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  1. 迷失的木乃伊

    The Lost Mummy Android App is not played at the same pace as say the Temple Run Android App. That is because it was never meant to be designed as a chase sequence app game. In the Temple Run Android App the character is chased out of the pyramid by the stalking crows presumably for trying to loot tombs found deep within the pyramids underground catacombs. These creatures were the sentry’s and the dude running his ass off was the intruder. In the Lost Mummy Android app the chambers are filled with traps and snares to thwart would be grave robbers. In fact the only dude running around, more like walking around, is the Lost Mummy.
    The point is our Lost Mummy Android labyrinth puzzle game is designed for you to rescue the mummy not raid his tomb. Your job as purveyor of heroic acts is to help this one particular mummy, who has a knack for escaping his sarcophagus, find the way back to his tomb so he can get some much needed eternal rest. If you could see the bags under his eyes you’d know what we mean as this mummy is in desperate need of some quality beauty sleep.
    Will you encounter colorful chamber walls painted with beautiful hieroglyphics or be bejeweled with ancient riches, NO! Will you be rewarded with vessels full of rich tasty wines to immerse your temptation in, NO! Will you get any recognition whatsoever for saving the little guy from a fate more terrible, more horrendous, more everlasting than death itself, NO! None of the above… it’s a little too late for that as the ravages of time have all but caved in this place. All that is left is a bunch of booby trapped stoned caskets and crates covered in dust that you must navigate the mummy through to get him back to his cracked up old stone coffin.
    You’ll just get the satisfaction of knowing that you were able to guide the Lost Mummy through 75 chambers of death defying (remember he’s a mummy, maybe even a she mummy, so it’s not like he/she hasn’t knocked on deaths door before) labyrinths to save the mummy from getting his/her nice white linens soiled. That my friend’s is worth fighting for! Have you any idea how expensive it is these days to dry clean linens? Especially 2000 year old mummy linens. The preservation costs are astronomical not to mention all the red tape you have go through just to get the darn things out to the cleaners. It’s not like there is a valet service in the middle of Egypt. If you know of one we could use the referral
    So long story short we would like to invite you to play this way cool, slow paced action thriller we affectionately named The Lost Mummy… BTW: The Mummy is not really lost it just doesn’t know where it’s going but we’re confident you’ll help it get there. So ditch the Temple Run app for a bit and give our Lost Mummy some love… Stick with it through the early stages as the upper level inner chambers get quite addictive. If you do we’re sure you’ll love the app as much as you love the Temple Run app.
    Lost Mummy now includes 75 incredibly mysterious levels to challenge your instincts and problem solving skills. With a full set of new high quality eye catching graphics and lots of perilous booby traps to trip you up along the way we know you’ll be all wrapped up in these labyrinths.
    所以长话短说,我们想邀请你玩这种方式很酷,慢节奏的动作惊悚片,我们亲切地命名为失落的妈咪...... BTW:妈咪是不是真的失去了它只是不知道它是怎么回事,但我们相信你“会帮助它到达那里。所以沟寺运行应用程序了一下,给我们的失落妈咪一些爱......通过早期阶段坚持下来的上层内室变得相当容易上瘾。如果你这样做,我们相信你一定会喜欢的应用程序不亚于你爱的庙运行的应用程序。

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  2. 疯狂吸血鬼

    Crazy Vampires is an offbeat action puzzle game, filled with vampires, traps, crazy Transylvanian music and fun.
    It’s almost dawn and vampires are returning into their coffins for a well-deserved sleep after a long night. Time is ticking until the dawn and they’ve discovered that a bunch of vampire slayers got there first and set up traps! Now it’s up to you to use your supernatural powers of tile rotation, garlic-based repellent and spider net slow-down, to help them overcome all obstacles and reach their regular daily rest.
    How the game plays?
    Your main objective is to save vampires by leading them safely through the labyrinth and into their crypts. To do so, you can rotate the labyrinth parts to create new paths or use garlic-based repellent and spider-net slowdown to prevent vampires from walking into peril. Many traps are indeed lurking for the poor vampires. Starting with simple ones like pure light, things get more complicated down the road. Mobile wooden stakes, silver gun bullets, hired assassins or crazy garlic sappers wait impatiently to vaporize your vampires once for all.
    Do you think you’ve mastered the game already? Wait! There’s more. Each level can be completed with additional objectives to earn emerald or even gold status. And rest assured that the gold status will not be easy.
    - 65 levels
    - over 12 hours of gameplay on basic level
    - over 20 hours to reach golden awards
    - 32 achievements
    - Traps
    - 65水平
    - 超过12小时的游戏的基本水平
    - 超过20个小时,达到金奖
    - 32成就
    - 陷阱

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