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  1. 人梯橄榄球

    ★★★★ 4 Star User Avg Review, check out our players comments below.
    "Best footy game ever!"
    "Love it so much accidentally played it for 2 hours straight without even thinking it's so much fun so worth the money"
    "I love this game, must own for any footy fan"
    "It's not often that you find apps you get glued to. Re-living real life AFL childhood fantasies and loving it. Worth more than the price I paid. Get on it."
    "Great game and quite addictive, get around it."
    Specky is the world's first game dedicated to taking huge grabs and here's some of the great features you'll get when you buy Specky.
    * Use opponents as a human step ladder! Soar over and on top of opponents to take a specky!
    * Fun Touch and Swipe gameplay designed specifically for your iPhone.
    * Realistic Physics see you fly through the air, crash through packs like a bowling ball through ten pins and plummet to the ground like a rock crunching opponents in your wake.
    * Increasing challenge by beating full backs and opponents who try to outmuscle and spoil you.
    * Unique experience every time you play. Smart opponents and random variables mean that no two games will ever be the same.
    * Get a Specky Score at the end of each level based on jump height, air time, pack ride and others.
    * Take Bigger Specky’s by completing challenging in-game objectives to level up and jump higher!
    * Bite-Sized Gameplay designed to be played on the go for 1 minute or on your couch for hours.

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