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  1. 臭虫毁灭者

    Blast a Tsunami waves of bugs and zombies and let the laser robot be the bug eater.
    Bug terror attack on your screen. Demolish annoying crawling pest.
    Reload more spiders and start the bug fight by blasting them with snow guns.
    Put your zombies on duty and battle the bugs away.
    Let you missile weapons do the bug tracking for you. Explode and destroy instantly
    Dont be a pester be the ultimate bug destroyer
    Annoy friends with all creatures and pest that you terminated. a
    Destroy the bug outbreak on your device quickly
    Raid bugs, shoot worms & zombies, destroy ants with insect exterminator robot laser weapons, toss zombies into a buzz saw like paper.
    40+ Weapons! 100+ Bugs for you to Destroy!
    ★ Destroy, torture, smash & explode bugs endlessly.
    ★ Weapon Progress system to unlock even more weapons!
    ★ Relieve stress by shooting bugs with epic weapons of war!
    ★ Build crazy contraptions that kill bugs for you!
    ★ Play the most addictive, fun, action-packed, Stress Relief Game for FREE!
    • Demolish insects, destroy Zombies, blast bugs, kill & smash ants in your pocket.
    • Wipe out your enemies with nuclear bombs & airstrikes!
    • Endless combinations of weapons, traps and bugs!
    • Crush Insects to death within seconds.
    • Destroy photos! Use realistic screen cracks to prank your friends!
    • Get free in-game currency to spend on new guns with every friend code you enter!
    Freeze, burn and smash your enemies with the Freeze and Shrink Rays!
    Demolish the ant kingdom! Unleash a hailstorm of Missiles on that anthill!
    Drop an anvil on their head, nail them in place with a nailgun - there is no limit to the destruction you can cause!
    Build awesome Laser and Tesla towers! Hide explosive mines and bait the hordes of bugs to their doom!
    Burn spiders and ants within seconds with awesome bug exterminator weapons:
    Fire Grenades, Flamethrowers, Gasoline hoses!
    Use Bombs and Rockets, order an Airstrike on the bugs! Aim, strike and demolish, earn easy money by destroying hordes of bees, zombies, ants and many more enemies!
    Use laser mines, explosive mines, paintball guns, nailguns, buzzsaws... you name it!
    Use Nuclear attacks!
    Create an epic battle field and wage war on spiders, worms, bugs and flies with epic machines of war and endless ammo!
    Your Armory contains Dynamite, Missiles, a Minigun, a Shotgun, Explosives, and many more!
    iDestroy has an endless amount of guns for your insect killing pleasure!
    A minigun, airgun, machine gun, shotgun, paintball gun, nailgun, ... and more!
    Cut the bugs into pieces with a buzzsaw!
    Choose from your own personal photos or just destroy your homescreen.
    ★★★ Various Bug VICTIMS ★★★
    • Waterbugs
    • Ladybugs
    • Black Bugs
    • Zombies
    ...and many more!
    In iDestroy you can destroy bugs, zombies and blast shoot freeze all enemies!
    Lots of action and blood its nasty.
    iDestroy is a great time killing game to blow your steam off on bugs, and you get all the things you need to GO WILD! Make endless money with DP when entering your friends' destruction codes!
    ★★★TRY iDestroy NOW FOR FREE ★★★
    The game is totally free, free of cost, gratis! If you like guns, tanks, ammo, strategy and destruction with blood and gore games, iDESTROY is the game for you!
    Destroy Bugs reload your arms and shoot insects, ants and cockroaches.
    Get the best Bug reloaded game and start smashing ants on your device.
    Destroy your phone, by smashing the screen and burn it black, phone destroy YEAH!
    Demolish zombies, bugs and flies with the bombs and explosives.
    Battle bugs and insects of all nations and win the bugs war on your phone.
    Unlock cool weapons daily!
    Our pocket bugs war game is the best time killing game.
    Demolish, Destroy and Explode bugs
    iDestroy is a modern bug war game, endless destruction.

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