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  1. 拔拔蔓陀萝



    31.9万 人安装 · 2017年10月23日 更新
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  2. 马来西亚跳棋 Dam Haji

    Discover the BEST Malaysian traditional board game; Dam Haji on your Android devices now ! NEW FEATURES ! REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER ★ Play a real-time online match against your friends (in Google Circles). ★ Setup a quick match against other player via online. ★ Google Play Game Services and Google account are required to enable real-time multiplayer features. Dam Haji is a two-player traditional board game and one of the Checkers/Draughts variations. The promoted piece is known as "Haji" in this game (hence the name of the game). The objective is similar to the standard Checkers/Draughts i.e., to capture all opponent's pieces or to force the opponent to have no more legal moves. Three modes are provided; the Standard mode (Dam Haji), Giveaway mode (Dam Suap) and Kapit mode (Dam Kapit). It can be played either using 8x8 (24 pieces), 10x10 (40 pieces) or 12x12 (30 pieces) board sizes. The rules can be set to suit your game play before starting any match. The game offers you to play either against Android (CPU) or with a friend using a same device. *****The game rules can be changed using Options menu***** The default game rules are as follows: * captures/jumps are mandatory - (unchecked the "Force Jump" in the Options menu to disable this rule) * the promoted piece (aji) can move and capture in any number of free space forward or backward (aji terbang) - (unchecked the "Long Move" in the Options menu to disable this rule) * NO jump/capture priority between the promoted piece and the normal piece. - (checked the "Greedy Jump" in the Options menu to force the promoted piece capture first) Note: Greedy Jump rule is only available in v2.0 and later. Thanks & Enjoy the Game ! ## LIKE Dam Haji Android on Facebook ## https://www.facebook.com/DamHajiAndroid ## FOLLOW Dam Haji Android on Twitter ## https://twitter.com/DamHajiAndroid

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