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  1. 卡特尔:坟墓守卫者


    Explore the world to collect resources, food and water, craft tools and weapons, use your creativity to build a fortress and defend yourself from a mysterious menace.
    + Awesome graphics
    + Great gameplay, develop your own strategy and tactics
    + Dynamic world
    + Level entities are randomically generated
    + Multiplayer mode*
    If you like and want even more fun, unlock the full game by purchasing it inside the game:
    + Unlock all levels
    + Unlock all enemy types
    + Unlimited players in multiplayer mode
    + Remove ads
    * Multiplayer details:
    - Limited to 2 simultaneous players in the free version
    - Requires Wi-fi connection
    - Requires one of the player to host the game (there isn't an online game server)
    - Devices must be connected in the same LAN to discover each other, but direct IP addresses are accepted to play over the internet
    If you have problems or suggestions, send us an e-mail to contact@madskillgames.com
    - 限制为2同时玩家在免费版
    - 需要的Wi-Fi连接
    - 需要玩家举办游戏之一(没有一个网络游戏服务器)
    - 设备必须连接在同一个局域网发现了对方,而是直接IP地址接受在互联网上玩

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  2. 卡特尔:坟墓守卫者

    《卡特尔:坟墓守卫者 Krafteers-Tomb Defenders》独自生存在一个荒凉的岛上,你需要依靠自己的能力探索世界,收集资源,水和食物,自己打造工具和武器防身,用你的创造力创建一个可以捍卫自己的城堡。【游戏特点】- 精美的游戏图形;- 自己设计的战略和战术;- WiFi连接下的多人游戏模式- 解锁升级各种关卡。

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  3. 僵尸本拉登

    A fun game to hunt the one who was once the most wanted terrorist in the world! (Baixaki)
    In 2011, the U.S. president Barack Obama went public to announce that U.S. troops captured and killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. In ZomBinLaden Free, your task is to go looking for the terrorist, who is now back as a zombie.
    This time the terrorist is a zombie, much faster and powerful.
    Have you ever wanted to save the world? This is your chance to help Interpol, CIA and Navy SEALs to send the world’s most wanted terrorist back to his grave! But be careful, other Taliban zombies terrorists are trying to protect their mentor, so take care not to hurt innocent and even famous people in this highway to hell!
    ★ Simple and very exciting zombie smashing game..
    ★ Special appearance of Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Einstein and other historical characters as zombies.
    ★ High Score and Achievements.
    Including 4 challenging game modes:
    ★ TIMED MODE - Hit as many zombies as possible in a limited time match.
    ★ ENDLESS MODE – Hunt down a target zombie on an endless match.
    ★ WANTED MODE - Different zombies are the target at each round in this challenging game.
    ★ MEMORY MODE - Test your mind in a memory game match.
    VISIT US: www.keeplay.com
    WATCH US: www.youtube.com/user/KeeplayGameStudios
    LIKE US: www.facebook.com/ZomBinLaden
    FOLLOW US: www.twitter.com/ZomBinLadenGame
    一个有趣的游戏,去寻找一个曾经是世界头号通缉恐怖分子! (Baixaki)
    乌萨马·本·拉丹IS BACK!
    ★定时模式 - 命中尽可能多的僵尸,在有限的时间比赛。
    ★无尽模式 - 追捕目标僵尸无尽匹配。
    ★通缉模式 - 不同的僵尸是每一轮的目标在这个充满挑战的游戏。
    ★记忆模式 - 测试你的头脑记忆游戏比赛。
    手表美国:www.youtube.com /用户/ KeeplayGameStudios中
    像美国:www.facebook.com / ZomBinLaden的
    跟随美国:www.twitter.com / ZomBinLadenGame的

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  4. 送葬者 Undertaker

    "Wake up, Undertaker!, We have returned!"
    That voice is exactly the same, each Memorial Day, I hear in my dreams and forces me back to reality.
    I get out of bed without making a sound. They come to take revenge on those who deprive them of light, he who banished them into eternal darkness
    Awkwardly I look out the bedroom window and watch as they begin to rise from their resting places. There I see all the dead people I have burried with my own hands over the days, months, years and even decades
    They stick theirs bloody eyes on me. They want revenge!
    Undertaker is an action game that revives the undead and the old style of the classic arcade games we played with for many years. Simple and addictive, the adventure takes us to a common cemetery where the Undertaker will face a wave of zombies you have to be eliminated if we are to survive.
    Reacts against those who threaten you and do not let them end with your level of life!
    To play, We have to eliminate the zombies who threaten us out of their graves and on the screen. At the same time, be careful not to delete other characters who are not zombies and they expect your pity.
    A seemingly simple game that will hook you as you level up and complicated with each zombie you eliminate. Don’t trust yourself, and put your senses alert to the difficulties that you'll encounter.
    Fantastic characters and realistic sounds that will put you right into the adventure and the role of Undertaker.
    Difficulty levels -10
    -First person view
    -Enemies with different characteristics
    -Combos to help you overcome the most difficult situations
    You will be able to overcome all obstacles and different levels, and become the real Undertaker? Test yourself and reach the number one ranking.
    A challenge for lovers of tension and difficulty.
    A pleasure for lovers of classic games.

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