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  1. 守卫僵尸门

    "Gate to the another world"
    ZombieGate is a 3D concept Game that opens up a new world through Gyro technology.
    - Defend zombies trying to get out from the world.
    - When a user opens the virtual gate, then another world of comic zombie characters will be seen.
    - Shoot and kill coming zombies. To target a zombie, flick or move the view finder.
    - Get scores by killing zombies, and earn special items by destroying gravestones, bats and etc.
    - Each character has different speed and tolerance. Zombie composition will be differed by each level .
    - Considered various absorbing elements including fog effect.
    ※ Details info : http://arzombiegate.blogspot.com/
    [ Support Spec ]
    * supported some recent Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices
    * required a Gyro Sensor.
    * optimized in 800X480 sized screen.

    1.3 万人安装 · 2012年8月11日更新
    分类: 动作射击 · 全部游戏

  2. 狩猎者



    6.9 万人安装 · 2013年6月20日更新
    分类: 经营策略

  3. 死亡战区

    In this 3D zombie shooter, you'll have to deal with gravity, the target's distance and varying wind to survive this undead filled apocalypse. You have a selection of weapons to deal with the zombies.
    You play as Allen C. Tyler in this story sequel to Lab of the Dead. He has now left the laboratory and is heading toward the closest town called Senoia.
    If you like the game, give us some love good ratings and reviews, if you have problems with the game, don't leave bad reviews, contact us and we'll do everything we can to fix your problems. Thank you and enjoy our latest installement in the Saga of the Dead.
    You can find Lab of the Dead on the market as well! :D
    你可以找到死者的实验室在市场上! :D

    9368 人安装 · 2014年11月6日更新
    分类: 动作射击 · 体育格斗

  4. 大炮战斗机


    8941 人安装 · 2012年8月11日更新
    分类: 休闲时间 · 动作射击


  1. 怪兽对决

    29 人安装 5.09MB
    一款另类射击游戏,怪兽死亡对决升级战,你是一只小骷髅,不断的射出绿色粒子射杀怪兽,取得金币或金块来赚钱,在限时内杀得越多,钱就越多,但是要小心自己的生命不要被吃光,每关结束后可以购物升级,然后挑战新的关卡,只要一直滑动就能释放枪弹 。