - Quote from Swarm website: Allows Swarm to prevent fraud and create a secure environment (no personally identifiable information is used). Is announced to be removed in the next version of Swarm.
    “这个街机游戏是一种以其惊人的概念之一,它是一种简约,复古游戏,融合了休闲游戏与华丽的图形和直观的控制。虽然陀螺仪可考虑以某种方式简单,并没有带走自己的伟大。” - 4.5 / 5 - Gamewoof.com
    “当然下载。它的乐趣,简单的玩,很容易上瘾,并免费!如果你喜欢你的游戏休闲,精心设计和令人上瘾的,这绝对是你的游戏。” - 5月5日 - Antroidtapp.com
    “他们必须喝一些特殊的伏特加酒,因为他们已经给世界的乐趣stonking好位。奇怪上瘾!” - 4月5日 - Androidgamesreview.com
    “令人眼前一亮,因其简单性而增加了本场比赛的美,不仅是它非常容易上瘾和乐趣,但它看起来也很棒。它的那些游戏,你不想卸载,因为你继续回来给它的一个即使它是一个快速轮“。 - 4.5 / 5 - Androidspin.com
    - 精美简单的控制和设计
    - 令人难以置信的上瘾的街机游戏
    - 分Gazillions收集
    - 商场,时间攻击,性交与挑战的游戏模式
    - 解开颜色集和8位音集
    - 在线排行榜和成就
    * * *
    允许“读取手机状态和身份” - 从群网报价:允许群,以防止欺诈行为,创造一个安全的环境(无个人身份信息时)。被公布在群的下一个版本将被删除。

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  3. 爆转陀螺


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  4. 智斗陀螺


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